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Brodit Active Holder with Tilt Swivel - HTC Desire Z Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge and use your HTC Desire Z safely in your vehicle with this Brodit active holder with tilt swivel.
  • Mobile Fun ID 26467

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 4.6 stars from 7 customers

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Good quality - small niggles
I bought this holder to use with my HTC Desire Z handset as it is purpose built and allows the phone to be held in vertical or horizontal orientation, and with the keyboard open or closed. It does exactly that, very well, and it is easy enough to slide the phone in and out of the holder with one hand. The charger works well and charges the phone, managing to charge it faster than the battery drains when using GPS and data. The only downsides are:
1) The cable for the charger is far to short if you want to mount the holder to the right of the steering wheel on a right-hand drive. It is coiled, so will stretch, but it tends to pull on the holder and charger and gets in the way.
2) The charger does not put the phone into car mode automatically. You can get around this with apps like Tasker, but shouldn't have to.
3) The light on the charger is very bright - a bit distracting for night driving.
4) It is a pity that Brodit don't have a better mounting system so that you can easily move the holder from car to car.
Quality item
First time I've bought a holder that's actually 'built' for my model of phone and I'm glad that I did.

Excellent piece of kit...fits my HTC Desire Z like a glove. It's a solid unit that doesn't look like it's going to let go of the phone at the first pothole...I use my car off-road, so this is important!
A reasonable solution for a tricky problem
The HTC Desire Z seems to have been designed to make it as hard a possible for cradle manufacturers, with the micro-USB charging port on one side rather than at the bottom. Brodit's solution is to make a cradle that you slide the phone into sideways (in portrait orientation). The cradle grips the phone tightly at the top right and top left corners. Unfortunately they decided to design it so that the slide out keyboard can be used in the cradle (why?) so parts of the cradle slide between the two halves of the phone. This makes it a bit tricky to slide in and out of the cradle. Other than that the cradle is made to Brodit's usual high standards and works well. The curly charging lead gets in the way of my stereo but my plan is eventually to cut that off and hard wire it into the car. This cradle is quite a bit cheaper than the one sold to be hard-wired and I already have a suitable 5V supply from an old car kit!
Just the job
As someone who avoids "universal" fitting accessories as they seem to fit everything equally bady I was delighted to find this one specifically for the HTC Desire-Z.

The clip itself is well designed. The phone is held securely and is a nice snug fit. The volume control is still accessible, the speaker can be heard, the keyboard can be opened and of course there is power from the cigar lighter which is good if you use the SatNav feature on the phone as this tends to use a fair bit of battery.

This mount is designed to screw into the dashboard. In my case I didn't want to do that both because I didn't want holes in the dashboard and because I wanted the phone higher up so I could read the screen when using SatNav. To do this I bought the universal suction mount (linked) which sticks to the windscreen and these work well as a pair sticking the plate on this Brodit mount that would otherwise be fixed to the dash to the adhesive pad on the universal suction mount.
Sturdy Holder
A very good sturdy product that fits perfectly. One tip though, don't try and screw the holder to your clip in the car. I lost two screws.....doh!

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