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Brodit Active Holder with Tilt Swivel - Google Nexus S Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge and use your Google Nexus S safely in your vehicle with this Brodit active holder with tilt swivel.
  • Mobile Fun ID 27174

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Useless - don't bother
Although from the pictures and descriptions on the website, this seems to be exactly what one would need to be able to use a Google Nexus S as an in-car satnav, audio player and handsfree phone, in practice it does not work. Several reasons:

1. The swivel head does not swivel far enough to the right and as a result after installing this with the help of a Brodit Proclip the phone faces slightly to the left even when the swivel is turned as far to the right as possible. This makes looking at the phone (e.g. to navigate using the GPS and satnav software) very hard;

2. The phone fits into the holder very snugly which means that you cannot have any sort of protective cover on the phone otherwise it won't fit in the cradle;

3. The gap at the bottom which is supposed to allow a 3.5" headphone jack or audio connector (for a cable plugged into the car's speakers) is far too small. I've yet to find a cable small enough that can be attached to the phone while it's in the cradle. Bottom line is that you cannot have an audio cable plugged in to the phone while it's in the cradle. So phone cannot be used for playing music through the car's stereo or through headphones.

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