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BodyGuardz Pure Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Premium Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Manufactured from ultra-thin tempered glass, the BodyGuardz Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector provides unmatched abrasion and impact resistant protection your iPhone 5S / 5's screen.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37565

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 5 stars from 8 customers

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High quality product
Not a cheap product but reviews were good so I gave it a go. Glad I did! The protector is well packaged with clear instructions. I have never been great with the application of screen protectors but this was a walk in the park. The screen protector is held in its packaging and you put your phone into the packaging. This ensures perfect alignment and no bubbles. It is thicker than film protectors but does have a really good feel. Not dropped my phone yet but hopeful that it will provide protection needed. Would certainly buy this product again and recommend it whole heartedly. Mobile fun offer their usual competitive prices with speedy delivery.
The best protector I've used
This was the easiest protector I've ever put on a phone. It was exactly as the website video (bodyguardz.com).
Feels and looks very good. I didn't use the "button" and I like the way it makes the home button more prominent.
I'll buy one for the Ipad when I have the funds.
Brilliant! (Just be careful putting it on)
I love this product. It protects the screen but at the same time gives the lovely natural feel of glass under your finger.

It is less prone to finger-prints than the actual screen due to some clever covering.

Just be careful to make sure you have no specks of dust on the screen before putting it on. It does come with lots of cleaning stuff to help you prevent that.

Fitting was very easy. It comes with little stickers to make the start button flush to the new screen level but I didn't bother with using them.

Make sure if you have a case (e.g. bumper case) it has a little play to allow for the small thickness of this extra glass on the screen.

I absolutely love this product and am so glad I got it, most definitely the best screen protector I've had.
Perfect, just the job.
This is definitely a top end screen saver. The glass appears tough, although I have not attacked it with scribers etc to see if it will scratch. It was easy to fit and did not affect the fit of the phone into a Melkco leather case. The touch screen remains very responsive and the glass has a very nice cool silky feel, although it is still prone to smears from greasy fingers. It is expensive, but I would definitely recommend it.
This product is the one! No bubbles, scratch resistant sleek design. Touch screen functionality is perfect, fully responsive. Crystal clear clarity. You need one of these!

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