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BodyGuardz LG Nexus 4 Full Body Protector - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Nexus 4 safe and secure with full body invisible protection with BodyGuardz, made from the same material used to shield the front of vehicles from rock chips.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37738

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 3.2 stars from 5 customers

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Buy a cover
The edge protectors are basically transparent, rubbery stickers. They will offer some protection (from scuffs, not so much impact) but aren't a great fit and detract from the phone's looks.
The screen and rear covers, however, are a perfect fit (best I've had on any phone) and the applicator kit makes fitting them simple and perfect with ZERO bubbling or particles.
Worth buying for them alone, bin the edge stickers and buy a rigid cover to go with it.
User experience - Pros and Cons
1. Came with twin package - Can have a 2nd try if 1st attempt failed.
2. Easy application - Can choose from Wet (gel) or dry application. With gel, you can easily adjust and re-position even after application.
3. Perfect fit with all sided protection - Don't feel the need of a case.

1. Doesn't fit with cases.
2. Can get slightly overheat when using wifi charging.
Happy with the product
Happy with the product. It offers both the methods of application, wet and dry. I had never applied a wet screen protector before, so I made the first attempt on the back of the phone.

Initially, it showed a lot of haze on the back, so u decided to go with the dry application on the front. However, the haze clears after a few hours, however it's mission impossible to apply the protector through dry application.

I will recommend this product to every one, add long as they user the wet application.

One last point. The bottom protector can use more accurate dimensions for the cut outs. Although, even now they are sufficient.
Waste of money
Waste of time and money. They are impossible to put on and when you do they are so thick that you cant use the phones touch screen

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