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BodyGuardz Anti Glare Screen Protector for LG Nexus 4 - Twin Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your LG Nexus 4 screen protected and glare free with this easy to apply screen protector from BodyGuardz.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37750

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 2.5 stars from 2 customers

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Not bad
The more "anti-glare" a screen cover is, the more grainy the screen looks. This is a good balance as long as you're not watching a lot of films on your phone...it's just a shame it doesn't quite fit. It covers the display but doesn't extend to the edge of the glass front, leaving an edge down the sides of the screen and a 3mm strip of unprotected glass on either side. Fits vertically, but not horizontally.
The two liner labels which assist with peeling the layers off were on the wrong end of the protector - in order to make alignment easy, they should have been at the top where the front camera is, but they were actually at the bottom. As a result I had to make multiple attempts to get the correct alignment, by which time the first protector's adhesive had lost its effectiveness and had also picked up too much lint and dust to be useful, despite my best attempts to avoid that by washing my hands and using the anti-lint duster provided. So I scrapped the first one and installed the second one starting at the bottom of the phone. This went on OK but then I was very disappointed to find that it causes a noticeable blurring and dimming of the display, which defeats the point of having a phone with a beautiful high resolution display. I'm also not wildly keen on the feel of the protector under the fingers which is higher friction than the one the phone comes with. So I think I'll be ordering another model of protector. Pretty annoying waste of 14 quid, especially considering that MFX packs of 10 are available for only 15 quid.

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