Wireless Charging Guide: What is it and which phones are supported?

Welcome to our Wireless Charging Guide. Below you will discover the wonders of wireless charging so let’s get started…

What is Qi?

Wireless charging is a new technology that allows charging over (very) short distances without cables.

The advantage of wireless charging is that charging is quicker and easier, as you don’t have to plug and unplug each time – you just place your device on top of your wireless charging pad. It also looks neater.

There are various competing standards for wireless charging. The most popular is Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), which has been supported by companies like Samsung, Google and Nokia however more and more manufacturers are taking advantage in some form or another.

Compatible devices?

A few phones have wireless charging built right in. See them here.

Other phones need a replacement rear cover or case. These are built to fit specific phones, so make sure you choose the right one. To make it easier, we’ve linked to appropriate cases and rear covers.

If a wireless charging cover isn’t available for your phone, you can use a universal adapter instead, allowing even much older devices to support wireless charging.

Phones and tablets with built-in Qi wireless charging

If your phone appears here, you just need to buy a wireless charger such as a wireless charging dock.

  • Samsung: Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Microsoft: Lumia 920, Lumia 928, Lumia 1520
  • Google: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 (2013)



Do I need an adapter?

If your phone appears here, you need the accessory linked and a wireless charger.



Universal wireless charging adapters

If your phone isn’t listed above, then you’ll need a universal adapter and a wireless charger.

Micro USB Wireless Charging AdapterMicro USB Wireless Charging Clip


Wireless chargers

Once you’ve determined your phone has wireless charging built in or you’ve added it with an accessory, you just need a wireless charger.

There are plenty of Qi wireless chargers available, in different sizes, shapes and colours. You can get Qi chargers for your desk, for your car, or even portable Qi battery packs. Try one of the recommendations below, or see all of our Qi wireless charging pads here.

Wireless desk chargerDual wireless desk chargerWireless charging car dockDesk charger, clock and radioPortable wireless charger and battery



Have any questions about wireless charging? Leave them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you with the answers you seek.

  • Arun

    are there any receivers and emitters that work with normal sized tablets, e.g. iPad Air 2

  • Sorry, the J3 doesn’t have wireless charging :(

  • Helen

    Can the Samsung j3 use a wireless charging pad

  • Hi Sarah,

    None of these models supports wireless charging out of the box. You could theoretically get little wireless charging packs for each, but it would be cost prohibitive. Probably the best idea is to pick up a Quick Charge 2.0 wired charger – there are a range here:


    For example, this is the official Sony Quick Charge 2.0 model:


    If you wanted to charge all three at once, you could instead pick up this 6-port charger which also supports the fast charging standard.


    If you’re not fussed about fast charging, this is our cheapest model which can charge each of your three devices (one at a time):


    I hope this was helpful!

  • Sarah

    Hi I’m looking for a universal charger as I have aSony xperia z2 tablet z3 compact tablet and z3 compact, could you please advise me on what if any will charge them all,would like a wireless option ideally but open to suggestions. Thanks Sarah

  • Linda Carroll

    thanks for that – it sounded like a good little option – but obviously it’s not going to be a happening thing here in Australia!

  • The American Verizon model is the only one with wireless charging hardware built in. Normally it would be possible to add wireless charging with an external adapter tucked into a case (e.g. http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/encharge-universal-qi-wireless-charging-adapter-micro-usb-standard-p46357.htm), but the side placement of the micro USB port likely makes this impractical. Sorry for the bad news Linda!

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  • Cho Cho Khin

    Thank you so much. This now confirms what I thought and I will now have to return the plate and case back to Mobile Fun.

    Thanks again, William. Have a good day.

    Cho Cho

  • Hi CCK,

    Ah, that’s unfortunate. Almost all Qi charging pads need to be plugged in to operate, as they don’t have any means of storing power to be dispensed later. However, if you bought a portable battery pack, you could use this in combination with your au charging pad. Just remember that wireless charging is less efficient than wired charging, so you will see slower speeds than if you used the battery pack directly. Hope this helps.

  • Cho Cho Khin

    I bought a Qi wireless charger plate and the adaptable case for my iphone 6 only 2 days ago from Mobile Fun. I emailed you with my query but so far have not received any response.

    I am travelling to the US on 8th June and my plan was to use carry the plate fully charged with me and when necessary recharge my phone by placing it on the plate. However, it looks like the plate needs to be plugged in all the time, which really defeats my purpose.

    Am I correct in assuming I misunderstood the instructions, and what would be the alternative? I don’t have much time left.

    Advice would be much appreciated.