How to create iPhone SE slow motion videos


Experiencing life in slow motion is pretty cool, whether its a head of hair being softly blown in the wind, or a juicy watermelon being smashed into tasty fragments. Thanks to the improved technology inside Apple’s iPhone, you can film anything you like, and play it back at drastically slowed down speed. Much like the iPhone […]

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Our guide to SuperMHL and the Lattice reference phone: 4K / 60fps on USB-C


Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) was first introduced in 2010, allowing phones to output high resolution (720p) video and audio to displays like TVs and monitors while being charged at the same time. Despite updates that have kept it relevant, bringing faster charging speeds and higher resolutions, its successor is already waiting in the wings.

It’s called SuperMHL, and it was first announced at CES in January this year. This week, two semiconductor companies, Lattice and MediaTek, announced the latest chapter in the continuing saga: a collaborative effort to produce reference smartphones capable of 4K video output using the recent USB-C connector.

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