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Listening To Music In Your Car: A New Solution

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

A week ago I wrote an article on how to listen to your mobile phone’s music whilst in your car, going over the various options from FM transmitters, cassette adapters, and more sophisticated BlueTooth accessories.

I’ve just updated that article with a new product I’ve found, which is perhaps the most comprehensive and elegant package I’ve yet seen. The new addition is reprinted here for your convenience:

A Universal Solution: One Accessory to Rule Them All

Some accessories, instead of choosing one method of doing things and accept the tradeoffs that come with it, you can simply bundle as many options as you can into a single piece. Usually this turns into a rather cumbersome, multi-fangled monstrosity, but sometimes an unusually elegant design results. One instance of this is the Tunelink Auto from New Potato Technologies, which presents many of the same features as the TrailBlazer covered earlier but in a much neater package.

The idea of the TuneLink is to provide all of the options you’d want for an in-car connection with the absolute minimum of physical bulk. The TuneLink’s small chassis has a USB socket, 3.5mm stereo jack and plugs into the auxiliary power point. Instead of relying on physical controls, which necessitate plugging in your transmitter where you can reach it, the TuneLink instead opts for a wholly app-based approach, where you can select the FM transmission channel and access other controls through your phone itself after connecting over Bluetooth.

This means that the entire assembly can be left safely in a glove box or other niche area, oft-times next to the auxiliary power point and auxiliary stereo input. This elegant placement keeps the car clutter free, and built in features like automatic pairing whenever you turn on the engine mean you can keep it there indefinitely, instead of constantly having to plug and re-plug.

The TuneLink also features some other nice features, like a USB socket for charging and RDS capabilities so that the song title can show up on your car’s display. Of all the solutions listed, the TuneLink provides the most features in the most elegant package, making it a good choice particularly if you have a hidden-away auxiliary power supply.

Read More, Or Write Us Back!

Here’s the product page, with more information on TuneLink. If you’d like to read more on this topic, please have a look at the rest of the article.

If you have any questions or would like advice, please feel free to send me a message via the usual channels. Thanks for reading!