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Mobile Fun announce Sony Xperia P, Sony Xperia U and LG Optimus L3 pricing, release dates

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Mobile Fun is the first to announce UK pricing information for three upcoming handsets:
The sim-free Sony Xperia P, sim-free Sony Xperia U and the sim-free Optimus L3.

The mid-range unlocked Sony Xperia P will be available for £379.95 and released on April 23rd. The Sony handset includes a 4″ Reality display, a 1 GHz dual core processor and a brilliant 8 megapixel camera with fast capture and HD video recording. The phone’s also NFC-enabled, with HDMI and DNLA connectivity. The phone will launch with Gingerbread on board, but will be upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

The lower-end unlocked Sony Xperia U will be available on April 23rd for £234.95. It sports a 3.5″ Reality Display, a 1 GHz dual core processor and a 5 megapixel camera. Like the Xperia P, it’ll ship with Gingerbread but will upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich soon afterwards.

The low-end of LG’s L series, the unlocked LG Optimus L3, will be available for £114.95 on the March 30th. It comes with a svelte 3.2″ screen, much of the same styling as the recent Prada 3.0 by LG, and likewise comes with Gingerbread.

Of course, these prices and dates may change over time. Always check the product page by following the links above to get the latest pricing and release date information.

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