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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is hitting stores next month, but we’ve already prepared a wide range of Note 4 cases and accessories that’ll be arriving way before that. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Note 4 covers on the market for September.

5. Encase FlexiShield Case - Frost White, Smoke Black, Purple, Blue

Encase FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case - Smoke Black    Encase FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case - Blue

Our first case is the Encase FlexiShield, one of the most popular cases ever sold on Mobile Fun. This gel case combines flexibility with good scratch protection, allowing your Note 4 to avoid scratches and stay in good condition longer. The case is inexpensive too, allowing you to add protection and a splash of colour without a significant investment.

4. ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case - Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange

ArmourDillo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective Case - Orange    ArmourDillo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective Case - Black

Our next case is another classic budget option, but this time the focus is on heavier protection. The ArmourDillo has an armoured TPU exoskeleton, providing excellent scratch and impact protection. The case is available in several colours too, allowing you to customise the look of your Note 4. The ArmourDillo even includes a built-in kickstand, brilliant for watching videos or keeping an eye on incoming notifications.

3. Montblanc Meisterstuck Leather Case - Soft Grain, Black

Montblanc Meisterstuck Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leather Case - Soft Grain    Montblanc Extreme Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leather Case - Black

Our third case is the precise opposite of the first two. The Meisterstuck is one of the most premium cases on the market, made by the famed designers Montblanc. The finest materials are used here, with the basis of the case wrought in full grain calf skin leather. The slim, padded design provides a good amount of protection as well. If you’re looking for a classy case, there are few better options.

2. Spigen Tough Armor Case - Satin Silver, Red, Gunmetal, Metal Slate

Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case - Gunmetal    Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case - Metal Slate

The Spigen Tough Armor is a more moderate case, which combines good protection with a stylish look and reasonable price. The case uses a dual-material design, with both TPU and polycarbonate used to provide considerable impact and scratch protection. Air Cushion technology on all four corners and a 1.5mm lip around the screen enhance the case’s impact protection credentials. The case even includes a flip-out stand.

1. Official Samsung S View Cover Case - White, Charcoal Black, Smooth Black, Gold, Pink, Plum, Mint

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Cover Case - White    Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Cover Case - Charcoal Black

The S View Cover is one of the best official cases on the market, with that industry-leading windowed flip cover providing unparalleled utility. The plastic window allows you to see the time and notifications, while keeping your screen beneath fully protected. The S View Cover replaces your existing Note 4 battery, so you’ll find that barely any thickness is added to your phone – and because this case is made by Samsung, it matches the Note 4′s style perfectly.

Bonus: Spigen Magnetic Clip for Official S-View Cover

Spigen Magnetic Clip for Official Galaxy Note 4 S-View Cover    Veho 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

If you’re picking up the S View Cover, here’s a helpful add-on: a magnetic clip, which helps the cover stay closed at all times. Without it, the cover has a tendency to be slightly open at rest. Of course, the addition of the Magnetic Clip doesn’t interfere with the responsiveness or performance of your Note 4.


I hope you’ve found this roundup helpful! Be sure to let us know what you think of these selections in the comments below, and let us know if there are any cases that you’d like us to stock! Thanks for reading the article and have a good week ahead.

Samsung release Gear S infographic

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Samsung’s new smartwatch is the Gear S. The Gear S is one of the first to come with its own SIM card, letting it work independently of your phone. Find out more of its features with the infographic prepared by Samsung below!

Interested in the Gear S? We’ll have them in both colours soon. Register your interest and sign up for availability notifications via our product pages below:

Thanks for checking out the infographic and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! You can also reach us on Twitter at @mobilefun or Facebook at Love Your Mobile.

Six awesome cases for the Galaxy Note 4

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Today we’d like to tell you about some of the exciting cases coming soon for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Let’s get started.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Cover Case

Our first case is an official Galaxy Note 4 accessory: the S View Cover Case. This case includes the famous S View window, allowing you to easily check notifications and see the time without opening the case’s flip cover. The case is slim, as it replaces the rear cover instead of sitting atop it. The S View cover will be available in a wide range of colours: charcoal black, smooth black, smooth white, white, mint, plum, pink and gold.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Flip Wallet Cover

The Flip Wallet is a simpler, more affordable flip case, lacking the specialised window of the S View. Instead, you’ll find a full front cover, with pockets inside for storing cash and credit. The cover is sleep/wake enabled, cleverly unlocking your phone when the cover is opened. The case is made from synthetic leather, and comes in a load of colours: charcoal black, smooth black, white, gold, pink, plum and mint.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED Cover

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LED Cover - Black

The LED Cover is a new one from Samsung, and seems to take inspiration from HTC’s Dot View case. The case has a front cover with a cunning dot matrix display, which uses the screen behind the cover to spell out the time. The retro effect is a pleasant one, and makes a nice conversation starter compared to the more pedestrian Flip Wallet. The case has so far only been confirmed in black.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Back Cover

Our next case isn’t really a case at all – it’s a replacement cover for the Note 4. This is useful if your original rear cover is damaged, or you want a quick and easy colour swap. The Back Cover will be available in white, bronze gold, pink and black.

Montblanc Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leather Case

Montblanc Extreme Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leather Case - Black    Montblanc Meisterstuck Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leather Case - Soft Grain

Our first third-party case is this one from famed designers Montblanc. The case is made from the finest full grain calf skin leather, providing an unparalleled premium experience. The case is hand-crafted using the finest materials; there’s simply nothing else like it for the Galaxy Note 4.

ArmourDillo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective Case

ArmourDillo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective Case - Black    ArmourDillo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective Case - Black

A more affordable third-party alternative is the ArmourDillo, a high-protection case designed to withstand sizeable impacts without taking damage. The case uses a comprehensive exoskeleton to shake off drops and falls. The case is rather thick, but this is well utilised for an integrated media stand on top of the considerable protection. The case is available in a good range of colours too, from black to blue, red, green and orange.


We hope that you like the look of these first cases for the Galaxy Note 4. We’ll have many more where they came from, so stay tuned over the coming days and weeks for more accessories for what is sure to be one of the most popular phones of the year.

Samsung IFA announcements: Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Gear VR

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Samsung announced their new flagship phones for the latter half of 2014 at their IFA press event today: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. The new phones were joined with the Gear S smartwatch, announced last week, and the Gear VR - a mobile Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 is going to be Samsung’s big phone for the latter half of 2014. The phone has a higher resolution display than its predecessor – 2560 x 1440 versus 1920 x 1080 – although the size remains the same, at 5.7-inches. Internally, we have the latest generation quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor running at 2.5GHz. The rear camera moves from 13-megapixel to 16-megapixels, while the front-facer is 3.7-megapixels from 2.1-megapixels.

In terms of design, the Note 4 uses the new design language that Samsung unveiled with the Galaxy Alpha. That means a bevelled metal frame – like an iPhone – around a very Samsung-esque textured plastic back. It’s a curious hybrid look, but it’s a lot better than what Samsung have shown before.

Of course, no Samsung event could be complete without a range of software “innovations”. Surprisingly, most of them seem pretty sensible this time around. Selfies were paid particular attention, with a new panoramic mode and the ability take a photo using the heart-rate sensor on the back of the phone.

Accessories are another big part of any Samsung launch, with four official Galaxy Note 4 cases announced. We’ll cover these in depth in a later blog post.

The Galaxy Note 4 will launch in October.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Note Edge is a rather unique variant of the Note series, with a curved display that extends and folds over the right hand side. That provides some extra utility, with the extra pixels being put to use for settings, shortcuts and other controls.

You can swap in other bars as well, giving you access to notifications, weather reports, stock tickers, clocks, news feeds and even games. There’s also a toolbar that appears when you swipe down, giving you quick access to a timer, stopwatch, flashing and ruler. It’s a similar idea to widgets on your home screen, but the folded edge is still available when you have apps open. The edge also remains lit when the phone is locked, showing a nice black-and-white clock using minimal power.

Otherwise, the Note Edge has the same hardware and software to the Note 4, meaning it’s quite a powerful device. The only big difference is that the Edge is wider and thicker, with a slightly smaller battery, due to the extra space required by the folded screen.

The Note Edge is coming later this year. We’ll have the Note Edge sim-free and unlocked, and Note Edge cases and accessories will be coming soon too.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR was probably the least anticipated announcement: a mobile virtual reality headset. Unlike Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus, the Gear VR is intended to be driven entirely by the Note 4 that lies inside. That means you can wander around untethered, playing games or watching movies without needing to stay close to a PC or PS4.

To use the Gear VR, you drop your Note 4 into the headset and then put the headset on. The phone’s display is used to show you the 3D content, while the headset’s motion sensors allow you to look around in virtual reality. The headset also has a side trackpad and buttons for controlling games and menus.  You can even use the Note 4′s rear camera to get a live feed of the outside world – with or without augmented reality.

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset for Galaxy Note 4    Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset for Galaxy Note 4

Samsung are working with Oculus on the Gear VR, with Samsung providing the hardware and Oculus handling the software side of things. The current Oculus developer kit uses a Note 3 display, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the companies have decided to work together more closely in this new mobile VR space.

The Gear VR will be available this autumn, and is already available for pre-order at Mobile Fun.


IFA is basically a massive contest for mobile companies to capture the headlines with impressive announcements, in order to drive public awareness and eventually sales. So far, Samsung are winning that contest. The Note 4 was just what we expected, but the Note Edge was a nice futuristic flourish and the Gear VR went even further to capture the imagination. Well played, Samsung.

Top 5 latest Galaxy S5 cases: September 2014

Monday, September 1st, 2014

In this article, we’re going to share five of the very best cases available for the popular Galaxy S5, new for September 2014. Let’s get started!

5. Spigen Slim Armor View – Smooth White

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 Slim Armor View Case - Smooth White     Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 Slim Armor View Case

The Slim Armor View is a clever combination of Spigen’s earlier slim armour cases with a transparent window, like you’d find on Samsung’s S View cases. The combination is a case that excels in both protection and utility, with a dual-layered TPU design and a polycarbonate midsection. The clear window in the front of the case allows you to see incoming calls and other notifications with ease, while an internal magnet allows the case to wake and lock the phone as it’s opened and closed. A dimpled rear cover completes the Samsung look.

4. Ballistic Urbanite Case – Red / Black

Ballistic Urbanite Samsung Galaxy S5 Case - Red/Black    Ballistic Urbanite Samsung Galaxy S5 Case - Red/Black

Our next case is the Ballistic Urbanite, shown here in a fetching red and black colourway. The Urbanite is all about delivering protection without excessive bulk. The case’s unique HexTec six-sided drop protection technology is singularly effective against knocks and falls, with reinforced ballistic corners to protect the phone inside. A raised lip around the screen prevents damage there too.

3. Encase Genuine Leather Wallet Case – Brown

Adarga Galaxy S5 Leather-Style Wallet Case    Adarga Lumia 630 / 635 Leather-Style Wallet Case

The Encase Genuine Leather Wallet case is one of the best looking on the market. As the name suggests, this case is made from real leather to provide that unmatched natural look and feel in your hand. The case is practical too, with a full complement of pockets for credit cards and cash. A classy case.

2. LifeProof Fre Case – White

LifeProof Fre Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - White    LifeProof Fre Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - White

The LifeProof Fre is the only case on this list that isn’t available at the time of writing, but it’s so good that I’ve included it anyway. The case offers incredible protection, including waterproofing and dustproofing. The LifeProof Fre also meets or exceeds military standards, allowing it to protect your Galaxy S5 from drops, falls, scratches and a range of other hazards. Despite this laundry list of qualifications, the Fre remains surprisingly slim.

1. OtterBox Defender Series Case – Blue

OtterBox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S5 Protective Case - Blue    OtterBox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S5 Protective Case - Blue

Our final case today is the OtterBox Defender. The Defender is one of the best selling cases available for the Galaxy S5, and it’s easy to see why. The case offers incredible protection against drops and scratches, although it lacks the waterproofing of the more expensive LifeProof case. The Defender includes a built-in screen protector, silicone port covers and a detachable belt clip holster that doubles as a kickstand. Particularly in this new blue cover, the case looks great too.


So there we have it – five great new cases for the Galaxy S5. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. You can also reach us on Twitter @mobilefun. Thanks for reading the article and have a good one!