The fastest way to wirelessly charge your smartphone

Wireless charging is a convenient way of keeping your smartphone topped up, but it’s gained a reputation of being slower than wired charging. However, with the proper equipment you can make wireless charging very fast indeed. Let’s take a look at the different chargers available, and see which is best for charging smartphones like the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and more.

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The perfect cases and accessories for the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge

The Coral Blue colour of the Galaxy S7 Edge will soon be available in Europe, several months after the new variant was announced for the South Korean and American regions. The Coral Blue S7 Edge appeared on the Samsung Netherlands website, where it’s listed as ‘coming soon.’

The Coral Blue shade of the Galaxy S7 Edge is already in stock at some UK carriers and retailers, so if you like the look of the phone you can pick one up today — or pre-order if for later.

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