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Moshi, makers of brilliant screen protectors and cases

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Moshi are well known electronic designers from California, who produce mobile phone and tablet accessories to a very high standard. They make their case as being “meticulous in their materials selection”, and that’s often the secret to their success. Here at Mobile Fun, we’re most fond of their screen protectors and cases. Let’s have a look at some now.

We’ll take the screen protectors first. Moshi call their screen protectors the iVisor, and they’re available in various flavours. The most common is Anti-Glare (or AG), but there are also XT (extraordinarly transparent) flavours available too.

Unlike most screen protectors which are just simple pieces of plastic sheeting, the iVisor includes a bezel that makes aligning the screen protector much easier. It also provides heavier protection of the surface beneath, in places where transparency aren’t needed. However, this does mean that it makes sense to get the right colour Moshi screen protectors for your phone or tablet. The Moshi iVisor is available for a number of phones, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad 4, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Moshi make rather nice cases too. Their iGlaze cases are quite nice, with the same well fitting form and well chosen materials that define their screen protectors. The iGlaze is also available in a pink that would match my keyboard nicely, as well as a dual-tone version for the iPhone 4S that really stands out.

So there we have it – a quick profile of one of the most well respected American phone accessory brands. For more information, visit the Moshi product page.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think of the article in the comments below.

Buy a Zenus case from Mobile Fun, get free 1st class shipping!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Right now if you buy any Zenus case from Mobile Fun, you’ll get your whole order delivered by Royal Mail 1st Class for free – a £2.99 value. All you need to do is add the case to your basket, then use code THANKUZENUS at the checkout. If you need a hand with this, check out our codes page.

We’ve got plenty of Zenus cases in stock for all of the most popular phones on the market, including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There are plenty of varieties too, from traditional leather designs to more contemporary slimline offerings.

Let’s have a look at a small sample of the Zenus cases on offer.

Zenus Estime Diary for iPhone 5

This elegant case is made from genuine Italian leather and features internal pockets to hold your cash. The slimline design still provides full screen protection and helps keep your iPhone 5 scratch free too. If you’re looking to add class to your iPhone 5 without adding bulk, the Estime Diary is a brilliant iPhone 5 leather case.

Zenus Skinny Leather for Galaxy S3

If you’re looking for a more urban look, then you’ll love this Skinny Leather case for the Galaxy S3. The Skinny Leather is a high quality, fashionable protective solution for your phone that clips shut quickly and easily. The bold monochrome look and subtle textures make this case a real eye-catcher.

Zenus Masstige for Galaxy Note 2

This popular case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a unique embossed lettering design for a stylish classical look. The genuine Italian leather preserves and protects, with a rugged design and a fully protected button closure. The case also includes internal pockets for your credit cards and cash. All in all, a top quality case that is both beautiful and functional.

But that’s not all…

Of course, we’ve got loads more Zenus cases than these. Just have a look in our Zenus category page, or search for Zenus and the model name of your phone at the top of any Mobile Fun page.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, let me know by leaving them below. If you’d prefer, you can also speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun and at

Can you do us a massive favour?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

We’ve got a big favour to ask. Please could you vote for us as the Best Accessory Retailer in the What Mobile Awards? You can vote for us right here, on lucky number 13:



By entering, you have a chance to win one of four smartphones including a Galaxy S3! Thanks ever so much for taking part – we couldn’t have made it this far without you, and with your vote we can do even better.

Question 13, where you can make our dreams come true!

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It’s Samsung-tastic! The Zenis Desktop Dock for Samsung phones and tablets

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Zenis Samsung Desktop Dock

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, then Zenis have just the desktop dock for you. It’s called the Desktop Dock and Stand for Samsung Galaxy Handsets, and as the name implies it will keep your Samsung smartphone charged up and all listed Samsung devices standing tall.

Pretty much any Galaxy handset with a 5 pin micro USB dock at the bottom of the device will work; see the full list below. As well as using micro USB to charge and sync your device, there’s also a 3.5mm audio jack passthrough that ensures easy connectivity to your speaker system.

The case is stylish and looks great with its circular base and graceful support curves, but it’s also quite portable. It folds up easily, allowing you to toss it in your bag without it taking up a lot of space. The design is also wide enough to accommodate phones and tablets that are in cases, so you don’t have to remove your case whenever you want to dock your device.

The Zenis Galaxy Desktop Dock is compatible with the following phones and tablets:

Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Note
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy S I
Galaxy S II
Galaxy S III
Galaxy Tab 7.0
Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Galaxy Tab 7.7
Galaxy Tab 8.9
Galaxy Tab 10.1
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Galaxy Note 10.1


For more information on this cool dock for Samsung fans, check out that box on the upper right! If you have any questions about this SGS3 charger or any of our other products, let us know on Twitter @mobilefun or in the comments below!

Wireless Charging Kits for S3 and Note coming soon!

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

With the official wireless charging solution for the Samsung Galaxy S III still some time away, independent manufacturers have started to work on their own solutions. We’re happy to announce that we’ll soon be stocking the results of their work – wireless charging cases and stands for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note!

Both cases work in the same way, replacing the rear cover and adding a protective case to the phone. The Galaxy S3 option is a slimline plastic case, while the Galaxy Note option is a leather wallet case. Each case allows full access to the ports and features of your phone, including the buttons, cameras and ports.

The new rear cover allows you to charge your phone wirelessly, just by placing it on a charging pad. That means there’s no wires to worry about or lose, just a simple surface that works in any orientation.

The charging pad also works as a cool adjustable stand, allowing you to keep your phone either flat or at an angle while charging, perfect for watching films or just keeping an eye on incoming notifications. Both horizontal and portrait orientations are supported. The matte black design is stylish as well – you won’t worry about keeping this on your desk!

While we don’t have pricing or availability information to bring you right now for these Note and SGS3 chargers, we’re working on it and we hope to make the information public in the near future.

For more information on each of these wireless charging kits for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note, just click on the product information boxes on the right hand side of the article. If you’ve got a comment, then you can share it with us via the comment section below or on Twitter @mobilefun. Thanks for reading and have a good one!

Wireless Charging Case & Stand for Samsung Galaxy Note

Wireless Charging Case & Stand for Samsung Galaxy S3

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