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Capdase Xpose & Luxe: A case pack for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Today we’ve got something special for you Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note owners from one of our favourite vendors, Capdase.

It’s a case pack that offers both quality and value, with four items included: An Xpose soft jacket for tough, slim fitting protection; a Luxe XL case for superb impact protection without impeding the phone’s functions; a screen protector and a foldable desk stand.

The idea is that the Xpose soft jacket can be kept on at all times, and then you can slide on the Luxe case for additional protection when the phone isn’t in use.

The soft jacket is made of a tough gel material that’s flexible like silicone but much more durable. They’re ultra-slim too, and are open-fronted cases to allow easy access to your phone’s touch screen. The gel is also quite easy to hold, so you won’t ever lose your grip on your mobile. Finally, the Xpose soft jacket is resistant to scuffs, dust and fingerprints – this case will stay looking pristine for a long time.

The Luxe XL case provides a little bit of extra protection when you need it, with a unique window that reveals the identities of incoming callers. With the Luxe XL case on, you’ll be able to rest easy that your handset will remain intact and secure.

Finally, this pack includes a screen protector and a foldable desk stand. The screen protector provides that extra bit of protection demanded by the large screens of the two Galaxy class devices, preventing scratches and other damage. The desk stand is also quite useful, supporting your phone in both landscape and portrait modes which is brilliant for watching films, playing games or using your phone as an alarm clock.

This case pack really ticks a lot of boxes. It provides a better solution over a bare pouch, as you’ll still have some protection when you take the phone out of the Luxe XL case and you’re able to see who’s calling too.

If you’re looking for a good starting pack for the Galaxy Note or Galaxy S III, then this has definitely got my recommendation. To find out more details and see additional images, then check out the product pages linked below – there are two colour options to match the S III and black for the Galaxy Note.

If you have any questions about these Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy SIII cases packs, then let me know by leaving a comment below or talking to me on Twitter @mobilefun.

The Krusell Multi-Adapt Sports Armband for Galaxy S III

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

The Galaxy S III is a great smartphone, but it’s a bit big and bulky to keep with you when you’re exercising. That changes if you’ve got a Krusell Multi-Adapt Sports Armband for the Galaxy S III. The armband is the ideal exercise companion, allowing you to keep your Galaxy S III protected without leaving it at home.

The Sports Armband is made of two pieces: An adjustable and lightweight neoprene armband and a classic Samsung Galaxy SIII skin. The case is attached to the armband with a multi-adapt connector that includes a quick release mechanism. This makes it easy to quickly attach and remove your Galaxy S III from your arm as needed; if a call comes in it’s easy to put the phone to your ear.

That case is made from vegan leather and offers fully splash-proof protection thanks to the lightweight transparent plastic screen cover. The plastic still allows interaction with the touchscreen, so you can access all of your apps while you’re on the go, whether you’re skipping to the next track in your exercise playlist or replying to a text. The case can be wiped clean or handwashed too, meaning that it’ll stay in pristine condition for longer.

For more information on the Krusell Multi-Adapt Sports Armband, check out the product page linked below! You can also ask us questions about any of our Galaxy SIII cases via the comments below or speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun. Thanks for reading and have a good one!

PowerSkin Extended Battery for S3 due September

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish way of adding more battery life to your Samsung Galaxy S III then you may be in luck – from September, we’ll be stocking the PowerSkin Extended Battery Case!

Unlike bulky external chargers that demand you keep yet another item with you, the PowerSkin Extended Battery Case uses the space that a case would take up anyway and uses it for battery power as well as protection. It’s a smart move, and definitely one that will appeal to those that are away from a charging point for most of the day or just people that don’t want to bother with the hassle of keeping a phone topped up throughout.

Let’s get into the specifics. With the PowerSkin, you get an extra 1500 mAh of battery power. That’s enough to give you 170% of the power you’d get normally – about 15 hours more 2G talk time or about 8 more hours of 3G talk time. You’d also expect more standby time – 640 hours on 2G and 560 hours on 3G.

Combined with the durable silicone rubber for added protection and a convenient LED lighting system that informs you of your remaining battery charge and you’ve got one heck of an extended battery case that should be right atop the list of your wanted Samsung Galaxy SIII accessories.

For more information on the PowerSkin Extended Battery for the Galaxy S III, check out the product page linked below! Thanks for reading and be sure to have a good one!

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Top 7 Galaxy S3 Cases for August!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

We’ve reached a milestone here at Mobile Fun – we now have more Galaxy S III cases than iPhone 4 cases! To celebrate, I’ve put together a video showing off seven of the best recent Galaxy S3 covers. You can watch it below, or read on for the text version!

7. Leather Style Wallet Case – White

This slim case has a padded design and veggie leather construction. The case includes a magnetic closure for peace of mind and an interior pocket for easy storage of your credit cards. The case also comes in black if you’d prefer a more traditional look. A good functional and professional case.

6. Fitcase Folio

This case is unique for having two windows cut into the folio flip cover. These expose the Caller ID and swipe-to-answer areas of the screen, allowing you to react instantly to incoming calls without having to flip the cover over to see who’s calling. Also includes a plastic grip that will ensure that the phone stays put. Again, a good option for professionals with a need for speed.

5. White Diamonds Case – White

This case goes in the opposite direction, offering a sleek and stylish design. The back of the case features Swarovski Elements for that extra bit of glitz and glamour. The White Diamonds case is a brilliant choice if you’re looking for a good combination of sleekness, protection and style.

4. Cruzerlite Androidified

This cheerful case includes an Andy the Android logo on the rear, making it perfect for any Android fans. The green case adds a splash of colour to your S3 and looks great with all versions – black, blue or white. The case is also available in a more subtle clear option. The Cruzerlite Androidified is protective too, with the flexibility of a silicone case and the durability of a tough case.

3. Genuine S3 Flip Cover – Lime

This brightly covered flip case is officially made by Samsung and replaces the rear cover of your phone. That ensures that you’ve got the minimum of added bulk and a great deal of protection. As well as ensuring protection of the screen when the S3 isn’t in use, the case’s rear cover is more durable and less flexible than the stock option. Available in the standard Pebble Blue and Marble White options, as well as cooler colours like light blue, pink and orange.

2. Draco Design Aluminium Bumper

This award-winning, Japanese-designed and built case is made from aircraft grade aluminium on a 5 axis CNC mill for the ultimate in precision and protection. The case is screwed on to ensure a tight fit with no weak points and feels totally solid in the hand. The bumper adds a bit of grip to the phone, too. It’s easy to why a similar design for the S II got an internationally recognised Red Dot design award.

1. FreshFiber Macedonia

This cleverly constructed case was 3D printed, allowing for a complex and artsy design unlike anything else on the market today. The Macedonia is a double layered case for increased resistance to scratches and fall damage, and feels very solid. The Macedonia also sports an open design for increased airflow. This is a totally unique case and for that I’ll give it the top spot.


So there you have it – seven Galaxy S III cases, representing the cream of the crop as of August 21st. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Samsung Galaxy S III accessory roundup

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

In this continuing series, we’re looking at some of the most recent essential accessories that have come out for the Samsung Galaxy S III. With a popular handset like this you always get a lot of interesting accessories to come out over the lifespan of the device, so it’s good to keep an eye on them if you’ve got an S3 yourself – or if you’re looking for a gift for someone who does!

We’ll look at three new accessories today: The Momax Galaxy S III battery charger, the Car Mount Cradle with Handsfree for the Galaxy S III and the Power Support Crystal Screen Protector. Let’s start with that battery charger, as it’s definitely one of those niche products that you might find extremely useful.

So the Momax Galaxy S III battery charger does exactly what it says on the tin – it charges batteries. More specifically, it’s designed to be used with a spare battery. The idea is that you can have your phone charging the battery that’s inside it, but you can also charge your spare at the same time. This means you can always be ready to go with both batteries fully charged, instead of awkwardly swapping between them and hoping you remembered to charge the spare.

The Momax Battery Charger is conveniently sized, just a bit bigger than the battery it charges, to ensure that it’s easy to carry with you anywhere you’d normally take a spare battery. It’ll easily fit into a purse or bookbag and it’s low-cost so you can keep one at work if you like.

For more information, check out the product page linked below:

Our next item is the Car Mount Cradle with Handsfree. This is a total car solution, working as a car holder, car charger and hands-free car kit all in one easy package. The Car Mount Cradle windscreen holder mounts firmly using a suction mounting system and is strong enough to stand up the bumps in the road.

The Cradle includes an integrated charging solution at the bottom of the mount, allowing convenient charging over micro USB. Finally, the car charger includes an integrated hands-free system that connects over the phone’s 3.5 mm stereo jack. It’s one of the finest car mounts available for the S III at the moment, so definitely give it a look if you’re in the market.

Finally, we’ve got something sweet and simple – a Galaxy S III screen protector from Power Support. It’s a crystal screen protector, a higher grade of screen protector that offers excellent protection from dirt and scratches.

The screen protector is easy to apply too, and if you’re having trouble you could always check out our video guide on the subject. The pack includes two screen protectors and a cleaning cloth, so you should be well sorted on that front.

If you’re still looking to pick up a Samsung Galaxy SIII unlocked, you can also do that here at Mobile Fun. We’ve recently announced availability of the sim free Samsung Galaxy S3 in black, so be sure to check out that option if you’re interested.

The links below will contain the latest prices and release dates, but these are subject to change.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you have any questions, comments or other feedback of any kind about these Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories. Have a good one and we’ll see you later!

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