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Best Galaxy S2 Cases

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

It’s the phone that’s blowing the iPhone 4 out of the water and as days go on the Samsung Galaxy S2′s popularity is increasing more and more.  So to help owners of the Galaxy S2 and those thinking of getting one, we’ve put together a run down of the best Galaxy S2 cases.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Mesh Case

This cool black mesh Galaxy S ii case provides full protection to the back and sides of the handset, while retaining the phone’s stylish look.  It’s designed using a contemporary mesh material which defends against bumps and scratches.

Official Galaxy S2 Mesh Case

The case clips on easily and contains all the cut-outs needed to keep your Galaxy S2 fully functioning whilst in the case.  It’s a discreet case, which lets your handset be the star and show off it’s beautiful design.  When teamed with a Galaxy S ii screen protector, you’ll have full protection meaning you’ll have no concerns with putting the handset in your handbag.

Terrapin Genuine Leather Flip Case

This leather mobile phone case is made from premium soft leather to ensure top, stylish protection for your Galaxy S2, that feels great in your hands.  It has a soft interior to add protection and keep your phone looking as good as new, but the best feature of this flip case is that the flap has space to hold three cards.  This not only strengthens the flap on the case, but also means you can take the bare essentials with you when you pop to the shops.

Terrapin Galaxy S2 Leather Case

The flap of the mobile phone leather case has a magnetic snap closure to keep the flap in place and help secure the phone.  Designed to be both functional and fashionable, this flip case contains all the cut-outs needed for various ports and features to keep the phone at full capacity whilst on the go.

Case-Mate Gelli

As one of the most popular mobile phone case makes, it’s no surprise that Case-Mate have bought out a range for the galaxy S2.  The Gelli is one of our favourites due to its quirky design which only adds to the style of the Galaxy S2.

Galaxy S2 Case-Mate Gelli

Made from cutting-edge flexible thermoplastic material, the Case-Mate Gelli’s form fitting shape protects from every day bumps and scratches, whilst offering extra grip to the handset without adding bulk.

The case covers the back and corners of the Galaxy i9100, allowing access to all ports and controls.  Team with a i9100 screen protector for complete protection.

Zenus Skin Air Jacket Series

We’re really excited about the Zenus series of Galaxy S2 cases coming into stock, as they’re super stylish and don’t add any bulk to the Galaxy S2.  The Skin Air Jacket provides high quality protection to the back and sides of the handset and even offers protection to the camera lens by ensuring it doesn’t touch the surface when the handset is laid down flat.

Zenus Skin Air Jacket Series Galaxy S2 Case

The frame of this Galaxy S2 skin is made of a glossy plastic and finished with a carbon fibre effect on the back which helps to add grip to the handset.  It’s made especially for the Galaxy S2, meaning the fit is perfect and there are cut-outs for all the ports, camera and buttons.

Galaxy S2 Hard Case with Stand

The final Galaxy S2 Cover on the list is one which houses a kick stand, allowing you to view media and use your Galaxy S2 at a comfortable angle.

The hard case combines a soft, flexible TPU material with solid plastic to protect  your phone from drops and scratches, whilst also adding grip.

Galaxy S2 Hard Case with stand

When the kickstand isn’t in use, it folds back into the case, meaning its the perfect case for on the go and office use.  It contains all the cut-outs needed to allow the handset to remain functional whilst in the case and the case doesn’t add any bulk to the thin handset.

So the choice is yours, Do you prefer the idea of a Galaxy S2 leather case, a skin or a hard cover?

Zenus Galaxy S2 cases are out of this world!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

It’s the phone that everyone’s talking about.  It’s more popular than the iPhone 4 and it’s accessories are flying off the shelves as quick as we’re getting them in stock.  What phone am I talking about?  The Galaxy S2 and I’ve got some great news as we’ve got these beauties from Zenus coming into stock soon.

Zenus Masstige Bar-Stand Series

The first Zenus Galaxy S2 cover on offer is the Masstige Bar-Stand Series.  Made from high grade genuine leather wrapped around a plastic mould frame, it offers serious protection against bumps and scratches.

Zenus Masstige Car-Stand Series Galaxy S2 Case

In addition, the case offers protection to the camera lens, as the back is raised, meaning the lens no longer touches the surface when the phone is laid flat.

A great feature of this Galaxy S2 Leather Case is that it comes with an integrated stand, which folds back flat against the case when it’s not in use.  It’s perfectly designed to position the handset at the best viewing angle for watching movies or surfing the net.

As the Masstige Bar-Stand case is made specifically for the Galaxy S2, it contains all the relevant cut-outs, so the device can remain fully functioning whilst it’s still in the case.


Zenus Skin Air Jacket Series

The second Zenus model comes in the form of the Skin Air Jacket Series, a Galaxy S2 skin, which is designed to not add bulk to the incredibly thin Galaxy S2 handset.

Zenus Skin Air Jacket Series Galaxy S2 Case

The skin is made from glossy plastic and finished on the back with a carbon-fibre effect, which offers premium protection to the sides and back of the handset, whilst increasing the grip on the back.

Again the skin contains all the required cut-outs for the camera, ports and buttons allowing the phone to fully function and the skin to not need to be removed.


Zenus E’Stime Color Point Series

Zenus’s third offering for the Galaxy S2 is the E’Stime Color Point Series, a luxury Galaxy S ii leather case, which injects a slash of colour, with it’s bright red exterior and orange interior.

Zenus E'Stime Color Print Series Galaxy S2 case

Whilst the case is made from genuine leather, the interior has a soft microfibre lining which helps to keep your handset screen looking as good as new, whilst protecting your phone from scratches and bumps.

This case doesn’t add much bulk to your Galaxy S2, but it includes all the cut-outs needed so you needn’t take your Galaxy S2 out of its case to use its functions.


Zenus Prestige Carbon Series

The final case comes in the form of the Prestige Carbon Series.  Made from a rugged carbon fibre effect material, the case provides excellent protection, whilst maintaining its stylish look.

Zenus Prestige Carbon Series Galaxy S2 Case

The case’s interior is made of a soft microfibre lining, giving extra protection to your phone’s screen, whilst keeping it looking clean.  The case also contains all the cut-outs needed to keep your phone functioning whilst it’s in the case; including the camera, ports and buttons.

For ultimate protection with all cases, a Galaxy S ii screen protector is suggested.


Luscious Leather Galaxy S2 Case

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best handsets, if not the best, on the market at the moment; with it’s powerful 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen, so what better way to keep it fully protected than with this Alu-Leather, Galaxy S ii Leather Case.

Galaxy S2 Leather Case

This Galaxy S2 Leather Case is made from the finest quality leather and has an aluminium lining on the front flap offering extra protection to the screen from bumps and scratches.  The case is designed specifically with the Galaxy S2 in mind ensuring a perfect fit and security for your handset.
Even better this Galaxy S2 cover contains all the cutouts for the main features of the handset such as the camera and charging port, meaning it doesn’t need to be removed to access the handset’s controls – great for when you’re out on the go.
However, to fully protect your phone when the case is open, I’d recommend purchasing a Galaxy S ii screen protector too.

Top Five Galaxy S II cases

Monday, May 16th, 2011

It’s been more popular than the iPhone 4 on our website over the last week – and the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been certainly wowing people with its powerful 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 4.3 inch Super AMOLED screen.

To keep the stylish chassis and everything tucked away underneath it safe and protected, here are our top five Galaxy S II cases.


FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 - Red



FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 – Red

For basic protection, you can’t go wrong with FlexiShields, one of our favourite types of skin.  Made of a unique and hard-wearing gel, they give a crystal case-like protection that has the flexibility and durability of silicone – only even tougher.  The gel also makes the case easier to grip, which avoids those inevitable butter-fingers moments.  The FlexiShield Galaxy S II covers are a good choice if you want something that’s protective, very low in bulk and looks funky (they’re available in a variety of colours, so you can express your personality, or go for black if you want to stay low-key & professional).

CaseMate Tough Case

CaseMate Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy S2 - Black



Case-Mate Tough Case – Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 – Black

For ultra protection, the aptly-named Tough Case by CaseMate has dual-layer protection in the form of a snugly fitting silicone skin and an exterior plastic hard shell.  The outer layer protects from scratches and gives you better grip, whilst the silicone skin absorbs shocks from bumps and drops.  It’s also available in two-toned colours, which makes it a bit more interesting to look at than your bog-standard plain case.  On top of that, a Galaxy S II screen protector is provided in the pack, so your handset will be kept safe and secure all over.

CaseMate Barely There Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

CaseMate Barely There Case for Samsung Galaxy S2



Case-Mate Barely There for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 – Silver

Another by CaseMate – the Barely There range are one of our most popular, and at a glance it’s easy to see why!  Available in a range of colours, they’re incredibly slim and stylish, giving you minimum bulk and maximum effect.  The Barely There Samsung Galaxy S II cover is formed from specially engineered materials, including a hard-to-break, super-strong plastic shell – and as with the Tough Case, a screen protector is included with the case.

Terrapin Genuine Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

Terrapin Genuine Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S2




Terrapin Genuine Leather Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

One of the most classically stylish of our Galaxy S II cases, the Terrapin Flip Case comes in premium soft leather which is hard-wearing on the outside and soft on the inside, to keep your phone cushioned and protected.  Leather cases are great for executives and anyone who wants a more business-like, professional look and feel, and this one’s perfect for the office as if features special slots for credit cards and business cards.  A flip lid with magnetic clasp keeps the screen protected whilst the Galaxy S II case is closed, and the case has cut-outs to preserve all of the handset function – keeping your phone practical, professional and protected.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Extended Battery Case

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Extended Battery Case



Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Extended Battery Case

Something a bit different here – it’s quite a bit more costly than the other cases in the list, but with good reason!  More than just a cover, the Extended Battery Case contains a slim-line external Galaxy S2 battery which can extend your talk-time by up to 9 hours, or standby time by up to 500 hours.  Why would you want that?  Well, smartphones have been getting more and more powerful over the past few years, especially now that we’re seeing dual-core smartphones appear on the market.  The one thing that isn’t improving in line with the rest of the technology is the battery power, which rarely last more than a day for the top handsets.  That’s why the Extended Battery Case is such a good idea, and because it’s made by Samsung specifically for the Galaxy S2, you know the fit will be perfect.

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SIM free Samsung Galaxy S2 in stock from today

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The very gorgeous SIM free Samsung Galaxy S2 – or the Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II, if you prefer to give it its slightly lengthier title, though I’m not sure why you would – flew onto our shelves yesterday, and has almost as rapidly started flying straight off them again.

The Galaxy S2 is one of the first smartphones to feature a powerful dual-core processor (others current and upcoming include the LG Optimus 2X and the Motorola Atrix), something which looks set to become the standard for modern smartphones.  It also boasts next-gen Bluetooth 3.0, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and NFC technology for contactless payments.  On the visual side, the Galaxy S2 has an 8MP camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, a separate 1.3MP front-facing camera for video-calling and a massive 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen to show your photos and media off on.

Samsung Galaxy S2

SIM free Samsung Galaxy S2 i91000



We also have a selection of snazzy Samsung i9100 accessories over on the main site, so click through to see Samsung Galaxy S2 cases from all your favourite brands – including Casemate’s popular Barely There series and official Samsung leather cases.

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