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SIM Free Samsung Galaxy S2 – an in-depth look

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Handset manufacturers can be said to release phone sequels as excuses for new models: more often than not slight spec changes seem to end up as a whole new model. The Samsung Galaxy S was a great device, but it suffered chronically from a poor file system, poor GPS, and the absence of flash for its camera. However it seems that people who have been searching for a better device to replace the Galaxy S have found it at last.

Guess Who?

The Galaxy S2 or Samsung  Galaxy i9100 not only solves these problems above, but adds a whole new arsenal of features.  This ultra-slim phone comes with an upgraded Super AMOLED Plus Capacitive Touch Screen and is based on Samsungs Exynos chipset. Powered by a 1.2GHz dual core RISC processor with a wholesome 1 GB of RAM, this handset can churn out 1080p HD video at 30fps.  It then allows you to view this video on a TV and get full surround sound through Stereo Bluetooth v3.  Add all this to the 2MP secondary camera, NFC support, GPU acceleration, 16/32 GB internal storage, and full flash support and this handset really blows its competitors out the water.  Even more impressive Samsung managed to fit all this into a 8.5mm thick device that tips the scales at just 116gms. Amazing!

SIM Free Samsung Galaxy S2


The Super AMOLED Plus display is just that – super! Comparing with the Galaxy S the new organic LED display is larger by 15%, has better contrast, has more accurate colours, and increased sharpness. Saturation can be customised by the user as well: Samsung has offered 3 presets for this. In short, this is by far the best display in the smartphone market rivalled only by the retina display of the iPhone 4. Considering this, it would be wise to have a good Samsung Galaxy S2 screen protector to protect the screen from scratches and dust.

Keys and Buttons

There are 3 main keys and buttons: a capacitive menu key, a capacitive back key and a conventional button for the home key. Upon a long press the Menu key handles Google search, while the Home key shows the task switcher: voice commands are activated by clicking the home key twice. The left edge of the handset has the rocker for the volume control which doubles as the camera zoom. Sadly there is no dedicated camera shutter button.

TouchWiz 4.0 UI

The Galaxy droids cool UI just got even better thanks to TouchWiz 4.0. Unlocking the phone is now possible by swiping through to any direction. There a lot of cosmetic changes to the handset including new live wallpapers, an updated notification area and a different design for the widgets. Gesture commands are also built in with TouchWiz 4.0 – like flipping the handset over to silence a call.

Cool Voice Commands

The Galaxy S2 has voice commands but this isn’t the regular Google crop. Instead, they’ve used a 3rd party app for the feature which has become more popular than the Google service itself.

Gallery and file browser

The Galaxy S2 uses the standard Android gallery that comes built in with the OS.  The gallery automatically searches for all photos and videos on your phone and displays them. It can also be set to sync with Picasa and comes with a built-in Image editor and a Video editor to do some basic touch-ups and mixing. The video player which comes pre-installed is the standard Touchwiz video player featuring support for an impressive variety of codecs. In fact the Galaxy S2 has one of the richest video support systems, coming just second to the Nokia N900.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 sports an 8MP auto-focus camera. It comes with an LED flash also but lacks a physical shutter button. The camera application contains an array of features from digital image stabilisation, smile detection, auto focus, scene modes, special effects and geotagging to manual controls for ISO and the metering mode. This means that when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 case make sure it has a cut-out for the camera.


Video recording is awesome with the device easily handling full HD recording: what’s more it can capture in both 720p and 1080p. It also comes with continuous auto-focus giving you sharper and more impressive videos.

The Samsung i9100 comes pre-loaded with a great web browser – but doing your own test run is advised to suit your style of browsing. Certain other features that you ought to check out are the built-in Polaris Office package, and the memo/calendar app. The default mapping app is Google Maps as expected but if you need any other apps, just browse around the Android market.


Even though the Samsung Galaxy S2 is an impressive handset, it does have a few minor cons including: a fully Plastic body, no dedicated camera key and the microSD not being hot swappable.

The problem with these ultra-slim touch screen phones is that they’re extremely fragile. The thin body and even thinner bezel can do a bad job at absorbing shocks if the handset is dropped. However, you can protect from this with some quality Samsung i9100 accessories.

Here’s a video review of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 by Engadget.

Thanks to Dilin Anand of Symbian Oasis for this Guest Blog Post


Galaxy S2 Case – Inject some colour

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is by far one of the sleekest and most popular handsets on the market.  The only problem though, is that most of the Samsung Galaxy s ii accessories being released are black, so there aren’t many accessories for those who like to add some colour to their handsets.

Thankfully Samsung have released a new batch of Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 Mesh Cases in three different colours: blue, pink and red.

Genuine Samsung Mesh Galaxy S2 Case

What makes these Samsung Galaxy S2 cases stand apart from others is not only their stylish design but also the fact that the initiative design actually helps the handset to run smoothly. How it does this is by providing heat ventilation through the holes of the mesh, keeping the handset cooler and running for longer.

Each mesh Samsung Galaxy S2 case provides tough protection from scratches and scrapes, without compromising the stylish look of the handset.  For easy attachment and removal the Galaxy S2 cases simply snap on and off; meaning those who like to inject colour into their handset can frequently switch between cases easily.

As the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 mesh cases have been made specifically for the S2, you can rest assured that it contains all the relevant cut-out for the features to keep the handset fully functional at all times.  However a Galaxy S2 screen protector is advised for full protection.

POP into a new Samsung Galaxy S2 cover thanks to Case-Mate

Monday, June 27th, 2011

There are an awful lot of Galaxy S ii accessories on the market which help to highlight the phone’s sophistication and style.  The latest offering from Case-Mate the POP, does just this and so much more.

The Case-Mate POP Samsung Galaxy S2 case is the newest addition to the Case-Mate family and the most forward thinking.  It’s made from a high gloss durable plastic, but has rubber sections to provide a better grip on your Galaxy S2, stopping those butterfingers moments.

Case-Mate POP Samsung Galaxy S2 Cover

Another great feature of this Samsung Galaxy S2 cover is that it has a soft, patterned interior material, which hot only absorbs shocks but keeps the back of your handset looking as good as new whilst it’s in the case.

What makes this Samsung Galaxy S ii cover stand apart from the others though, is its unique built in kickstand: a stand which can be ‘popped’ out of the back of the cover making media viewing and web surfing more comfortable.  Once you’ve finished, the stand is simply clicked back into place, flush against the side of the case.

Although a Galaxy S2 screen protector is advised for full protection, the side of the POP case does have a slightly raised bezel, which is designed to help protect your screen if you drop the handset face down.

As expected with all Samsung Galaxy S2 covers, the POP cover has cut-outs for all the ports and features to keep your handset fully functioning, whilst looking stylish and being fully protected.

The Case-Mate POP Cover comes in three different shades: black and grey, white and black and pink and grey, so there’s a POP case for everyone.


Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Unless you’ve been asleep for the last month you’ll know that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is being hailed as the best thing since sliced bread and it’s easy to see why: a dual core processor, a 4.3” Super AMOLED plus screen, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and an 8MP camera and that’s just the start of what the phone has to offer.

So in order to celebrate the awesomeness of the Galaxy S2, we’ve put together a rundown of the Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S2 cases.

Zenus Prestige Carbon Series

The first of our countdown, the Zenus Prestige Carbon series offers premium protection for the whole handset, whilst not adding too much bulk.  The Samsung Galaxy S2 cover is made from a carbon fibre effect material, with a soft microfibre interior; which not only protects your handset but keeps it looking as good as new.

As this leather mobile phone case is made especially for the Galaxy S2, it ensures a perfect fit complete with all the cut-outs to keep the phone fully functioning whilst it’s in the case.  The case also offers some protection to the camera, as it raises the camera off the surface when the phone is placed flat.

Zenus Prestige Carbon Series Galaxy S2 case

Nillkin Rubberised Back Cover

This Nillkin Cover, also known as a Samsung i9100 cover has a smooth rubberised coating which adds grip to your handset, whilst also resisting scratches.

In keeping with the sleek style of the handset, this back cover is less than 1mm thick, meaning it doesn’t add bulk to your phone, helping to keep it thin and light.  Again as this phone is made specifically for the Galaxy S2 it features all the port cut-outs, allowing the phone to remain functional.

As this is only a back cover, a Galaxy S2 screen protector is advised, for full protection.

Nillkin Rubberised Back Cover

Flexishield Skin

Flexishield are an extremely popular mobile phone cover make, so it’s no surprise that they’ve bought out a range for the Galaxy S2.  Each Flexishield case provides crystal like protection combined with the durability of a silicone case, so it’s made for long lasting protection.

The Flexishield is the perfect case for both work and play, as it’s both professional and fashionable.  The material of the tough gel skin adds grip to your handset and the unique design allows easy access to all the buttons and ports needed for everyday use.

As with the Nillkin rubberised Back Cover, an i9100 screen protector is advised for complete protection.

Flexishield Galaxy S2 Skin

Case-Mate Tough Case

The Case-Mate tough case is the perfect Samsung Galaxy S ii case for those who want that extra bit of protection to their handset.  It provides dual layers of silicone and ABS plastic, which form fit to cover the back and corner of the handset, meaning extra protection from bumps and drops.

The combination of the different layers, also gives the handset extra grip and allows access to all the ports and functions needed for every day use.  However a mobile phone screen protector is advised for ultimate protection.

Case-Mate Tough Samsung Galaxy S2 case

Belkin DualFit Armband

The final case in our top 5, the Belkin DualFit Armband is the most comfortable product of its kind on the market.  The armband is the best Samsung Galaxy S ii accessories for those who regularly walk and exercise, as it’s made from a tough but light neoprene material, which makes it stretchable and fully adjustable, so it fits most arm sizes.

The armband is easy to attach and remove and even better is covers the entire Galaxy S2, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out whilst you’re exercising.  However, the screen cover is made from a special material which enables you to still use the touchscreen of your phone; so changing tracks is easy, especially as there’s dedicated access to the headphone socket.

Another great feature of this armband is that it is splash-proof meaning that you don’t to worry about your phone being damaged if you get caught in a light shower.  Also it features two larger reflective strips, so if you prefer to exercise at night you can remain safe and be seen.  This makes the Belkin DualFit Armband an excellent Samsung Galaxy S2 case and piece of exercising equipment all in one.

Belkin DualFit Galaxy S2 Armband

Listen on the go with the Belkin Dualfit Armband for Galaxy S ii

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Just bought a Samsung Galaxy S ii?  What to take it to the gym with you?  Now you can thanks to Belkin’s Dualfit Armband  for the Galaxy S ii.

The Dualfit has been specially crafted to ensure 100% protection of your Galaxy S ii, whilst keeping it fully functioning; meaning that you don’t have to remove your phone from the armband in order to use it or need a Galaxy S ii screen protector.

Belkin Dualfit Galaxy S ii armband

Made from a tough yet lightweight neoprene material, the Belkin Dualfit Armband is the most comfortable armband on the market; combing style and quality to match that of the Galaxy S ii.

One of the great Galaxy S ii accessories available, the armband had a fully adjustable strap, which fastened by Velcro makes it both secure and easy to put on and remove.

Another great feature of this Galaxy S ii case is that it’s splash proof in light rain; meaning if you get caught in a light shower whilst jogging you don’t need to remove and put away your phone: it’s fully protected.  Also the armband features two large reflective strips helping to increase your visibility when using at night.