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Christmas refresher: recent & upcoming mobile releases for 2014

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Christmas is past, and the season of new phone releases is soon to be upon us. Here are the latest mobile headlines – including some interesting rumours for Apple, Android and Windows fans.

12_9_ipad_ipads_dark.jpg (1280×720)

Apple may be working on a larger 12.9-inch iPad. A rumour suggested that the iPad would launch in October and target the education market. A larger-screened iPhone is also possible this summer.

Asus is preparing 4, 5 and 6-inch phones to be revealed at CES. They’re also thought to be introducing a convertible tablet running Windows and Android. Their CES press event is on January 6th. An 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet with Wacom stylus is also rumoured.

BLU have released the Life Pure, a low-cost high-style sim-free phone for the American and Latin American market. The phone has a Full HD 5-inch display, 13 megapixel camera and 4G.

HP are rumoured to release low-cost sim-free phones for India, China and the Philippines by the end of the year.

LG may announce their G3 flagship smartphone at CES, including an Odin octa-core processor roughly equivalent to last year’s Samsung Exynos processor. The phone is rumoured to have a 2K display and fingerprint scanner as well. The G Flex flexible phone is also set to be released in the UK next year.

Nokia are soon to be acquired by Microsoft, but are still working on a dual-SIM Lumia 630 phone with soft buttons, plus a low-end Android phone codenamed Normandy (in multiple colours).

Oppo will announce their Find 7 flagship, thought to include a 2K display at 5.5 inches, LTE and potentially a Snapdragon 804 CPU. The phone is expected to launch in early 2014. The Oppo N1 (with Cyanogen Mod) and mid-range Oppo R1 have recently been released.

Samsung will unveil a new Exynos processor at CES, although it’s not known if any new phones will make an appearance. The upcoming Galaxy S5 will likely sport this new chip, and maybe 4 GB of RAM. They’re also likely to announce at least one new tablet soon, including a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 which has been FCC certified. Finally, the company is also working on a Galaxy Band fitness tracker, similar to Jawbone and FitBit’s efforts.

Sony are preparing a new wearable for 2014, but no details have yet been announced or leaked. A SmartWatch 2 followup is possible.

Vivo have released the Xplay 3S in China, with a 6-inch 2K display, a powerful audio amplifier and a fingerprint reader. It’s not likely to see massive sales, but it’s quite interesting.

YotaPhone have released their eponymous dual-display LCD/e-ink phone in Europe. The phone is costly and has some bugs, but the rear e-ink screen is reportedly genuinely useful.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 case images leak

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is widely anticipated to be announced at a Samsung Unpacked event in March, so it’s no surprise that we’ve started to see leaked information about the device. Today, we’ve got a few images from a trusted Chinese accessory manufacturer that show two different cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

What can we learn from the images below? Well, we can see that the phone does look to sport a 4.99 or 5-inch display, likely at Full HD resolution. The overall shape of the phone looks much more angular than the previous generation, and has more in common in this regard with the earlier Galaxy S2 smartphone.

We can see that the phone will include a mid-mounted rear camera, with LED flash and rear speaker mounted on either side of the fairly large camera. We’ve got a headphone jack on the upper right (as you would look at the front of the phone), with volume buttons on the left hand side, a lock button on the right and micro USB on the bottom.

What do you think of these Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and have a good one!

iPhone 5 shipping in September?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

According to international news corporation Reuters, the next generation of iPhone will begin shipping in September and will have an even faster processor than its predecessor.  The news is reported to come from three people with direct knowledge the company’s supply chain.

The new smartphone will look very similar to the iPhone 4, according to one of the sources, who declined to be identified.  But will this be an all-new iPhone 5 or more of an iPhone 4GS kind of deal?  We’d guess the latter, as a complete overhaul of the iPhone so soon after the iPhone 4 release seems a little unlikely – though with nothing concrete confirmed as of yet, the rumour mill’s going to be working overtime as Apple fans gear up for another potentially huge announcement.

In the meantime, iPhone 4 accessories are available over on the main website, along with the latest Apple iPad 2 and iPad accessories.

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Pre Mobile World Congress 2009 Rumours

Friday, February 13th, 2009

With Mobile World Congress now just days away, the rumour mill is working overtime with talk of new handsets from just about every manufacturer, and a few new ones too. So what are we likely to see announced next week?

Nokia seem to have the most amount of rumours again this year, with a few interesting handsets set to be announced. Some have been announced already, but information on them is still sketchy. Leaked information is still trickling out, so I’d expect to see more than just the ones below get confirmed.

Nokia E75 & 5730:
Originally covered on our post back in September, the E75 looks like its finally going to make its debut – along with the music inspried 5730. Both seem to be the same at first glance, and presumably will run different software to distinguish between the two, with more of a business user spin on the E75, and more music/media focus on the 5730.

Sources: GSM Arena, Phone Arena

Nokia App Store:
Apple really started something with the iPhone. First everyone went touchscreen crazy, now following the success of the Apple App Store (where users can download new applications and games directly to their phone,) it seems that everyone wants a slice of the action. Microsoft, Palm and Samsung have all announced they will be launching an App store in the not so distant future, and MWC should see Nokia announce to the world that their “download!” service is going to be replaced with their version of the App Store.

Source: The Nokia Blog

Codenames: Ivalo & Madeleine:
No real naming is known for these two handsets, but the do seem to match the descriptions of the leaked Nokia Roadmap that we revealed back in November.

Source: GSM Arena

Sony Ericsson:
Not so many with Sony Ericsson last year, nothing groundbreaking anyway. A few revisions to the Cyber-Shot line up and an interesting rumour on facebook phones are the main stories this year.


Last year camera phones to a big step forwards as the megapixels jumped up to 8MP, and software such as face detection and smile detection made its way into phones. Sony seem keen to develop the Cyber-Shot brand with their phones, with their latest one, the 5MP C903 looking more like a current Cyber-Shot camera from the back than a phone – although I’m really not convinced about the bright red housing.

Source: Mobile Burn

The C901 seems to be a replacement for the current C902, but without the gimmicky slide out camera and relatively small screen and with the welcome addition of a Xenon flash.

Source: Mobile Burn

The C510 has already been announced, but the latest rumours suggest that when it is released, it will feature full facebook integration. While its not the first facebook phone, it will be good to see this in a more mainstream handset than the 3 exclusive INQ1.

Source: Unwired View

LG have had a good year with several successfull handsets, and it looks like they’ve still got a fwe tricks up their sleeve and are about to raise their game again when it comes to touchscreen phones.

LG Arena:
Interestingly named seeing as they are in the process of rebranding the NEC Arena to the LG Arena, but that aside, the LG Arena will introduce a new menu system – a 3D cubic system. Its not Multi-Touch like the iPhone, but looks pretty impressive.

Source: Unwired View, Engadget

LG Solar:
Not content with only offering a Solar Powered Bluetooth car kit LG are expected to announce a solar powered phone. While not relying solely on power from the sun, the phone will use solar energy for phone calls while a conventional battery will power the other functions.

Source: Unwired View

Last year Samsung probably got the most attention and released the most amount of handsets, and it looks like it could be the same this year. Rumours are suggesting that upto 14 new handsets could be being announced, most of these will be low end handsets though. Of all of them, these are the ones that have caught my eye the most.

Tocco Ultra:
I’m not 100% sure why they’re calling it the Tocco Ultra, as it doesn’t really resemble the original Tocco, but this full touch screen handset has handy addition of a sliding standard phone keypad. Great for those that want a touch screen phone, but don’t want to lose their keypads completely, or move to a more bulky device with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Source: Unwired View, Engadget

i8910 Acme:
This one is set to be the show stopper if it is announced. It runs on the same operating system as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, so its Symbian 60, and rumoured to have 8MP camera and HDMI support.

Source: Engadget

Blue Earth:
Not wanting to be left behind by LG, Samsung are also set to announce a solar powered phone. The Blue earth is rumoured to be a touch screen device made from recycled plastic bottles, and will even tell you how many trees you’re saving by not charging your phone.

Source: Unwired View

Other News:

Last year Garmin announced that they were going to start producing handsets. Its been announced that they’ve teamed up with Asus and we’re expecting the Nuvifone G60 and Nuvifone M20 to be officially announced. Source: Mobile Burn

Windows Mobile:
Windows Mobile was never really designed to be used using your finger, a stylus was and still is needed to access most menu’s, but since Apple changed the touchscreen interface, more and more manufacturers want to ditch the stylus, hence the introduction of software like Touch-Flo on HTC devices. Windows Mobile are hoping to fix all this with the introduction of Windows Mobile 6.5, information is patchy, but spy shots are starting to leak of the new finger friendly OS. Visit Engadget for more details and some leaked screenshots.

Mobile World Congress:
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