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The ultimate combo: wireless charging + portable battery pack

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Here’s something new: a Qi wireless charging battery. While we’ve seen plenty of chargers before, a portable charger / battery is another thing entirely, allowing you the freedom of wireless charging anywhere in the world. It’s called, simply enough, the Qi Wireless Charging 6000 mAh Emergency Charger.

This is a very capacious battery too – a whopping 6,000 mAh in all. That’s enough to charge most phones two or three times over, and will even recharge all but the most power-demanding tablets from 0 to 100. The wireless charging is fast too, at a rate of 1A. That’s not the fastest we’ve ever seen in wired charging, but it’s more than enough to ensure rapid charging for most smartphones and tablets.

Admittedly, wires are involved at some stages in its operation – you’ll need to use a micro USB to USB cable attached to a PC or mains adapter to charge the battery itself.

You’re also not limited to just wireless charging – the battery includes a normal USB port as well, so you can charge all manner of devices at that same 1 Amp rate, although as far as I can tell you can’t charge wirelessly and wired at the same time (and you probably wouldn’t want to either).

The charger is very easy to use as well. Turning on wireless charging is as simple as pressing a button, and then placing your phone onto the middle of the device. You also get a nice little LED indicator of how much charge remains, making it easy to ensure you’re never caught out.

If you’ve got a wireless-enabled smartphone – like the Nexus 4, new Nexus 7, Lumia 920 or many others – then this represents a very unique way of charging your phone anywhere in the world. And if you don’t have a wireless smartphone, then you might have a look at our range of wireless adapters that allow you to add that capability to your phone. Even without wireless charging on the tablet at all, this is still a decent choice just because of that mammoth 6,000 mAh capacity.

So what do you think of the device? I reckon it’s the ultimate new Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 wireless charging battery, but I’d be curious to know what you’d use it for. Let us know in the comments below!

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How to make a Qi wireless charging bedside table

Friday, June 28th, 2013

It’s useful to be able to put your phone on a wireless charger and have it topped up without a cable, but what if you could just put your phone on your bedside table and just have it charge there?

lobbamobba on YouTube has answered that question in style, showing a cool way of integrating a Nokia DT wireless charging plate into a common Ikea Hemnes bedside table with just an hour or two of work.

Once completed, you get a magic spot on your bedside table that you can just place your Qi-enabled phone to charge. It’ll work with the Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 720 (as well as the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 with the appropriate wireless charging covers).

While it’s a bit harder to find that spot without seeing the pad itself, it definitely looks a lot better. Have a look at the video yourself and let me know what you think!

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Nokia wireless charging NFC car holder is compatible with Nexus 4 and Galaxy S4

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Introducing the CR-200 wireless charging car holder featuring NFC technology.

Nokia Wireless Charging NFC Car Holder - CR-200

As can be seen above, this sturdy, high-quality, wireless charger can charge any Qi enabled phone such as the Nexus 4 or the Galaxy S4; the S4 needs to be fitted with a wireless charging cover.

The CR-200 features NFC technology which you can use to automatically launch programs or apps such as the Music player or Navigation software. These can be pre-defined and start when the handset is placed in the car holder.

The car dock supports both landscape and portrait orientations so you can twist and turn it left and right until you’re happy with the viewing position. It can be mounted on the dashboard or windscreen.

This original Nokia accessory is a very versatile tool. Not only can it be used to wirelessly charge other Qi compatible smartphones but it also has an extra USB output which you can use in conjunction with a cable of your choice to charge another mobile device.

All in all this is a very handy and well built official Nokia car holder that works just as well with handsets from other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Together with its versatility, the built-in Near Field Communications technology and extra USB port make it well worth the price.

The next level of Qi wireless charging for the Galaxy S4

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Earlier this year, we blogged about some early accessories that added wireless charging capabilities to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now, we’re ready to unveil a next level wireless charging accessory that’ll provide Qi wireless charging without replacing the stock rear cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s called the Qi Internal Wireless Charging Adapter - here’s how it works.

The Qi Internal is a thin pack that sits between the Galaxy S4 battery and the rear cover. It connects to the gold wireless charging headers that are already present inside your S4, delivering charge when the Galaxy S4 is placed on a Qi wireless charging pad. The Galaxy S4 will be charged wirelessly at a rate of 1A, which means it’ll be a bit faster than charging from a computer’s USB port but a bit slower than charging from a wall outlet.

Once installed, you may notice a minor bulge in the rear casing of the Galaxy S4. This quite normal and shouldn’t impact the normal operation of the phone, and will be hidden when the phone is placed inside a case.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to using this case – due to the placement of the adapter, NFC communications will be disrupted. This is down to Samsung’s arrangement of the phone, and can’t really be helped. Thankfully, NFC is still rarely used so this shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Even with this small disadvantage, this is the best way to add NFC to the Galaxy S4 as it offers rapid charging and allows you to keep using your stock battery cover.

The Qi Internal Wireless Charging Adapter is available now from Mobile Fun. Check the product link above for the latest pricing and availability information.

Thanks for reading the article. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Qi Wireless Charging for Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013


Today we’re happy to unveil a wireless charging solution for two of the biggest Android phones on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Google Nexus 4.

The Qi Wireless Charging Stand

The star of the show is our Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand. It’s a simple, no-nonsense wireless charger that’s available at the same price as our wired charging stands. That’s rare for wireless chargers, which are typically much more expensive than the wired alternative.

Despite the Qi Wireless Charging Pad’s low price, it’s pretty functional. As well as charging your phone at a good rate, it’ll also serve as a useful desk stand. Simply flip up the stand to prop up your phone, then close it when you’re packing it away. The stand supports both landscape or portrait orientations, so you can read an incoming email as easily as you can watch a movie.

For more information on the Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand, including the latest pricing and availability information, check out the product page below:

Nexus 4

If you’ve got the Nexus 4, then you can use the Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Stand right out of the box – the Nexus 4 has wireless charging technology built in.

Galaxy S4

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4, there’s a bit of setup involved. You’ll need to pick up our Qi Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover, which replaces the original battery cover.

We shot a video to walk you through the process, so check it out:

The Qi Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Cover is coming soon to Mobile Fun in both white and black, and has gone on pre-order now. For the latest pricing and availability information, be sure to check out the product pages linked below:


So that’s it – You’ll have the perfect wireless charging solution for the Nexus 4 or Samsung Galaxy S4 with our Qi wireless charging products.

Thanks for reading the article. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them below. Have a good afternoon!