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Playstation Style Android Gaming Controller

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The Phonejoy Bluetooth Controller is a familiarly-shaped gaming controller for Android smartphones. This controller will let you to wirelessly control the action in games, replacing annoying and difficult to use touch-screen controls. In any game that supports button remapping, you’ll be able to swap to the much more comfortable Phonejoy.

With the thousands of games available to play on Android, via standalone games and emulators of past platforms, you can put the Phonejoy to good use. It works over Bluetooth as mentioned before, meaning a wireless connection just like you’d expect on a console. There’s also no playing around with USB host cables or rooting your phone; everything works perfectly with all Android 2.2 and above phones.

Phonejoy Bluetooth Controller for Android

The controller is ideally paired with an mobile phone desk stand, so that you can keep your phone’s display at a convenient angle. You could also go big-screen with an MHL to HDMI TV-Out Adapter, letting you connect any MHL-enabled phone (such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation or HTC Evo 3D) to your HDTV.

This should make for some incredibly epic gaming!

Phonejoy Bluetooth Controller for Android

The Phonejoy looks the part, and won’t disappoint – it’s a sturdy and functional Bluetooth gaming controller that’ll turn your Android phone into a much slicker gaming experience.

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