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OtterBox Agility System formed of interlocking iPad accessories

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

OtterBox have announced a new line of cases and accessories under the Agility System brand. The idea is that you buy a slim case called the Shell, and then you can get a range of larger cases and accessories which magnetically locks to the Shell. These could add more protection, media stands and other functionality. So far OtterBox have announced accessories for the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2. Let’s take a closer look at what OtterBox has been planning!

This is where it starts: the Shell Case

OtterBox Agility System iPad Air Shell Case    OtterBox Agility System iPad Air Shell Case

The first thing you’ll need is the OtterBox Agility System Shell Case. This light case clips around your iPad Air or iPad Mini, protecting it from light knocks and scratches. At the back, you’ll find the Agility mount, which allows the case to attach to the ecosystem of Agility System cases and accessories through a combination of magnets and black magic (OK, that second part might not be true).

Now add a case of your choice

OtterBox Agility System iPad Air Folio Case    OtterBox Agility System iPad Air Portfolio Case

OtterBox are well known for offering high protection cases that still look good, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on offer here with the new Agility System cases. There are three to choose from – a Folio Case, a Portfolio Case and a Deluxe Folio Case. Each has a distinct look, adds plenty of protection and many offer internal pockets and media stands as well.

Or a helpful stand

OtterBox Agility System iPad Air Dock     OtterBox Agility System iPad Air Dock

The Agility System range also includes some stands, helping your iPad stay easily accessible. The Dock is a cleverly designed desk stand that keeps your iPad hovering above your desk in the air, while the Wall Mount is brilliant for keeping an iPad in your kitchen for mess-free cooking instructions.


The OtterBox Agility System is coming soon to Mobile Fun. Visit our product pages linked above for the iPad Air or iPad Mini 2 to learn more, and keep an eye out as these new accessories arrive on our shelves!

Double your iPhone 5S battery life the easy way

Monday, June 30th, 2014

OtterBox Resurgence Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Power Case - White    OtterBox Resurgence Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Power Case - Glacier

Want to protect your iPhone and double your battery life? Pick up the Otterbox Resurgence Power Case and you’ll do just that. Let’s take a closer look at this new iPhone 5S case that’s coming soon to Mobile Fun.

Battery life for days

The biggest feature of the Otterbox Resurgence is its integrated 2,000mAh battery. That’s pretty hefty compared to the iPhone 5S’s internal battery, which is only 1560mAh. That means you’ll be more than doubling your battery life; if you normally get through one day, you’ll have two. If you can stretch to two already, then three or four should be possible with this case.

The extra battery life is perfect for emergencies, long nights out and weekends away. It’s easy to use too, with an LED indicator showing you the current amount of power stored in the case at any time. The Resurgence is smart too, automatically disengaging when your iPhone 5S becomes fully charged to conserve power and prevent overheating.

OtterBox Resurgence Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Power Case - Black    OtterBox Resurgence Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Power Case - Black

Ultimate Otterbox protection

Otterbox are well known for producing some of the best protective cases around, and the Resurgence is no different. The sleek two piece design includes military-grade drop protection, ensuring your iPhone remains in full working order even after a tumble. The case is scratch-proof too, and will help your iPhone 5S look good for way longer.

Easy accessibility

The Resurgence is easy to install and remove, allowing you to take out your iPhone easily whenever you don’t need the extra battery life or protection. Once inside, the case allows you to retain easy access to all buttons and features, letting you use your iPhone 5S just as you did before.


The Otterbox Resurgence is a strong iPhone 5S case that can more than double your battery life. It’s coming soon to Mobile Fun, so visit the product page below to place your pre-order or view more information:

The perfect protective case for the Kindle Fire HD 2013

Monday, January 20th, 2014

OtterBox Defender Series Case for Kindle Fire HD 2013 - Black    OtterBox Defender Series Case for Kindle Fire HD 2013 - Black

Otterbox is one of the biggest names in the booming mobile accessories industry, and their Defender series of cases is probably their best known product. Today, I’m going to show you the Defender for the Kindle Fire HD 2013.

The case has a unique three-layer design: a strong polycarbonate shell that protects against impacts, a silicone skin wrapped outside for scratch protection, and a thermal-formed sheet that protects the screen from dinks and scratches. Each of the first two layers also include cutouts and covers for each port, button and feature, ensuring that these areas are protected day-to-day but can easily be accessed when necessary. Through the combination of these three layers, you’ll be able to count on incredible protection for your Kindle Fire that’ll prevent damage from everyday rough-and-tumble for years to come.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for Kindle Fire HD 2013 - Black    OtterBox Defender Series Case for Kindle Fire HD 2013 - Black

The Defender is available in three colours – Black, Blue Sky and Papaya Pink. For more information and pictures of each, check out the product pages linked below!

The Defender for the Kindle Fire HD 2013 is coming soon to Mobile Fun, with prices already announced (see the product pages above) and release dates yet to come.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for Kindle Fire HD 2013 - Papaya Pink    OtterBox Defender Series Case for Kindle Fire HD 2013 - Papaya Pink

Thanks for checking out the article and be sure to let me know what you think of the case once it arrives! If you have questions about the Defender or indeed any case for the Kindle Fire HD 2013, let me know in the comments.

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The first waterproof Otterbox coming soon for iPhone 5/5S

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

OtterBox Preserver Series for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black / Carbon     OtterBox Preserver Series for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black / Carbon

Otterbox cases for the iPhone have been some of the most popular in the world, but the Impact, Commuter and Defender lines all lacked one crucial ingredient: waterproofing.

Today, Otterbox is rectifying that omission with the release of the very first waterproof Otterbox iPhone case: the Preserver. The Preserver sits above the legendary Otterbox Defender in terms of protection, making it the finest iPhone case that Otterbox have ever made. Let’s take a closer look.

The Preserver has as two-layer design with two pieces of polycarbonate and over-moulded rubber to lock out liquids. A built-in thermal-formed screen protector provides special screen protection, and even includes an anti-fingerprint coating to prevent the build-up of grease. All of this works without impeding the sensitivity of the touchscreen or the brightness of the display. Finally, silicone port covers will keep out dust and other nastiness from getting to your lovely iPhone.

So how waterproof is the Preserver really? It’s rated for surviving depths of up to two metres for up to 30 minutes at a time, more than enough range for awesome underwater photography and surviving rain, sinks, toilets and puddles.

OtterBox Preserver Series for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black / Carbon     OtterBox Preserver Series for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black / Carbon

The Preserver also builds on the impact and scratch protection we’ve seen from other Otterboxes. With the Preserver, your iPhone will be able to survive a drop from two metres onto concrete – pretty impressive.

The impact resistance in particular far exceeds what you’ll get on merely waterproof phones like the Sony Xperia Z. It means that you never have to worry about using your phone in the rain, dropping it onto mud or concrete or falling into the sink. Whatever happens, your iPhone should be protected.

For more information on the Otterbox Preserver iPhone 5S case and to register interest (so you’ll get emails when we have pricing and availability information confirmed), please visit the product page linked below:

Thanks for checking out the article and have a great weekend!

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The new, improved Otterbox Commuter Wallet

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 - BlackOtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black
You’ve probably heard of the Otterbox Commuter, but you’ve never seen it like this. Otterbox are introducing a new version of the Commuter called the Commuter Wallet, which includes a new slide-out wallet storage system. In here, you can safely store three credit cards and a few notes, with no-one being the wiser.

Of course, this case isn’t just good as a wallet. It’s also a safety net for your phone, protecting against everyday scratches and knocks as well as potentially costly drops and falls. Silicone ports are in place to protect each potential area of ingress too, keeping moisture and dirt at bay. The Commuter’s hybrid design and the included screen protector have been proven to protect your phone, and nothing about that changes with the new Commuter Wallet.

OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 - BlackOtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black
The new case is available for two of the most popular phones right now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S / 5. For more information and photographs of each – and to pre-order these cases for yourself – visit the product pages linked below:

This new case answers the question “How do you combine a protective case with a wallet?” Previously, you only really found wallet storage on flip covers, so it’s nice to see such an elegant way of adding storage to a different kind of case.

The new Otterbox Wallet is definitely a top case choice for the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4 – check it out and pre-order today!