New Android rules demand an end to proprietary quick charging standards


Right now, fast charging for Android phones is kind of a mess, with a handful of confusingly similar standards each championed by a portion of smartphone and accessory makers. The introduction of USB-C could have made things simpler, but instead it’s just added to the confusion. Now, Google are trying to set things straight with new rules for Android.

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OnePlus 3 price will go up due to Brexit


As you may have noticed, the UK recently voted to leave the EU. That’s brought about a number of changes, and one has been a significant devaluing of the Pound Sterling against foreign countries, causing in turn foreign-made goods to become more expensive. The shrewd team at OnePlus is using this as a marketing opportunity, with an announcement that the OnePlus 3 will soon be going up in price… but you have one week to grab it at its original £309 price tag.

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