The best OnePlus 3T flip cases

The OnePlus 3T is a heck of a phone, boasting a slick design, powerful internals and a very agreeable price point compared to similarly equipped flagship phones from Samsung, Sony and LG.

If you’re picking one up, take a look at our pick for the best flip cases for the OnePlus 3T or original OnePlus 3. Whether you’re looking for a slim and shiny case, something more practical or just an all-around strong performer, you’ll find it in the list below.

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New Android rules demand an end to proprietary quick charging standards

Right now, fast charging for Android phones is kind of a mess, with a handful of confusingly similar standards each championed by a portion of smartphone and accessory makers. The introduction of USB-C could have made things simpler, but instead it’s just added to the confusion. Now, Google are trying to set things straight with new rules for Android.

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