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Light up your room in a rainbow of colours with the Playbulb smart bulb

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow Bluetooth Smart Bulb

Smart homes have been on the horizon for years – Bill Gates famously had one in the ’90s – but it’s only recently that smart home accessories have become affordable. One of the most popular items has been the smart light bulb. These bulbs are installed as normal, but then controlled using a smartphone app over Bluetooth. Our latest smart bulb is the advanced MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow.

MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow Bluetooth Smart Bulb

As its name suggests, the Playbulb Rainbow’s 5W LED can glow in any of 16.8 million colours. Whether you’re looking for a simple white in the living room, blue in the bathroom or orange in the lounge, the Rainbow can deliver it. You can change the colour easily using the Playbulb X app, letting you change the tone to match the mood of the party or just for fun.

MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow Bluetooth Smart Bulb

As well as the colour, you can also choose the brightness and intensity, letting you have all the advantages of a traditional dimmer switch and more.  The app can control one or multiple light bulbs too, letting you change lighting across your house separately or in concert. It’s a great conversation starter, and your friends will want one too!

The Playbulb X app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on the Google Play store for Android phones and tablets. It works with modern iPhone and Android devices – specifically the iPhone 4S or later (running iOS 7 or later) and devices running Android 4.3 or later.

If you want a cool introduction to smart homes that’ll give undeniable atmosphere to any room, then pick up a smart bulb like the Playbulb Rainbow! See more information or place an order via the link below.

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MiPow Playbulb is the first smart bulb with an integrated speaker

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

MiPow Playbulb Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb    MiPow Playbulb Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb


After decades of advancement, smart homes are closer to becoming a reality. Instead of buying a pre-packaged smart home though, you can upgrade your home piecemeal. We’ve seen smart thermostats, smart smoke alarms, and even smart lightbulbs. Today, we’re happy to announce one of the most capable smart lightbulbs ever made: the MiPow Playbulb.

This clever lightbulb connects to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. Start up the Android or iOS app on your device, and you’ll be able to control the intensity of the light emitted – so you can turn it down low for a romantic evening or keep it lit for a working night. The bulb can also be set to automatically dim or turn off, saving power and automatically keeping up with your routine. And with the power of Bluetooth, you can make these changes from anywhere in the room.

MiPow Playbulb Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb    MiPow Playbulb Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb

But where this lightbulb gets crazy is its speaker system. Yeah, that’s right: this lightbulb plays music. Just connect via Bluetooth, and you can stream music, podcasts or any other audio you like. The speaker inside is surprisingly loud, and provides a nice ambient experience where music is playing without an obvious source.

MiPow Playbulb Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb    MiPow Playbulb Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb

For all its capabilities though, the MiPower Playbulb is as easy to install as any normal lightbulb; just screw it into your light socket as normal. If you have a bayonet fitting, you’ll be able to use an adapter to make it work too.

The MiPow Playbulb is available now at Mobile Fun. For the latest pricing and availability information, as well as additional details and photos, check out the product page linked below!

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