LifeProof introduce Fre Power waterproof battery case for iPhone 6


Late last week we looked at the latest LifeProof cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Today, we’re back with more LifeProof cases, this time for the iPhone 6. These aren’t just the standard LifeProof Fre cases though – these are upgraded versions with built-in batteries, capable of recharging your iPhone on the go to more than double your battery life.

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First photos of LifeProof Fre for Galaxy S6, available for pre-order now


When you’re talking about the very best protective cases for the Galaxy S6, there are two main contenders for the title: the Griffin Survivor and a (relative) newcomer, the LifeProof Fre. Today, we’re looking at the latter case (no pun intended), as we’ve just added the first pictures of the Galaxy S6 version. Let’s get right to it!

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