Infographic: Apple yet to convince customers to upgrade iPhones

Apple 2015 Keynote Reaction Infographic

Apple yet to convince customers to upgrade iPhones according to mobile retailer survey In a recent survey conducted by online mobile accessory retailer, just 26% of existing Apple customers said they would be upgrading to the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. The survey conducted between 12th September and 21st September 2015, asked 80,000 previous […]

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4.7″ iPhone 6 and 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus announced: bigger, faster, smarter

Today Apple unveiled their new iPhones, ending months of rumours and speculation. As expected, two models debuted, both far larger than their predecessors. One model measures 4.7 inches, while the other spans a phablet-sized 5.5 inches. The new iPhones include a faster processor, contactless NFC payments, an improved camera and many other upgrades. Let’s take […]

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