Prisma for Android arrives in beta


You’ve probably seen a slew of photos like this in your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds lately. They’re courtesy of an AI-driven photo filter app called Prisma, which has become super popular over the past couple weeks. In fact, since the app was released five weeks ago, it’s been downloaded 7.5 million times — and that’s only on iPhone. Now, it’s finally available on Android, with the developers opening up the beta app to testers earlier today.

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Introducing One Scream, the app you hope you’ll never need to use


Not every app on the marketplace is fun and games. The concept A scream is a universally recognised primal sound that humans make when in distress to call for help. One Scream is a mobile app that recognises genuine panic screams and immediately dials 999 (or region equivalent). The app then provides your location and personal […]

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