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So, which kind of iPhone 5S case do you want?

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

There are a lot of iPhone 5S cases on the market, and that can make it difficult to find the one you want. With this in mind, we’ve introduced subcategories for our iPhone 5S cases page, allowing you to choose the kind of case you want first, then look at what’s available. In this blog, we’ll show you each category we’ve got, along with a couple of examples of each. Let’s get started!

iPhone 5S fitness cases are designed to be used while exercising, keeping out the way so that you can focus on the task ahead. Common traits here are armband fits, water resistance and cases that attach to bicycles.
Gaiam Sports Armband for iPhone 5S / 5 - Purple    LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount for iPhone 5

iPhone 5S tough cases are the most protective cases available, designed to be used in the toughest conditions and to prevent damage to your iPhone no matter what. These cases range from impact and scratch-resistant models to more comprehensive affairs that include measures against water, dust, snow and mud ingress.
LifeProof Fre Case for iPhone 5S - Black    Spigen SGP Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Smooth White

iPhone 5S clear cases are designed to show off the beautiful iPhone inside. If you like the design of the iPhone but you still want to add scratch and knock protection, then a transparent case is the clear choice.
SwitchEasy Nude Ultra Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Clear    Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 5S / 5 - Grey

iPhone 5S executive cases provide the classical look you’re looking for in the boardroom. Black leather and leather-alikes are commonplace here, although other colours are available too for a more contemporary look. Flip cases are the form factor in fashion, and often include places for you to store cash and cards within.
Zenus Masstige Colour Point Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Chocolate    Noreve Tradition C Leather Case for iPhone 5S / 5

iPhone 5S waterproof cases have one job: prevent water from damaging your phone. These range from simple bags to complex form-fitting cases, to protect against accidental splashes near the pool to full-on underwater use. If you want to take photos underwater, a waterproof case can be one of the best ways to do it.


LifeProof Fre Case for iPhone 5S - White / Grey    Overboard Waterproof Case for iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 - Black

iPhone 5S bumper cases are built around the bumper, a often rubberised band that covers the edges and corners of your phone to prevent damage from drops and falls. Some bumper cases include rear covers as well, but the prototypical bumper forgoes this to maintain easy access to each side of your phone.
Draco Design Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5S / 5 - Luxury Gold    Case-Mate Hula Bumper for iPhone 5S/5 - Black

iPhone 5S designer cases are for the fashion-conscious, with the latest looks and eye-catching designs that’ll set you apart from the crowd. Whether your tastes are classical or temporary, you’ll find something of note here.
Mischa Barton Luxury Croc Leather Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Brown    Nikki Pinder iPhone 5S / 5 Hard Case - The Wild Garden

iPhone 5S battery cases are highly practical, adding additional battery power to the traditional iPhone 5S case. This allows your battery life to be expanded many times over, keeping you going for extended periods. The additional bulk of the battery is also used to prevent damage to the rear of the phone, a helpful side effect.
Boostcase Hybrid Case 1500Mah Battery iPhone 5S / 5 - Champagne Gold    Kit Magnetic Battery Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Red

iPhone 5S stand cases include a stand as you’d expect, allowing you to more easily keep an eye on notifications or watch videos on your phone. There are a few form factors in play here, from folding flip covers to simple kickstands.
Seidio Dilex Case for iPhone 5S / 5 with Kickstand - Blue    Uunique Heritage Wood & Linen iPhone 5S / 5 Hard Shell Case - Brown

iPhone 5S soft shell cases provide a comfortable cushion around your phone, preventing damage to the phone inside while adding grip. Silicone and gel are common construction materials here.
Gear4 JumpSuit Tread For iPhone 5S / 5 - Black    FlexiShield Skin For iPhone 5S / 5 - Pink

iPhone 5S leather cases are just what you’d expect, cases made from genuine leather for that unparalleled look and feel. Perhaps the best feature of a leather case is that it degrades naturally and gracefully, slowly adopting a worn facade that looks even better than it did new.
Official Apple iPhone 5S / 5 Leather Case - Brown    Covert Suki Leather Style Purse Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black

iPhone 5S flip cases include vertical or horizontal flip covers, obviating the need for screen protectors and providing a place for cash or credit card pockets. The flip case is one of the most popular form factors, and you’ll see all of them here.
Create and Case iPhone 5S / 5 Leather Flip Case - Sunny Leo    iPhone 5S / 5 Flip Case - Black

iPhone 5S wallet cases are designed to combine wallet and iPhone case, providing a place for cash and cards that’ll allow you to leave your wallet at home. It’s a convenient arrangement, making these cases some of the most practical available.


Remora Wallet Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Obsidian Black    Leather Style Wallet Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - White

iPhone 5S carbon cases provide the look and feel of carbon fibre, giving you that contemporary edge that brings to mind the latest and greatest in high technology.
dbrand Textured Back & Frame Skin for iPhone 5S / 5 - Carbon Fibre    Cygnett UrbanShield Carbon for iPhone 5S / 5 - Carbon

iPhone 5S bling cases are some of the most attention-grabbing options available, with crystals and Swarovski Elements that show off your style without subtlety.
Bling My Thing Milky Way iPhone 5S / 5 Mirror Case - GoldBling My Thing Milky Way iPhone 5S / 5 Case - Angel Mix


So – those are our iPhone 5S case categories! I hope you’ve found the primer helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Add case-compatiblity to any iPhone 5S Lightning dock

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

CableJive dockStubz Case Compatible Lightning Dock Adapter    CableJive dockStubz Case Compatible Lightning Dock Adapter

The CableJive dockStubz is an interesting product; an adapter that lets you use your Lightning-enabled iPhone, iPad or iPod in any dock whilst keeping your case on – even if the dock wasn’t designed to be case-compatible. The adapter provides the extra space you need to keep your case on, ensuring that you don’t need to buy a whole new case-compatible dock. Instead, keep the one that you have and buy the dockStubz instead.

Case-compatibility means you’re able to keep your phone in its case while placing it in the dock, saving time and preventing the hassle of installing and removing cases constantly. The dockStubz even includes a height adjuster in the box, allowing the dock to be better fit slimmer bumper-style cases. No matter what your case, the dockStubz will be ready.

CableJive dockStubz Case Compatible Lightning Dock Adapter    CableJive dockStubz Case Compatible Lightning Dock Adapter

The dockStubz is the ultimate add-on for your iPhone 5S dock, adding full case-compatibility to docks that lack it.

For more information and additional product photos, please visit the product page linked below. You can also place your pre-order here, and see live pricing and availability information.

The CableJive dockStubz will be available soon from Mobile Fun. For more information on this useful accessory, visit the product page linked below. You can also reach us on Twitter @mobilefun and the comments below to ask questions or leave your comment.

World Cup cases now in stock at Mobile Fun for all football fans

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Did you know the World Cup is on? I didn’t know, but apparently it’s happening now and it’s kind of a big deal.

Here at Mobile Fun we’re all big football heads so we’ve produced a range of football style cases that’ll let you support your favourite national team in this international competition. Have a look at the full range of World Cup cases by clicking on that link, or continue reading for more words from me.

World Cup Flag Samsung Galaxy S5 Case - Brazil    World Cup Flag iPhone 5S / 5 Case - Germany

We’ve got a range of cases for leading handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Each case is emblazoned with the flag of a nation that is participating in what is said to be the biggest sporting event of the year. Some of these flags can be held to the side or upside-down to become other national flags too, so that’s a bonus.

There are also some cases that look more like the shirts of countries participating, with numbers on them that suggest some of their biggest stars. These are quite fetching, with a nice football shirt looking texture.

World Cup iPhone 5S / 5 Football Shirt Case - EnglandWorld Cup iPhone 5S / 5 Football Shirt Case - Spain

There are a wide range of countries represented here too, just like the World Cup itself. There are the favourites like Brazil, Germany, and England as well as outside shots like Georgia, Jamaica and the USA, and a whole lot of teams in the middle that’ll probably take offence to my classification of their chances.

The cases are well made and quite slim, allowing you to show your support of your chosen nation without bulking down your phone. They are also easy to install and remove, so if your team is losing you can swap it quickly for a different one and no one will notice.

I hope you have a look at our World Cup cases, and that all of your chosen teams win the cup. Have fun watching and don’t forget to tell us how we did with these cases in the comments below and on Twitter @mobilefun!

5 new ways to charge your iPhone 5S

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

iPhone 5S chargers are usually so boring. Lighting USB cables. AC adapters. Here are five fun new ways to charge your iPhone 5S.

1. Charge your iPhone wirelessly

enCharge Qi iPhone 5S / 5 Wireless Charging Case    enCharge Qi iPhone 5S / 5 Wireless Charging Case

Wireless charging is convenient, but it isn’t built into the iPhone like it is some other phones. Thankfully, you can just use an iPhone 5S case that has wireless charging built in! Then you just need to place your phone on a Qi wireless charger, and you’ll be wireless charging with the best of them. Easy.

2. Charge your iPhone directly from the wall

enCharge UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate    enCharge UK Power Socket with USB Charging Wall Plate

Next up is something a little bit old school, a little bit new school. It’s charging your iPhone from the wall, but not using an AC adapter. Instead, you can pick up a USB charging wall plate which includes a pair of high-speed USB ports between the traditional plug sockets. It’s a clever idea, and a great way to eliminate clutter.

3. Charge your iPhone in the car

iPhone 5 Charging Car Holder Kit    iPhone 5 Charging Car Holder Kit

Charging your iPhone in motion is always useful, and this combination car charger and car mount is ideal for the purpose. Instead of worrying about packing an AC adapter wherever you go, just charge in your car on the way there and enjoy GPS navigation and music as you go.

4. Charge your iPhone wherever you go 

Power Jacket Case 4200mAh for iPhone 5 - Black    Power Jacket Case 4200mAh for iPhone 5 - Black

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your iPhone 5S battery many times the size? You can’t replace the internal battery, but you can use an external battery. This Power Jacket battery case provides just that, a portable battery that also sits around your iPhone to protect it. And with 4200mAh on board, you’ll find that your phone lasts three to four times as long!

5. Charge your iPhone while riding your bike

Tigra Sport BikeConsole Power Plus Bike Mount for iPhone 5S / 5    Tigra Sport BikeConsole Power Plus Bike Mount for iPhone 5S / 5

It’s summer in Britain, and what better time to go for a bike ride? If you want to see how fast and far you’re going, you could use your phone… but that drains power and it’s hardly convenient to pull your phone out of your pocket while you’re riding. This bike mount and charger solves that problem, mounting the iPhone on your handlebars and charging it too.


I hope you found some inspiration here today. Thanks for checking out the article and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

Tigra BikeConsole is the ultimate bicycle holder and charger

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

For me, summer is the season of cycling. With the beautiful British weather™ upon us, it’s high time to leave your stuffy houses and get on the bike paths. We’ve partnered with Tigra to offer a cool way of holding and charging your phone while you’re biking. Take a look!

The BikeConsole system mounts onto your handlebars, holding your phone in an easy-to-read position for use with fitness, music or GPS navigation apps. The console is weatherproof, protecting your phone against rain and dust, and can be adjusted to sit just where you want it. The screen remains fully usable inside the case, and there are even cutouts for the camera, the headphone jack and your charging port.

Power is the second half of the equation. This is provided by a battery pack, which holds enough charge to more than double your battery life (depending on model), or a dynamo which produces power as long as you keep pedalling.

All in all, it’s a very clever system. Let’s take a look at how it works for different phones.

iPhone 5S Tigra Kit

Tigra Sport BikeConsole Power Plus Bike Mount for iPhone 5S / 5    Tigra Sport BikeConsole Power Plus Bike Mount for iPhone 5S / 5

If you’ve got an iPhone 5 or 5S, then you can buy the entire kit as a single product: the Power Plus Bike Mount. This includes the mount and a battery pack, everything you need to get started.

Choosing a BikeConsole

Tigra Sport BikeConsole Universal Bike Mount for 4.8    Tigra Sport BikeConsole Universal Bike Mount for 4.8

If you’ve got a different phone, then you’ll need to pick up a BikeConsole to fit your phone, then your choice of batteries. If your phone’s screen is 4.8″ or smaller, then choose the 4.8″ Bike Mount. If it’s between 4.9″ and 5.5″, then the 5.5″ Bike Mount is the one that you want. Of course, phones can be bigger or smaller for a given screen size, so please check the compatibility tab on the product pages linked to make sure your phone fits.

Choosing a Battery Pack
Tigra Sport BikeConsole Universal 2300mAh Battery Pack    Tigra Sport BikeCharge PowerPack Mounted 2600mAh Emergency Battery

There are two types of battery – the 2300mAh Battery Pack sits behind the BikeConsole, and is a safe default choice. The other option is a 2600mAh PowerPack, which mounts to your bike’s frame and provides a little more power. You could even get both, if you wanted extra power.

Getting unlimited energy

Tigra Sport BikeCharge Dynamo    Tigra Sport BikeCharge Dynamo

Of course, there’s a nice alternative to relying on battery power – producing your own energy through pedalling. The BikeCharge Dynamo attaches to one of your spoked wheels, and begins to draw power when you hit around 5 km/h. The faster you go, the more power you’ll generate, up to 20 km/h. That’s just under the average cycling speed, so you’ll be able to generate quite a bit of energy even at a moderate pace. The power is used to charge your phone and can also power an LED bike light. It’s a clever system, and means that for as long as you can pedal on, you’ll have power.

All product links


All of these bicycle accessories just make me want to go cycle somewhere, so I think I’ll do just that. Thanks for reading the article, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions or comments.