iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S: what is the difference, anyway?


The iPhone SE is a tricky phone to understand. It doesn’t fall neatly into Apple’s previously established tick-tock cycle; it’s not a new design (like the 6) or a better version of last year’s flagship (like the 6S). Instead, it’s best described as an iPhone 6S in the body of an iPhone 5S’; a four-inch phone that’s every bit as powerful as the larger iPhone models released last September. Even that statement isn’t quite accurate, though — so let’s break it down, take it slow, and we’ll find what we’re looking for.

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Add MicroSD card storage to your iPhone with the Leef iAccess


The iPhone is well-known for its metal unibody design – it looks beautiful, keeps thickness to a minimum and even helps with durability. But there are downsides to that design, most notably the lack of a removable battery or expandable storage. You can recharge your iPhone with a power bank instead of swapping batteries, but what alternatives exist to give you more storage? The answer is the Leef iAccess, a MicroSD card reader for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Make your iPhone three times louder without batteries


The iPhone is a technological marvel in all areas but one – its speaker. Where it’s become standard for flagship phones to have dual front-facing speakers, the iPhone persists with a single wimpy downward-firing speaker. It’s barely good enough for calls, and it’s nowhere near good enough for music or movies — you can see why everyone uses headphones! Thankfully, we have a solution: the Ampfly MTV case.

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