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Impossible Instant Photo Lab – print out your own Polaroid-style photos from iPhone and iPod

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Impossible Instant Photo Lab for iPhone and iPod    Impossible Instant Photo Lab for iPhone and iPod

Here’s a cool new iPhone accessory that’ll appeal to any picture taker, from the most casual selfie snapper to the most serious iPhone photog. It’s called the Impossible Instant Photo Lab, and it’s essentially a Polaroid-style printer for your iPhone.

It works like this – just select a picture on your device, place it on top of the Instant Lab. Pull the shutter slide out, push it back in and hit the eject button – within seconds, your photo will be printed out. Then, you can watch as the photo develops in the palm of your hand. This immediacy is quite spectacular, and feels futuristic and retro at the same time.

It’s not just your own camera photos that work with the Photo Lab either. You can print out screenshots, images downloaded from websites and shots taken by your friends too. In fact, if you can see the image on your device, you can print it out on the Instant Photo Lab.

The Instant Photo Lab is compatible with colour, black-and-white, gold / silver framed and colour framed Polaroid film, so you’re free to experiment and find the best combination for each photo you want to print. These one-of-a-kind tactile and tangible photographs stand out from the crowd, and bring a whole new dimension to your subject.

Impossible Instant Photo Lab for iPhone and iPod    Impossible Instant Photo Lab for iPhone and iPod

The Instant Photo Lab a cool gadget that’ll appeal to anyone who enjoys taking and sharing photos – just writing this article has made me want one!

For more information on the Instant Photo Lab – including live price and availability information – check out the product page linked below.

Impossible Instant Photo Lab for iPhone and iPod

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Want an iPhone 4S case? Take a Guess!

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Guess has been a staple of the international design scene for 30 years, and they’ve now lent their trademark style to a collection of iPhone 4 cases. Today we’re going to look at one of these cases in two different colourways – the Guess iPhone 4 / 4S Hard Case in Crocodile Cream and Crocodile.

So of course the big draw of these iPhone 4S cases is their exclusive Guess design, with a faux crocodile skin look. The skin has a delicate finish not found on most other iPhone 4S covers, with an embossed metal Guess logo near the bottom. In both colours, these cases look fantastic and will add a lot of style to your iPhone.

The case will keep your iPhone 4S or 4 safe too, with the tough polycarbonate construction providing good protection without adding a lot of bulk. That means you’re free to show off your phone without worrying about any accidental drops or knocks.

If you’re looking for a case with a unique sense of style and sophistication, just like Guess itself, then this is the perfect case for you. For more information and photographs of this beautiful case, then please check out the product pages linked below in the colourway of your choice.

Thanks for reading the article and have a good day!

Why I’m glad I dumped Apple iOS for Windows Phone 8

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I’ve been using an iPhone for the last two years: I started with the iPhone 4 and switched to the 4S when it came out last year… you could say I’m a bit of an Apple fan girl!  However when my contract came up for renewal last week I just couldn’t see myself getting the iPhone 5 (let’s be honest it’s not that much different from the 4S), I wanted something completely new with completely different software, so I plumped for a Windows 8 Phone – the HTC 8X.

I’m sure a few of you are screaming ‘Why didn’t you choose Android?!’ – simple answer is I already have a Nexus 7 tablet, so an Android phone wouldn’t be too much different to that, plus I’m not the biggest Android fan. It’s like I have the full collection now though: an Apple Mac, Android tablet and Windows phone. So with this in mind and with it being Windows week over on our Facebook Page, I thought I’d share my experience of moving from Apple to Windows and which I prefer.


In my opinion, the HTC 8X looks so much better than my old iPhone 4S, It’s a lot lighter and just feels a nicer in the hand. This is because of the curved design of the 8X whereas as my boyfriend always used to say my iPhone was a bit of a brick. I chose the blue 8X and I think the colour really adds to the design and adds character to the phone – a clear HTC 8X case  is definitely in order so that I don’t cover up the blue. The display of the 8X seems to be a lot brighter than my old iPhone too and I like not having a button on the display also.


The HTC 8X has a larger display than the iPhone, with the 8X measuring 4.3″ whilst the iPhone has 3.5″. The screen resolution is higher on the 8X too: 1280 x 720 vs 960 x 640 on the iPhone; so you’d expect the 8X to display everything better and it does!

My favourite thing about the 8X so far is the Live Tiles – I love how easy it is to pin, unpin and resize icons on the Live Tiles, so the things I use the most are the easiest to get to. If an app or feature isn’t on my Live Tiles I’m a fan of how they’re listed A-Z, so it’s still easy to find.  I do think this looks a lot tidier than the display of the iPhone did – although I did really like the use of folders, so all games or shopping apps could be foldered together and organised nicely – it doesn’t feel like there’s that level of organisation on the 8X. However overall, on display the 8X wins.


This is the area where Windows Phones fall down for a lot of people….. lack of apps. The main apps that I use are available, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and IMDB but it’s a shame that a lot of shops and banks don’t have apps for Windows 8 and that you can’t get Instagram on there. Also there aren’t too many games to choose from either and when you do have games many are linked to Xbox Live: for me I use my Nexus 7 for games so it’s not a big deal, but for others this could be the downfall of the 8X.  Therefore for apps, the iPhone definitely wins.


Both phones use an 8MP camera so should perform the same, however so far I feel that the iPhone has the edge. I have a bit of a shaky hand when taking pictures and this never really used to be an issue with the iPhone, but it seems to be a problem on the 8X. I liked how the camera could be accessed when the phone was locked on the iPhone which you can still do on the 8X with the dedicated camera button on the side, instead of having to use the touchscreen. This button can then be used to take the photo or you can simply tap the screen, so on ease of taking a photo – it’s neck and neck.


Being a Mac user this is where I had the biggest issue. In order to put music on my 8X from my Mac I had to download a Windows Phone app on the Mac app store. However my Mac needed to be updated to Mountain Lion first  so it took a good 4 hours before I could even consider syncing my 8X. When I finally got to syncing the phone it was extremely easy and I could even put my iTunes playlists onto the 8X, which I didn’t think would be possible, so it was a nice surprise.

When listening to music, the 8X has Beats audio built-in which I’ve found really does make a difference. The music is definitely louder and feels fuller than that of the iPhone. You don’t even need to turn the volume up half way and your ears feel like they might explode.  On music, the 8X wins.


In my opinion the HTC 8X is a lot better than the iPhone 4S: it’s faster, has more RAM, a better display, is lighter and is better for listening to music. The iPhone will always win when it comes to apps but I’d like to think that as Windows Phones become more popular, developers will start to make more apps for them.

The overall experience of moving from Apple to Windows was seamless too (minus my small Mac hiccup); it doesn’t feel like there’s anything I could do on my iPhone that I can’t do on my 8X which is great. However the best thing about the move is that I now have a phone that I’m having to learn how to use – everything is brand new and it’s put the fun back into getting a new phone!


Buy a Zenus case from Mobile Fun, get free 1st class shipping!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Right now if you buy any Zenus case from Mobile Fun, you’ll get your whole order delivered by Royal Mail 1st Class for free – a £2.99 value. All you need to do is add the case to your basket, then use code THANKUZENUS at the checkout. If you need a hand with this, check out our codes page.

We’ve got plenty of Zenus cases in stock for all of the most popular phones on the market, including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There are plenty of varieties too, from traditional leather designs to more contemporary slimline offerings.

Let’s have a look at a small sample of the Zenus cases on offer.

Zenus Estime Diary for iPhone 5

This elegant case is made from genuine Italian leather and features internal pockets to hold your cash. The slimline design still provides full screen protection and helps keep your iPhone 5 scratch free too. If you’re looking to add class to your iPhone 5 without adding bulk, the Estime Diary is a brilliant iPhone 5 leather case.

Zenus Skinny Leather for Galaxy S3

If you’re looking for a more urban look, then you’ll love this Skinny Leather case for the Galaxy S3. The Skinny Leather is a high quality, fashionable protective solution for your phone that clips shut quickly and easily. The bold monochrome look and subtle textures make this case a real eye-catcher.

Zenus Masstige for Galaxy Note 2

This popular case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a unique embossed lettering design for a stylish classical look. The genuine Italian leather preserves and protects, with a rugged design and a fully protected button closure. The case also includes internal pockets for your credit cards and cash. All in all, a top quality case that is both beautiful and functional.

But that’s not all…

Of course, we’ve got loads more Zenus cases than these. Just have a look in our Zenus category page, or search for Zenus and the model name of your phone at the top of any Mobile Fun page.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, let me know by leaving them below. If you’d prefer, you can also speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun and at

TidyTilt SmartCover Style Stand for iPhone 4 and 4S

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

The iPad’s Smart Cover is a very cool piece of kit, with a single stylish piece serving as both a protective layer and a fold-out stand. The TidyTilt takes that same idea and applies it to the iPhone 4 and 4S, protecting the rear from scratches and other damage while also working as a slick landscape mode stand. The TidyTilt also keeps your headphones tidy and allows you to mount your iPhone magnetically to any Iron, Nickel or Cobalt-based surface.

The TidyTilt is made of soft polyurethane. When placed on the back of the phone, the rear cover will be well protected from scratches and scuffs. The dimpled surface also provides extra grip, ensuring it’s easier to hold onto your iPhone. You can also use it to clean the screen of the iPhone. You install a thin metallic ring to the rear of the phone when you first get the TidyTilt, and then you can add and remove the TidyTilt easily from there on out.

The TidyTilt folds up into a triangular prism to act as a stand for the iPhone. It works in both portrait and landscape orientations at multiple angles, making it ideal for watching out for incoming notifications or seeing the latest in TV streamed from the Apple store. The TidyTilt also allows you to easily remove and tidy your headphone cables, keeping them straight and untangled until you’re ready to use them once more.

The TidyTilt uses strong neodymium magnets to operate, which are strategically placed within the brushed stainless steel frame. As well as capturing your headphones and attaching the smart cover, these magnets also serve to attach your iPhone to any magnetically responsive surface.

This SmartCover Style Stand is definitely a great iPhone accessory for any Apple fan. For more information on this handy combined stand and cover, check out the product page linked just below:

Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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