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Three 3GS cases

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The 3GS still remains popular as it’s great for those who want an iPhone without the higher price tag.  It’s got a great curved style meaning there’s a wide, original variety of cases for the 3GS – here’s three of my favourite:

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series

The Otterbox Defender Series is one of the most protective iPhone 3GS cases available.

Offering three layers of protection the Defender is a great case for those who work outdoors or spend a lot of times outdoors because no matter how many times you drop your phone, the Otterbox will stop it being damaged.

The first layer of this Otterbox case is a clear membrane which acts as a screen protector for the display of your 3GS.  The back and sides of our 3GS are then protected by layer two: a hi-impact polycarbonate skeleton.  This protects from bumps and drops with the help of the third and final layer; a silicon skin, which also helps to absorb shocks.

What makes Otterbox cases extra special is that the ports of your phone are protected by silicone plug; this means that they’re always protected but they’re easy to get to when you need them.

This Otterbox case also comes complete with a ClipStand holster so it’s easy to carry around on your bag or belt buckle.


InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector

InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector

The second 3GS case is great for those who want scratch protection without taking away from the style of the handset itself – it’s the InvisibleSHIELD Full Body protector.

What’s great about InvsibleSHIELD products is that the Full Body protectors are specially made for each handset to provide the perfect fit and best scratch protection possible.

The film used by InvisibleSHIELD has its origins in the US Military where it was used to protect the edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear.  Therefore you know it’s of the highest quality and provides better scratch protection than any of the other iPhone 3GS accessories available.

Using a Full Body protector means you can still access all the ports and features of your 3GS, so it remains fully functioning all the time. The film is simple and easy to apply and remove; plus you can also use a 3GS cover with the full body protector for ultimate protection and added individuality.

Case-Mate ID Case


Case Mate ID Case

The final case in my favourite three comes from accessory giants Case Mate.  The ID case is a sleek yet multi-functional case which allows you to carry around 2 cards with you.  This is great for if you’re just popping to the shops as it saves you having to take a bag.

Only 2.5mm thicker than Case Mate’s Barely There case, the ID case has style at its heart as well as functionality, making it one of the best cases for iPhone.

Made to fit your 3GS snugly, the ID case has all the cut-outs needed for the ports and features of your phone.  Therefore it remains fully functional at all times and has that little extra function thanks to the card holder.

However, if you have got cards in the holder, the camera will be covered so you’ll have to remove them to use the camera.  That’s a small price to pay for the extra functionality of a case though.


So that’s my top three. Did I miss any cases out?  Let me know in the comments or via the usual channels what would be your top 3!

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Our favourite iPhone 3GS case

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Lately we’ve all been obsessing over the iPhone 4S and quite rightly too: it’s speedy, has a hugely improved camera and a built-in comedian known as Siri, but lets not forget one of the previous iPhones, the iPhone 3GS.

The 3GS is still popular today with many people preferring it’s look and style over that of the iPhone 4/4S and to celebrate the popularity of the iPhone 3GS, here’s our favourite case for it.

Orion Krusell Premium Leather Case

The Krusell Premium Leather iPhone 3GS case is the ultimate in luxury and style.  Sporting a folio style look, the Krusell case protects all angles of your iPhone 3GS, whilst still allowing you access to the charging port and other features.

Krusell iPhone 3GS case

What makes this case extra special though is that it houses a hidden magnetic lock, which can be used as a stand, allowing you to watch movies and surf the web at the most comfortable angle.  This means that you can view your media whilst commuting without the hassle of finding the best viewing angle.

Unlike other leather iPhone 3GS cases, this Krusell case keeps the thin style of the handset and actually sits your phone in a moulded holder so you can still access the camera, whilst the phone is in the case.

Professional enough for work, yet stylish enough for leisure, the Orion Krusell Premium Leather Case is one of the best iPhone cases available and provides a high quality secure fit, so you know your handset is safe at all times.


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Top 10 cool iPhone accessories

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

We’re expecting the release of the iPhone 5 at some point this year and it’s fair to say the rumour mill surrounding the handset is in full swing: is it thinner than the iPhone 4? Does it have a curved screen? Is it faster? Will it have a brushed aluminium effect?  There’s so many questions and rumours flying around that it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction.  However, we thought this would be the perfect time to remind ourselves of why the iPhone 4 is such a successful handset, with a countdown of the Top 10 cool iPhone accessories…..

10. Apple iPhone 4 bumper

Every iPhone 4 owner knows that an iPhone 4 bumper or case is needed to boost the signal of your iPhone 4 and none perform better than the official Apple iPhone 4 bumper.  The perfect accompaniment for an iPhone screen protector, a bumper protects the corners and sides of your handset without taking away the style or sleekness.

The bumper contains all the cut-outs needed to keep your iPhone fully functioning like one for the charging port and volume control, making a bumper a great alternative for those who still want to show off the design of the iPhone but protect the sides and corners.

Apple iPhone 4 bumper

9. Drivetime Car Pack for iPhone 4

This iPhone 4 car holder allows you both dock and charge your iPhone whilst driving; meaning that no matter how long your journey, you’ll never run out of power and you’ll always be viewing your phone safely and legally.

Unlike other mobile phone car holders, the Drivetime car pack can be stuck to almost any flat surface meaning it can be used on both the dashboard and windscreen of your car.  The car holder also has three joints which can be moved to put your handset in a number of positions and angles, allowing you to find the most suitable one for you and your driving experience.

As this iPhone car holder is made with the iPhone 4 in mind it contains all the relevant cut-outs including one for the charging port and the lock button.

Drivetime iPhone 4 car holder

8. Power Support Crystal Front and Back Film Set

Number 8 in our top 10 countdown goes to the Power Support Crystal Front and Back Film Set, a revolutionary screen protector which offers high quality protection.  Here at Mobile Fun we do think that a mobile phone screen protector is a must for all new handsets in order to protect your display from scratches and dust and Power Support have some top quality ones available.

This iPhone 4 screen protector is made from a crystal film with state of the art cling adhesion, which means that application of the screen protector is simple, easy and residue free.

The screen protector is custom-fit to your iPhone 4 meaning that the front facing camera, home button and speaker are all still accessible and fully functioning.

Power Support iPhone 4 screen protector

7. Boxwave Keyboard case for iPhone 4

Some iPhone owners miss using a qwerty keyboard, so owning an iPhone 4 keyboard like the Boxwave keyboard allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Unlike other iPhone keyboards, the bluetooth Boxwave keyboard doubles up as a case, so you can slide it out when you need it and slide it back to be part of the case when you’re finished.  the case and keyboard are both stylish and modern, but also help to provide protection to the iPhone, as well as being functional.

Another great feature of the Boxwave is that it uses it’s own power supply which is recharged through a Mini USB cable, so it doesn’t drain your iPhone 4′s power.

The Boxwave bluetooth keyboard connects wirelessly through to your iPhone 4 meaning there’s no installation needed, just simply pair it with your iPhone and you’re ready to go.

Boxwave iPhone 4 keyboard

6. Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case

Otterbox are at the forefront of tough protective cases thanks to their multi-layer technology and guaranteed protection.  Therefore it’s no surprise that they released a range of iPhone 4 cases which use their layered technology.

The Otterbox Defender Case contains three layers: a thin thermal-formed sheet which covers your screen; a strong polycarbonate shell which protects the handset as a whole from bumps and drops and finally a silicone skin which absorbs shocks.

This makes the Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case both practical and protective, as all the phone’s ports and features are still accessible whilst in the case.

Right now if you buy any Otterbox Case, you receive a free Otterbox stand simply by using the rebate code ‘OTTERSTAND’ at the checkout.

Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case

5. CaseBuddy Dock

The CaseBuddy is the answer to most iPhone owners problems: the lack of iPhone docks which allow you to charge your phone with the cover still on.

Being small and compatible, the CaseBuddy can be used with any Apple device including the iPhone 4 and even better it allows you to charge your phone whilst your iPhone 4 cover is still on and due to its size, makes it the perfect dock to take on your travels.  However the CaseBuddy will still work if your iPhone doesn’t have a cover on it.

The Casebuddy can be used as an iPhone 4 dock also due to its cradle style, making it perfect for listening to music, texting and surfing the web.  Another great feature of the CaseBuddy is its ability to hide your wires, so that the area your CaseBuddy is on remains clutter free.

CaseBuddy case Compatible Dock

4.IK Multimedia iRig Microphone

Number 4 on the list, the iRig Microphone is one of the perfect iPhone 4 accessories for aspiring musicians, journalists or those who frequently give speeches.

It allows you to record studio quality audio recordings to your iPhone or iPad simply and easily and view and build upon them with its three major apps or any other music/recording based app.  This makes the iRig great for recording podcasts and for use on the go, as the audio quality is second to none.

Singers and musicians can record and edit songs, whenever, wherever; journalists can record interviews on the go in excellent quality and those who give speeches can amplify their speech or practice and listen back beforehand.

One of the leading brands for specialist iPhone accessories, IK are known for their excellent quality.2

IK Multimedia iRig Microphone

3. The Ultimate iPhone 4 Accessory Pack

Starting off the Top 3 is the Ultimate iPhone 4 accessory pack which contains six accessories which any iPhone 4 owner should have: a desk stand, car holder, Flexishield skin, mini desk stand, car charger and a screen protector.

This is a great pack of mobile phone accessories for any iPhone 4 owner, especially those who have just bought an iPhone 4 and want to use it to its full potential straight away, as it contains everything you need to get started.

The Ultimate iPhone 4 accessory pack

2. MiLi Pico Power Projector for iPhone

Taking second place is the MiLi Pico Power Projector which lets you stream media from your iPhone and project it onto the nearest wall; allowing you to make a cinema anywhere in your home.  All you need now is the popcorn and surround sound speakers and the cinema effect comes to you.

This projector is also great for those who frequently make presentations, as it charges your phone whilst it’s docked and comes with a remote which can be used to control the volumes and menus amonst other things.

One of the most useful mobile phone spares being sold simply folds out and can even be used with laptops and your iPod touch; adding to it’s multi-functionality and user-friendliness.

MiLi Pico Power Projector

1. Incipio offGRID Battery Back Up Case

Top of our list, the Incipio offGRID battery Back Up Case solves the main problem smartphone owners have: a lack of battery power.  The offGRID doubles your iPhone 4 battery power without adding bulk to the handset, an unusual feature for battery cases.

The offGRID has a thickness of just 6mm, meaning most people would just mistake it for a standard iPhone 4 cover without realising that its actually housing a powerful battery.

Syncing and charging isn’t an issue with the Incipio offGRID as it includes a MicroUSB cable which allows you to perform these actions without having to remove your iPhone from its case.

Owning a battery back up takes away the stress of forgetting your iPhone charger as you have double the power, meaning your battery should last twice as long.

Incipio offGRID Battery Back Up case for iPhone 4

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Top Ten Phones of 2010

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

It’s been an interesting and busy year in the world of mobile phones. Countless new handsets have all been gunning for the top spot and trying to beat Apple’s iPhone. Stiff competition from Samsung and HTC has meant that the iPhone isn’t always the phone of choice – as our X-Factor giveaway showed. But which handset really was the winner in 2010?

With just 3 days left of 2010, I thought I’d take a look back at some of the top handsets from the last year and see just which of them came out on top – after all, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t do an end of the year round up!

The handsets listed below are ranked on their popularity on the main Mobile Fun website from the 1st January through to today (29th December) and are based on a the number of people visiting the accessory pages for each handset.

There are a few surprises in here – most noticeable is that there are no handsets from Nokia, Motorola or LG.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Black

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Black

10 - Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Release Date: April 2010
Operating System: Android

At ten is the X10 from Sony Ericsson, it’s their only handset to make it into the top ten. It was their first handset to run the Android operating system and shows that Sony Ericsson aren’t just going to lie down and let the iPhone take over. The handset is crammed full of features, including a massive 4 inch screen, 8 megapixel camera with flash and a fast, 1GHz processor. Sony Ericsson have changed both the charging and headphone port on the phone, making the task of finding X10 Accessories easier than ever.

HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD

9 - HTC Desire HD

Release Date: October 2010
Operating System: Android

Some of the guys in the office were surprised to see the HTC Desire HD finish so low in the top ten. Although it’s hugely popular, it’s only been out for a few weeks, so to even finish in the top 10 is a great achievement. It won’t take it long to get to the top spot, and I’m certain that this is going to be one of the biggest Android phones of 2011. The Desire HD is essentially the same as the original HTC Desire, but with a few noticeable differences – the first, and most obvious is the screen size – 4.3 inches – perfect for internet browsing and watching videos. Other differences include more internal storage, more RAM, and an upgraded camera.

8th Place - iPhone 3G

8th Place - iPhone 3G

8 – iPhone 3G

Release Date: July 2008
Operating System: iOS

I bet you weren’t expecting to see the 2nd generation iphone in the top ten! At 2 and a half years old, this is the oldest handset in our list and was officially discontinued by Apple back in July. For it to still be in the top ten there must be a lot of people keeping them after their contracts have expired or passing them on to friends and family when they upgrade. The iPhone 3G uses the same wide range of iPhone accessories as the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, with the exception of a few speakers and docks.

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S - 8GB

7th Place - Samsung Galaxy S

7 - Samsung Galaxy S

Release Date: June 2010
Operating System: Android

Samsung hadn’t had much success with Android handsets, not until they launched the Galaxy S anyway. The phone was released almost at the same time as iPhone 4 and proved to be a great alternative. It matches or beats the spec of both the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire and has an equally stunning 4 inch display. The Samsung Galaxy S is without doubt the best Samsung phone of 2010 and it comes as no surprise that the Galaxy S is the only Samsung phone to feature in the top ten.

BlackBerry Bold 9700

6th Place - BlackBerry Bold 9700

6 - BlackBerry Bold 9700

Release Date: November 2009
Operating System: BlackBerry

The media are saying that BlackBerry are having a tough time as more and more people are switch to Android and iOS devices, but that’s not necessarily the case. Two BlackBerry handsets have made it into the top ten – thanks mainly to their large corporate user base. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the professional’s ‘Berry of choice as it has fast 3G internet, a clear, high resolution screen and is perfect for messaging and emailing on the move. It’s interesting that their two touch screen efforts, the Torch and Storm2 didn’t even come close to making the top ten, finishing 26th and 46th respectively.

5th Place - iPhone 3GS

5th Place - iPhone 3GS

5 – iPhone 3GS

Release Date: July 2009
Operating System: iOS

The second iPhone to feature in the top ten is the iPhone 3GS – the faster version of the iPhone 3G. Visually they’re the same phone and all iPhone 3GS accessories also work with the iPhone 3G – the only real differences were to the internals of the phone. The 3GS has a faster processor and an improved camera. The iPhone 3GS is still available now, and will be until Apple announce iPhone 5 in July so I wouldn’t expect the 3GS to disappear any time soon.



4 - HTC HD2

Release Date: October 2009
Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.5

There is only Windows Mobile phone in our top ten – the HTC HD2. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, as the HD2 is one of the best Windows 6.5 Smartphones we’ve ever used. The huge 4.3 inch screen makes using the OS pretty easy, despite it being designed for sylus based input. What is surprising though is that this is another fairly old handset, that’s now been replaced by the HD7 running Windows Phone 7.

BlackBerry 8520 Curve - Black

3rd Place - BlackBerry 8520 Curve

3 - BlackBerry 8520 Curve

Release Date: August 2009
Operating System: BlackBerry

BlackBerry have always been associated with business users, but that all changed with the Curve series of phones. The original 8310 was a great handset that suited businesses on a budget, but it still didn’t really appeal to everyday consumers. Fast forward a couple of years, add in a much wider range of 8520 Curve accessories like covers and cases, freshen up the operating system and bring the price down and you get one of the most popular BlackBerry phones ever. It’s been around for a while and there’s plenty of life left in it, although the Curve 3G is gaining popularity and could soon knock it off it’s perch.

Second Place - iPhone 4

Nearly, but not quite - iPhone 4

2 – iPhone 4

Release Date: July 2010
Operating System: iOS

No, you’re not seeing things  - the iPhone 4 isn’t the top handset of 2010, but it is a very close second. If it had been on sale for as long as the phone in first place, it would easily have taken the top spot. iPhone 4 is still the handset that manufacturers are trying to beat and the only one who seems to have achieved the impossible so far looks to be HTC – having said that, no-one can touch the iPhone for simplicity of use, it’s stunning looks, app store content or the huge range of iPhone 4 accessories.

Finally then, the Number one handset of 2010 is the HTC Desire.

HTC Desire

Top handset of 2010 - HTC Desire

Release Date: March 2010
Operating System: Android

It’s the closest thing to an iPhone killer that you’ll get and one that Android fans have been desperate to get their hands on. The Desire is easily the most popular Android phone out there, although the Desire HD will catch it up pretty soon. The Desire was the first mainstream handset to get a fast 1GHz processor and has an amazing screen. The range of Desire accessories is growing all the time too, although it will have a tough time matching or beating the number of iPhone 4 cases that are available!

So there we are, that’s our top handsets of 2010. Any surprises? Should any other handsets have made it? Let us know in the comments.

Mobile Fun Hot Handsets – July 2010

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

After a busy month for Apple, HTC & Samsung it’s time for another new Hot Handset list. July saw 3 of the biggest handsets go head to head with each other, but with limited supply and numerous problems reported with iPhone 4, it was going to be interesting to see which handset came out on top. This month there are three new entries into the top ten, with the other handsets staying pretty static. Here’s how the handsets ranked for July. (Previous month’s position is shown in brackets)

The HTC Desire is the Hottest Handset around

iPhone is back on top

  1. (2) iPhone 4
  2. (1) HTC Desire
  3. (2) iPhone 3GS
  4. (4) BlackBerry Curve 8520
  5. (-) Samsung Galaxy S
  6. (6) BlackBerry Bold 9700
  7. (3) HTC HD2
  8. (5) Sony Ericsson X10
  9. (-) Samsung Wave
  10. (-) HTC Wildfire

Despite all it’s perceived problems, the iPhone 4 has stormed its way to the top of the charts, and that’s before it’s was launched on all networks. It only went on sale with T-Mobile and Three 2 days ago, so next month I’d expect iPhone 4 to have an even bigger lead over the HTC Desire. This means that the Desire has been knocked off the top spot after 3 months. Following HTC’s announcement that they’re downgrading the screen on the Desire due to supply issues, I’d expect it to drop even further next month. Another handset that’s worth mentioning is the iPhone 3GS, which despite now being an old model held on to third place – I’d imagine the recent price drop and it being offered on all networks will have helped with this considerably.

The scores are achieved using a points system. We award points based on sales, number of customers owning each phone, searches on the website, page views and a few other bits of data. At the end of the month we total these up and publish the rankings.

For the last couple of months I’ve been revealing the scores for the top handsets as I think it gives a better idea of just how incredibly popular these phones are. This month iPhone 4 scored more than the HTC Desire and iPhone 3GS combined, based on our points system.

iPhone 4 scored 318 points (+ 198), the HTC Desire came in second with 206 points (-37),  iPhone 3GS held on to 3rd place with  100(no change).  By comparison, the BlackBerry 8520 in 4th scored 39 points and the HTC Wildfire in tenth place scored just 20.

BlackBerry handsets have had another strong month and have managed to hold onto the same positions that they’ve held for the last 3 months.

Sony Ericsson aren’t doing too badly, the X10 slipped slightly to 8th place. Their new X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro didn’t manage to make the top ten, but finished 12th and 25th respectively.

Nokia as I predicted last month, Nokia have now slipped out of the top ten. Their best performing handset is still the X6 which has dropped to 14th place.

Motorola. Still no sign of Motorola. Despite a few recent successes in America, Motorola are still struggling to launch a winner over here. Their best performer this month was the Milestone which could only manage 41st.

LG could only manage 23rd with the Cookie. This is really bad as the Cookie was originally released back in 2007 and they’ve failed to release a handset since then that’s been anywhere near as popular.

Samsung have had a good month with both the Galaxy S and the Wave breaking into the top ten – a massive improvement on last months 27th and 14th places respectively. The Tocco Lite has held on to 11th place.  The Galaxy S is a great alternative to both iPhone 4 and the HTC Desire so I’d expect to see this in the top ten for a quite a while.

Coming Up

August and September are fairly quiet months for handset releases, although we are hoping to see some new handsets from BlackBerry, Nokia and Motorola. For more information on what’s coming up in the next few weeks, take a look at our Release Calendar.

About this Top Ten

This list is unique as it is not based on handset sales, but the number of users with a particular phone, accessory sales and visitors to the mobilefun.co.uk website between 1st & 31st July 2010.