HTC Aero rumour round-up: what to expect from HTC’s November flagship


HTC is in trouble. The Taiwanese company’s latest flagship, the One M9, failed to really improve upon last year’s One M8, and sales have been slow as a result. Now, HTC is reportedly planning an interim flagship to keep them afloat until the next One, to be released in November. This phone is called the HTC Aero – and here’s what we know about it so far.

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HTC One M9 Plus gets UK release at Mobile Fun


Imagine the HTC One M9, but with a larger 5.2-inch screen, a higher 1440p resolution, and an integrated fingerprint reader. It sounds a little like HTC’s 2016 flagship, but it’s actually a phone that was released earlier this year: the One M9 Plus. Despite its improvements over the One M9, the Plus hasn’t received much media attention – because it was only announced for the Chinese market. Now though, Mobile Fun are bringing the One M9 Plus to the UK!

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