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One M9 Plus case leaks, confirms 5.2-inch screen size and giant circular lens

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

The One M9 launches at the end of the month, but HTC is already preparing a follow-up. Called the One M9 Plus, the phone has been leaked in photos posted to Weibo (China’s Twitter) and alluded to in event invites sent to Taiwanese media. The One M9 Plus is expected to be a better and slightly larger version of the One M9, with a 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 display and a dual-lens camera. Otherwise, specifications match that of the One M9, including a 64-bit octa-core processor (made by either Qualcomm or MediaTek), 3GB of RAM and a 20-megapixel rear camera sensor.

We’ve recently acquired some cases of the One M9 Plus. In the photos below, you can see how the phone measures up to the One M9. As expected, it is very slightly larger, adding credence to that 5.2-inch screen size. There’s also a very large cutout, which would fit the large sensor shown in the event invite. In terms of ports, there seem to be no obvious differences to the One M9.

What do you think of the idea of the One M9 Plus? Is it a good idea for HTC to release an upgraded phone so soon after the One M9? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out our official HTC One M9 cases and accessories

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Official Motorola Grip Shell Case for Moto G - Chalk

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the official One M9 cases and accessories that HTC have prepared for the launch of their newest flagship. If you’re planning to pick up the phone when it’s released next month, you should take a look!

HTC Active Waterproof Tough Case - Yellow

Official HTC One M9 Active Waterproof Tough Case - Yellow

HTC are most well-known for their flip cover cases, but they can also turn their hand to heavy-duty protective cases. This HTC Active case is their most impressive yet, offering protection from a wide range of hazards including drops, scratches and even water. The case is highly rated, holding the MIL-STD 810G protection rating and the IPX8 waterproof rating. That means it can withstand being immersed at depths of up to 2 metres for a full hour, as well as being dropped onto concrete from two metres. Not too shabby!

HTC Clear Case - Clear / Onyx Black

Official HTC One M9 Clear Case - Clear / Onyx BlackOfficial HTC One M9 Clear Case - Clear / Onyx Black

This HTC case for the One M9 takes a different tack, offering a slimline design that minimises added bulk. Nonetheless, the full coverage means impressive scratch protection and reasonable drop protection too.

HTC DecoStand Case - Pink / Green

Official HTC One M9 DecoStand Case with Deco Plate PackOfficial HTC One M9 DecoStand Case with Deco Plate Pack

The HTC DecoStand Case is a new case from the company, designed with interchangeable Deco covers. These covers can be stuck on the back, where they offer increased protection, or swung out to serve as media stands. You’ll get the grey frame, plus three Deco plates in pink, green and yellow. That makes it easy to change up the look of your phone to match your mood or outfit, and it’s just kinda cool.

HTC Dot View 2 Case - BlueGreyRed

Official HTC One M9 Dot View 2 Case - BlueOfficial HTC One M9 Dot View 2 Case - Grey

We conclude our rundown of HTC’s official One M9 cases with a favourite from the One M8: the Dot View case! The Dot View cases provides a retro-looking glance at the time and your notifications, even allowing you to respond to calls by stroking the flip cover. This time around though, we’re looking at Dot View 2, which can provide cleaner and more detailed animations. The effects are quite stunning, and will make your One M9 a very eye-catching phone indeed. The case is available in a wide range of colours too, letting you choose your own look for the One M9.

HTC Dot View 2 Ice Case - Candy FlossOnyx BlackTurquoise

Official HTC One M9 Dot View Ice Premium Case - Onyx BlackOfficial HTC One M9 Dot View Ice Premium Case - Turquoise

If you’d prefer some different colours and a more protection for the rear of your One M9, you can also pick up the Dot View 2 Ice. This is a full-protection case, covering the back with a transparent cover, versus the bumper-style fitting of the standard Dot View 2. Both versions are the same price, so choose according to your preference.

HTC Screen Protector - One Pack

Official HTC One M9 Screen Protector

We conclude with our only non-case accessory for the One M9: a screen protector. This is made by HTC themselves, so you can be assured that it’ll fit the phone’s 5-inch 1080p display perfectly. The screen protector comes in a pack of one, but thanks to its durable construction it should last for a long time. If you’d prefer a cheaper One M9 screen protector, an MFX version is also available.


Thanks for checking out our article on the latest official One M9 accessories! Stay tuned to the Mobile Fun blog for more accessory articles, helpful guides and news. If you have questions or comments about anything you’ve read today, please let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @mobilefun!

New UAG tough case for One M9 available for pre-order

Monday, March 16th, 2015

UAG Maverick HTC One M9 Protective Case - Clear    UAG Maverick HTC One M9 Protective Case - Clear

Urban. Armor. Gear. It’s a pretty self-explanatory name for a series of tough phone cases, and we’re happy to announce a new model for the HTC One M9. This case is available for pre-order now, so check out the product page linked below or read on for my own take on it!

The UAG is a tough-as-nails protective case for the new HTC One M9. The case is constructed from a strong thermoplastic, augmented with a rugged embossed metal insert for rigidity. The case also includes realistic Torx screws, making for a seriously tough case in looks and in action.

UAG Ash HTC One M9 Protective Case - Smoke Black    UAG Ash HTC One M9 Protective Case - Smoke Black

The UAG case meets and exceeds military drop-test requirements, as defined by the MIL 810G 516.6 standard. This means surviving drops of a least one metre onto concrete, without damage to the phone inside.

UAG Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Protective CaseUAG Maverick HTC One M9 Protective Case - Clear

The case also includes a high quality screen protector, ensuring that your screen will remain unsmudged and unscratched throughout its life. If you’re looking for a great all-in-one protection solution, you’ll find it with the UAG.

The UAG is available in two varieties – the Maverick with a clear finish, and the Ash with a smoke black finish. Both tough One M9 cases are available for pre-order now; to see more information please check out the product pages linked below!

Let us know what you think in the comments below. You can also reach us on Twitter @mobilefun or on Facebook at Love Your Mobile.

HTC One M9 UK price announced, accessories ready

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

We’re happy to announce we have a UK price for the HTC One M9, sim-free and unlocked. We’ll be selling the phone for £575 for the 32GB model in gold & silver.

The One M9 is the widely anticipated follow-up to HTC’s One M8, with an evolved aluminium unibody design, refreshed internal hardware and the same comfortable physical dimensions. If you’re looking for a premium look and top-notch hardware, then the One M9 seems like a strong choice.

The Ultimate HTC One M9 Accessory PackThe Ultimate HTC One M9 Accessory Pack

We’ll also have a wide range of accessories ready for the phone on launch. You might start out with our Ultimate One M9 Accessory Pack, which is already in stock. That includes a case, a screen protector pack, a pair of desk stands and an in-car charger and holder. It’s everything you need to protect and extend your One M9.

Official HTC One M9 Dot View Ice Premium Case - TurquoiseCase-Mate Barely There HTC One M9 Case - Black

We also have a wide range of One M9 cases ready to go, including official cases and third-party options from names like Case-Mate, Encase and Spigen. We’ll continue to expand our offerings in the weeks to come.

Thanks for checking out the article! Be sure to let us know what you think of the price we’ve announced, and your thoughts on the phone in general! You can reach us via the comments below or on Twitter @mobilefun.

HTC One M9 design, specs & software: MWC preview 2015

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

The HTC One M9 will be announced on March 1st at an HTC event in Barcelona. Days before the event though, we have a very good idea of what’s to be revealed, thanks to dozens of leaks of photosvideos and specifications. Let’s take a look at what to expect for the announcement:


The One M9 is an evolution of the device first introduced by HTC with the One M7 and updated with the One M8. Two colourways will be available; a traditional gunmetal gray and a more luxurious gold / silver option.

The layout of the phone seems almost identical to its predecessor; one change is that the power button moves from the top to the side. This does mean that you’ll need new cases for your One M9.

The display is actually the same as we saw on the One M8, a 5-inch 108p unit that eschews the recent jump to 1440p resolutions and even larger sizes. The screen is flanked by prominent front-facing speakers, which are now provide Dolby-certified sound.


The One M9 is set to be the first major Android flagship to include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor. This is backed with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, with micro SD cards providing additional storage. These specifications would make the One M9 one of the most powerful Android devices ever, rivalling Samsung’s Galaxy S6 with its Exynos 7 Octa processor.

The One M9 is also set to include a 20-megapixel rear-facing camera, with a 4-megapixel Ultrapixel camera up front. That should improve the phone’s camera performance considerably in good lighting compared to its predecessor, whose Ultrapixel rear-facing camera was good in poor light but didn’t too as well as its competitors when it came to better-lit shots.


When it comes to software, the One M9 looks like it includes more new features than its predecessor did. The new version of the Sense UI sits on top of Android 5.0, and includes customisable themes, a new Home widget, new photo editing features and HTC Connect which uses a three-finger gesture to stream media to different speakers.


Are you excited for the HTC One M9? Let us know in the comments below, or write to us on Twitter @mobilefun!