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Top cases for the red HTC One

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

This week HTC announced an exclusive special edition of this year’s most well received Android phone, the One. The special edition comes in an awesome fire truck red colour, and will be exclusive to Phones 4U. It’ll go on sale from the middle of July.

If you’re planning on picking up the phone, we’ve got just the thing for you: five of the best HTC One covers and cases to complement the eye-catching colour scheme. Let’s get right into them!

5. Genuine HTC One Double Dip Flip Case

Our first accessory is the genuine Double Dip Flip Case. As you’d expect from a case made by HTC, it fits the One perfectly with cutouts in all the right places, allowing charging and photographs to be taken with the cover on. The case has a nice colour scheme too, with a bright red on the interior to match the phone, with a more sensible black on the outside. The case also comes with an integrated stand, perfect for video calling or watching videos online.

4. ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case

This highly protective case is available in a nice matching red, as well as a few other contrasting colour options. The ArmourDillo has ridges across its back and sides to ensure an easy grip and good drop protection. If you’re looking for a heavy duty case for your red HTC One, this is the one to get.

3. BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Armor Skin

If you’d prefer to keep the slim signature of the HTC One, then the BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Armor Skin is a nice choice. It fits over the existing rear cover, adding a bit of protection and the modern look of carbon fibre. This leaves the front of the phone completely accessible, but ensures that the brash look of the red model isn’t too overwhelming.

2. Zenus Prestige Lettering Diary Series

There are few leather cases on the market that’d really match a red HTC One, but this is one of them. The Prestige Lettering Diary comes in a brilliant Wine Red colourway, offering a classy and conservative upgrade to the all-aluminium styling of the unadorned One. The case even includes internal pockets and a button fastening enclosure for excellent utility too.

1. Draco Design Aluminium Bumper

This award-winning design earns a place at the top of our list today with its curves carefulyl sculpted out of CNC milled aircraft grade aluminium. Matching both material and colour of the Red HTC One, you get much more protection than you would with a naked One, yet you don’t sacrifice that unique look. The Draco Design case also is easier to grip and doesn’t interfere with your cell signal. If you’re looking for the ultimate red HTC One case, this is it.


I hope this has prompted a few ideas. Do get in touch if you’re planning to pick up the red HTC One – we’d love to hear what case you end up going with. Thanks for reading the article and have a great day!

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Top 3 HTC One covers

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

If you’re looking for a HTC One case and aren’t quite sure what you want then read on. I picked out my favourite three HTC One covers and had a play around with them. All three give access to the phone’s ports and features such as the camera, volume controls and charging port so they don’t sacrifice functionality for beauty.

Note: These are the ones that  I personally like but we have tens more on our virtual shelves so please do browse our entire catalogue before you make up your mind.

3. Belkin Micra Fine Ultra Thin Case for HTC One

Belkin Micra Fine Ultra Thin Case for HTC One

The Belkin Micra Fine case in ‘sorbet steel’ is a great little HTC cover. It’s stylish and thin and, although it is a tough polycarbonate snap-on case, it feels soft to the touch.

The Belkin really is ultra thin so it doesn’t add any bulk to the handset. Slim and lightweight, it provides great protection against scratches and light bumps or knocks nonetheless. The Belkin Micra Fine cover also comes in a ‘clear steel‘ colour variant.

Belkin Micra Fine Ultra Thin Case for HTC One back

You can see from the image above that the Belkin changes colour slightly when fitted on the phone. It looks much better on then off which is what we’d want and  it has an almost metallic look.

There is only one thing that I dislike about the Micra Fine and that is the fact that it changes the design of the HTC One. While it is a beautiful cover I can’ t help but feel the HTC One is even prettier.

2. Trident Aegis Case for HTC One

Trident Aegis Case for HTC One back vertical

I fell in love with the Trident Aegis case. I know what you’re thinking – I just said that I don’t want a case that alters the design of the HTC One and now I’m covering the phone up in green. Well, here’s why:

I’m not sure why but I might just like the design of this case more than that of the HTC One. The Aegis comes in two parts: a soft shell that goes over your device followed by a hard shell for added protection. But that’s not all; included in the pack you’ll also find a screen protector and a cleaning cloth.

If you’re looking for 360° protection then go for a Trident or an Otterbox cover. Otterbox makes notoriously good cases renowned for the amazing protection they offer but their HTC One Commuter Series and Defender Series cases didn’t make the top three as I was looking for something with a bit of colour.

Trident Aegis Case for HTC One pack contents

I really like how solid it feels and although this case adds quite a bit of bulk it makes sure you know that there’s a reason for it. Rugged and strong, the Aegis is the odd one out in this list. Think of it as the exception.  If I were to go on a trip or if I’d generally spend more time outdoors, camping or horse riding, this would be my number one choice. Seeing as I don’t, I have chosen something more suitable for my lifestyle.

1. Crystal Clear Case for HTC One

Cyrstal Clear Case for HTC One back

The Crystal Clear case is great because it covers the back and sides of the HTC One while at the same time allowing users to show-off their handset. Fully transparent, this case looks even better on the silver version of the HTC One. It fits the HTC One perfectly and fitting it is as simple as snapping it on. I recommend caution when taking it off; stay calm, be gentle  and you should be able to remove it without causing any damage.

Cyrstal Clear Case for HTC One front view

This HTC One cover is so low-profile you’ll forget it’s on in a few days – and that’s exactly what I was looking for: subtle protection. It protects the One from scratches and bumps or drops and it’s almost imperceptible to the touch and the eye.


Yes, my favourite HTC One case is a simple, transparent case – but why? I like the Crystal Clear case as it protects the smartphone’s back and sides without interfering with its design; this cover is almost invisible. The HTC One has such a beautiful design, I don’t want to spoil it.  Don’t agree? Have a look at the HTC One promotional video below and think again. It’s probably the best looking phone on the market at the moment.



If you’re looking for more photos of the three cases reviewed here please take a look at the gallery below.


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HTC One: world’s first video call from top of Mount Everest

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

On Sunday, Daniel Hughes used a HTC One to make the world’s first ever live call from the summit of Mount Everest.  And  he did all this while wearing a Red Nose. You can see the video below:

The video call was made into BBC World News on Sunday from an altitude of 29,029 feet above sea level. That’s almost 5.5 miles or 9 km! The temperature on the top of Mount Everest at the time was -35°C.

British explorer Daniel Hughes is aiming to raise £1 million for Comic Relief. His challenge? Put the first Red Nose on top of Mount Everest. “Mission partially accomplished” we would say. £42,000 have been raised so far. Visit Everest Million if you’d like to donate.

‘The Journey’ was much more than the Everest climb. It involved climbing the 4,810 metre high Mont Blanc, competing in the Welsh Etape, ice climbing training in Italy and more.

So you thought making a video call from the top of Mount Everest was impressive, well that’s not everything! Daniel and the team also recorded what they claim to be the world’s highest Harlem shake. You heard right – watch it now:

Who is Daniel Hughes?

A 31 one year old British Explorer and commercial airline pilot.

What is Comic Relief?

A large UK based charity whose aim is to eradicate world poverty. All donations to Comedy Relief are spent on charitable projects while operating costs are covered by corporate sponsors or interest earned on donations that have not yet been distributed. Click here to see which projects they are supporting at the moment.

Accessories available for the HTC One… even though the handset has been delayed

Thursday, March 14th, 2013














Earlier this week we heard the bad news that HTC have had to delay the release of the HTC One Smartphone to the end of the month; but fear not this may actually be a blessing in disguise.

We already have HTC One accessories (including Genuine cases) in stock, so now you have the opportunity to stock up on your accessories before the handset arrives. This means you can protect it from the second it comes out of the box; instead of having those nervous couple of weeks without a case or screen protector – there’s no excuse for any damage now!

The Genuine HTC One Double Dip Flip Shell (top left) is great for is you intend to use the One as an entertainment hub. The back cover can be folded over to create a stand for the HTC One, docking it at the most comfortable angle for typing, swiping and streaming media; whilst the front cover keeps the screen of the HTC One protected when it isn’t in use.

With a strong polycarbonate casing and a soft suede interior, the case offers complete protection against daily scrape and scratch damage whilst cushioning any blows against the phone. The HTC One cover contains all the cut-outs too, including a cut-out for the camera port, charging port and headphone jack.

On the right hand side is the Genuine HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell – a polycarbonate hard cover which adds a splash of colour to the HTC One whilst keeping the vulnerable sides, back and corners protected from bumps, drops and scratches.

The case comes complete with interchangeable bottom pieces so that you can change the colour to suit your mood or your outfit. It’s one of the the thinnest HTC One cases too, so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the smartphone; instead adding character. As with the Flip Case, the Hard Shell has cut-outs for all the vital ports and features, keeping the HTC One fully functioning at all times.

These are just two of the cases we have available keep checking back on the site to see more lines added everyday!


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HTC One cases coming soon

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Yesterday’s announcement of the HTC One has already set a lot of tongues wagging about the availability of accessories for the new flagship HTC handset. Here’s some of the cases and covers we’ll have on offer.

Cases and Covers

Case wise we’ll have our Flexishield range available in a variety of colours to help make the body of the HTC One just as bright as the display.  Each Flexisihield HTC One case is manufactured from a tough gel material which cradles the curves of the One to protect it from daily drops and scrapes damage. They’re bright bold and don’t add a lot of bulk to the One, so are perfect for every day use:

The Official HTC Double Dip Hard Shell is next on the list – as an official HTC accessory this case comes complete with two coloured bottom pieces, so you can select the colour based or your mood or style. It’s made from a polycarbonate shell so will protect from all the day to day damage and has access to all the ports and features of the One:

Finally we have the hard wearing Otterbox covers for the HTC One - the Otterbox Defender cover offers the best protection, so it’s perfect for those who work outdoors or who are just a little clumsy.

The Defender combines three layers of protection to the HTC One: layer one is a polycarbonate shell, layer two a silicone skin and layer three a thermal formed screen protector. The Defender case also uses silicone plugs for all the ports of the One, so that they’re protected when they aren’t in use. On top of this, the case comes complete with a belt holster, so the One can be comfortably and easily carried around:

We’ll be adding more cases and HTC One accessories daily so keep your eyes on the site!



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