Hands on with the Google Pixel XL


The first Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have started to arrive across the UK for pre-order customers today; exciting times! Mobile Fun has more than its fair share of gadget fans, so we were interested to see how the new phone measures up to its high price tag — and high praise from reviewers! Here’s our hands-on impressions, based on a few hours of playing around with the XL model.

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Pixel C review: hands-on with Google’s productivity tablet


Today we’re going hands on with the Google Pixel C, the first Pixel device to be released with Android on board instead of Chrome OS. Like a Nexus device, this 10.2-inch tablet comes with the latest version of stock Android (Marshmallow), but it’s built by Google’s in-house team rather than an external manufacturer like Huawei or Motorola. It also sets itself apart from its peers with a unique keyboard cover accessory, which could make it a productivity powerhouse. Let’s see how it measures up!

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iPad Pro reviews roundup


The iPad Pro is just days away from release, and already the reviews are starting to pile in. The overall consensus is that Apple have crafted a technically brilliant oversize tablet, but its high price and unwieldy dimensions detract from the universal appeal of the Air and Mini iPad models. Still, if you’re looking for a bigger canvas for creative work and top-end performance, there’s nothing else like it.

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