How to add aptX to your OnePlus, Xiaomi, Pixel or Nexus smartphone

Out of the box, the OnePlus 3 and many other Android smartphones don’t support the aptX codecs for streaming high-quality audio over Bluetooth. That’s because phone makers need to pay a license fee to use the technology, and for most it’s not worth the investment.

However, most phones with a Qualcomm chipset already have the hardware support they need; they just require some proprietary drivers to activate their latent aptX support. Those drivers have now been produced, and made into an easy-to-install file. Here’s how to get started.

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Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 announced: faster charging, more efficient and USB-PD compatible

Qualcomm announced its newest chipset in an event in New York today. It’ll be called the Snapdragon 835, and it’ll be based on Samsung’s new 10nm process. That should make it more powerful and more power efficient. The 835 also supports Quick Charge 4.0, the latest generation of Qualcomm’s popular charging standard and the first to be fully compatible with the USB Power Delivery standard as Google ‘strongly recommended’ last week.

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