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Protect your Nexus 6 with the Trident Aegis case

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Trident Aegis Nexus 6 Protective Case - Black    Trident Aegis Nexus 6 Protective Case - Black

The Google Nexus 6 is a beautiful but massive phone. It looks gorgeous, but it does come with certain ergonomic drawbacks that make it a little hard to hold onto. I think my friend Ross said it best when I passed him the phone: ”It’s lovely, but I’m uncomfortable holding this much screen!” Thankfully, as a flagship phone there are plenty of great protective cases for the Nexus 6. This week, we added one excellent option to our virtual shelves – the Trident Aegis.

The big draw of the Aegis is the significant protection it provides to your Nexus 6. The hybrid design includes silicone corners to dissipate impacts and hardened polycarbonate to protect against scratches. It’s a well-crafted design that works well to keep your Nexus 6 in good shape, although without a cover you might think about a Nexus 6 screen protector to ensure that your screen remains in good condition too.

Trident Aegis Nexus 6 Protective Case - Blue    Trident Aegis Nexus 6 Protective Case - Blue

This Nexus 6 case looks good too, cloaking your Nexus in a stylish black or blue colour. The blue option is my favourite, with its two-tone design offering a nice modern look that complements the design of the Nexus 6 well. The case includes cutouts for the camera and flash modules, as well as the micro USB and headphone ports, so you don’t lose any accessibility either.

The Trident Aegis is coming soon for the Nexus 6, after which Ross will be able to hold onto my phone without fear.

Trident Aegis Nexus 6 Protective Case - Black    Trident Aegis Nexus 6 Protective Case - Black

For stock availability notifications and more information, please visit the product pages linked below in the colour of your choice:

Thanks for checking out the article and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! You can also reach us on Twitter  at @mobilefun or on Facebook at Love Your Mobile.

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Top 5 Google Nexus 6 cases – Christmas 2014

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Today we’re going to look at some of the very best cases available for the Google Nexus 6. The phone has only just been truly available in the UK, with stock persisting on the Google Play store and a range of online and physical retailers. If you’ve picked one up or know a friend or family member who has, then you’ll want to see these selections that’ll help you get the most of out of your phone – and keep it safe too.

5. Encase FlexiShield Gel Case - Smoke BlackFrost WhiteBluePurple

Encase FlexiShield Google Nexus 6 Case - Smoke Black    Encase FlexiShield Google Nexus 6 Case - Blue

This flexible gel case for the Nexus 6 is a good place to begin our tour. The case is very simple, with a full covering of the back and sides of your phone and not much else. That simplicity makes for a slim case though, and its flexible nature makes it easy to put on and take off of your phone. The FlexiShield is available in a nice range of colours too, making it easy to add a bit of your personal style to your Nexus 6.

4. UAG Maverick Protective Case - Clear

UAG Maverick Google Nexus 6 Protective Case - Clear    UAG Maverick Google Nexus 6 Protective Case - Clear

This unique clear case for the Nexus 6 adds a heavy dose of protection and style, while still allowing your colour of choice to shine through. Whether you’ve chosen the blue or white model, you’ll like the contrasting black trim and rugged sensibility that the case adds. The UAG Maverick is also quite protective, boasting excellent drop protection and full scratch coverage too. The Maverick also comes with a free Nexus 6 screen protector, so you don’t need to pick one up separately.

3. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case - Gun MetalSatin SilverDante RedGold

Spigen Neo Hybrid Google Nexus 6 Case - Gun Metal    Spigen Neo Hybrid Google Nexus 6 Case - Gold

The Neo Hybrid is another strong case, with a surprisingly slim design that allows you to maintain the svelte signature of the Nexus 6. The case uses a hybrid design, with a combination of TPU and polycarbonate providing the requisite barrier against drops and scratches. The case’s two-tone design looks great in each colour, but I prefer the neutral tones of the gun metal option shown above.

2. Obliq Flex Pro Case - MintBlackGreyPink

Obliq Flex Pro Nexus 6 Case - Black    Obliq Flex Pro Nexus 6 Case - Pink

Our runner-up this time is the Obliq Flex Pro, a newcomer to our site. The case impresses with its combination of textures, with a smooth midsection and grippy caps top and bottom. Besides being easy and comfortable to hold, the case is also great when it comes to protection – the screen is protected by an extended lip, and the body is completely covered save for a few cutouts. There are a nice selection of colours available too, from the black and pink options shown above to the mint and grey options. A tip-top case that looks great with the Nexus 6.

1. Case-Mate Tough Naked Case - Clear

Case-Mate Tough Naked Google Nexus 6 Case with Stand - Clear    Case-Mate Tough Naked Google Nexus 6 Case with Stand - Clear

Our second clear case, and the winner today, is the Case-Mate Tough Naked. As well as being fun to say, the case shows off your Nexus 6 without exposing it to possible harm. The Tough Naked is made from impact-resistant plastic, with a kickstand embedded in the rear of the case and cutouts wherever necessary. The look provided by the fully transparent case is quite impressive, and combined with the case’s protective credentials, makes it an easy choice for number 1.


Thanks for checking out the article! See our website for more Nexus 6 cases and covers, and feel free to leave a comment with your questions and feedback. Thanks again and have a good week ahead!

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Nexus 6 hands-on impressions

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

The Nexus 6 is finally available in the UK, and I’ve recently grabbed some hands-on time with the phone. Here are my first impressions!

The first thing you notice is just the size of this phone. At six inches, you’ll really feel like you’re handling a giant, even if you’re used to the 5.5-inch frames of the iPhone 6 Plus or OnePlus One. This is a graceful giant though, thanks to the volume and lock buttons positioned within easy reach on the right side of the phone. The gesture-typing Lollipop keyboard is also a big help in making the phone feel the right size. You’ll need to use two hands for most tasks, but that’s easy enough.

The next thing that really grabbed me was the Material Design of Android 5.0 Lollipop. My Nexus 5 is currently being used by a friend, so I haven’t had a chance to really get much hands-on time with the new version of Android. The colours here are gorgeous, although it seems that the animations that were so noticeable in preview versions have been dialled back fairly substantially. Regardless, Android feels very fresh once again, and I’m now more eager than ever to see the update hit other phones like the OnePlus One.

The final piece of the puzzle is accessories – specifically, cases for the Nexus 6. I reckon there are two viable approaches when it comes to casing a big phone like the Nexus 6. The first is that you are trying to keep the phone thin enough to keep in your jeans pocket – in which case you want a really slim case that still provides enough protection, like a FlexiShield or a Spigen Neo Hybrid. The alternative is giving up on that dream, and instead going for a thicker case that can stand up to the rigours of living in your bag and adds a few useful features - like the Slim Armour Tough Case or Wallet S Case.

The Nexus 6 is a bold and beautiful phone, even if its bulk requires a slightly different manner of use than its smaller predecessors. I’ll be reviewing the phone in the coming days, so stay tuned for more in-depth impressions!

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Get the Nexus look: 5 awesome Google apps you should install

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Want the best parts of the Google Nexus experience on any Android phone? Here are five must-install apps that Google have unleashed on the Play Store for all recent Android phones to enjoy.

5. Google Now Launcher

It all begins with the Google Now Launcher, which first appeared on the Nexus 5 and is now available for Android 4.1+ devices. The launcher is easy to use and includes Google Now as a pane to the left of your first home screen. The Google Now Launcher also supports transparent bars top and bottom if you’re on a sufficiently advanced version of Android, which makes your home screen look much more expansive.

4. Google Camera

Next up is Google’s Camera, which is available to Android 4.4+ devices. The Google Camera appears simple at first, with a big viewfinder, a big shutter button and a small button to see some additional options. If you swipe in from the left though, you’ll see two interesting modes among the usual suspects: Photo Sphere produces a 360 degree photo like you’d get on Street View and Lens Blur mimics the effect of a narrow depth of field. The app launches quickly and is easy to use, too.

3. Google Fit

Google Fit is a slick fitness app for Android 4.0+, which works particularly well with Android Wear devices. The app tracks steps, weight, activity and other stats, whether from a smartwatch or your device’s own sensors. You can also sync information from apps like Runtastic, Runkeeper and Nike+. That list of supported apps should continue to expand in the weeks to come as more developers get on board. The eventual idea is for Fit to be the home of all health information on your device, with information coming in from all of your fitness apps, trackers or smartwatches.

2. Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is the very first app I install on all non-Nexus Android 4.0+ devices. It’s a replacement keyboard with a reasonable amount of customisability and gesture typing – you can swipe from letter to letter to quickly construct words with exceptional accuracy. If you like Swype or Swiftkey, then this is a really nice lightweight alternative. The latest version includes two sweet Material Design themes, too.

1. Messenger

Our top recommendation is still hot off the presses: the standalone Google Messenger app. This SMS client has a beautiful Material Design look, with different colours for each contact based on their profile picture (or just their name). The app is quite straightforward; you can send SMS and MMS messages, archive unwanted messages, get delivery reports and all that jazz. It’s a great-looking app, and it’s available to Android 4.1+ devices right now.

Bonus: Inbox by Gmail

Here’s a bonus app which isn’t really part of the usual Nexus loadout, but does look great and come from Google themselves. It’s called Inbox and it’s a modern remake of Gmail. That means being able to snooze emails to hide them until a certain time, pin them to keep them on top, or set them as ‘done’ to essentially archive them. The interface is Material Design, with nice animations throughout and plenty of white space where necessary. You’ll need an invite to access the service, which you could ask me for in the comments or request from Google directly by emailing


I hope you’ve found these recommendations helpful! Please feel free to make your own recommendations below, or speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun. Thanks again and have a good one!

Top 5 upcoming Google Nexus 6 cases

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Today we’re going to be looking for the very best upcoming cases for the Google Nexus 6. After all, you’ve got to do something while you’re waiting for the phone to be released in the UK, right? Let’s get started.

5. Encase ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case - OrangeBlackBlueRedGreen

Encase ArmourDillo Hybrid Google Nexus 6 Protective Case - Orange    Encase ArmourDillo Hybrid Google Nexus 6 Protective Case - Blue

We begin with an old favourite, the ArmourDillo case from Encase. The Armourdillo has the same reputation for protection as its namesake, with the case offering considerable protection with its hybrid design. The corners and centre of the device are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, while the inner shell is made from a lighter TPU material. The combination provides good drop protection, and there’s even room for a built-in kickstand for watching movies on the phone’s gorgeous six-inch display.

4. Spigen Slim Armor Tough Case - Shimmery WhiteMetal SlateSatin Silver

Spigen Slim Armor Google Nexus 6 Tough Case - Shimmery White    Spigen Slim Armor Google Nexus 6 Tough Case - Metal Slate

Next up is the Spigen Slim Armor, which looks great, adds minimal bulk and protects your phone well. The two-tone case comes in white, slate or silver, and includes cutouts for the camera and even the Motorola logo. There’s also a kickstand built into the back of the case, which is again handy for playing games, watching videos and surfing the web. Once again, we’re looking at a combination of TPU and polycarbonate for the materials here, but in a slightly more elegant form than our last case.

3. Case-Mate Stand Folio Leather Case - Black

Case-Mate Stand Folio Google Nexus 6 Leather Case - Black    Case-Mate Stand Folio Google Nexus 6 Leather Case - Black

Next up is the Case-Mate Stand Folio, which boasts a real leather construction and a classy look. The Stand Folio also comes with a media stand, as the name would suggest. This is a great case for anyone looking for a more classical look.

2. dbrand Skin - Black Carbon FibreTitanium Silver

dbrand Google Nexus 6 Skin - Black Carbon Fibre    dbrand Google Nexus 6 Skin - Titanium Silver

We covered this dbrand skin in detail earlier this week, but the look is so cool that I couldn’t miss including it here too. This skin adheres to the body of your Nexus 6, changing its look and feel without adding bulk. It’s a clever way to get a completely unique-looking case, and the effect is fantastic.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case - Crystal ClearMetal SlateGun MetalMint

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Google Nexus 6 Case - Crystal ClearSpigen Ultra Hybrid Google Nexus 6 Case - Gun Metal

Our winning case this time around is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, particularly its crystal clear version. The Nexus 6 is a great-looking phone, so wear it proudly. This case provides the scratch and impact protection that’ll keep your Nexus 6 looking good, while showing the look of the body through the case instead of hiding it away. A great choice, and a fine place to call an end to our little article.


Thanks for checking out the article! Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. Have a good weekend and we’ll see you next week for more great mobile phone accessories!

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