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iLuv music, iLuv the Galaxy Tab Speaker Dock

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

iLuv iSM524

One of the great features of smartphones and tablets today is the ability to stream and listen to music straight from the device.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab is no different, offering high quality sound playback, but for room filling sound a speaker dock is the best option.

We’ve sourced a really cool iLuv iSM524 Hi-Fi Speaker Dock which not only plays your audio at room filling volumes and excellent quality but it also turns your Galaxy Tab into a home system.  This means you have the ability to hook bluetooth accessories up to it like a keyboard, so you can work on your Tab at a comfortable angle and have your tunes playing too.  I had a look at this little beauty when it was in the office this morning and I am a fan.

In essence as well as being a home entertainment system, the iLuv Hi-Fi Speaker Dock turns your Galaxy Tab into a desktop computer style set up, so whether you’re working or relaxing your Tab is at the perfect angle and ready for any task.

The sound on the iLuv is bought to you by jAura Sound technology which enhances the acoustics and results in clean, accurate and crisp sounds.  Long throw subwoofers in the system provide the maximum air displacement, so that the bass is rich and deep.  Audio is heard in its purest form and the way it’s supposed to be, so you can enjoy every second of audio playback through the iLuv.

iLuv iSM524 Remote

So you can use your Galaxy Tab at the best angle for you, the arm of the iLuv Speaker Dock, rotates and tilts, so whether you’re typing, swiping, typing or just listening to music you can do it in complete comfort.  This is great for watching movies or working – as you can use a bluetooth keyboard with the Speaker Dock too.

With speakers on the front and sides of the iSM524 you get more than 270 degrees of room filling sound which can be controlled at the touch of a button with the included remote.  What’s really clever about the remote is that it can be magnetically stored at the back of the Hi-Fi system so you don’t lose it.

You can also charge your Tab 8.9 or 10.1 whilst it’s docked in the iLuv by using your mini USB cable.  This means you don’t have to worry about running out of battery whilst bopping away to your tunes.  You can stay charged, dance away or work hard in style with the iLuv.

It’s smart, stylish, multi-functional and above all makes your media sound amazing.

What do you think of the iLuv iSM524? Or what’s your favourite speaker dock? Let us know through the usual channels!


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No more fiddling around switching between Sync & Charge on your Galaxy Tab

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

If you want a tablet but don’t fancy going down the Apple avenue, the SIM free Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great powerful alternative which runs on the Android OS instead.

A common complaint from users, though, is that the Tab requires separate cables for syncing and charging – meaning loads of annoying faffing around with wires.  It’s a minor problem, but one it seems a bit odd of Samsung to have overlooked.

Galaxy Tab Sync & Charge Cable

USB Sync & Charge Cable for Galaxy Tab


That’s why we’ve just brought in the a USB Sync and Charge Cable for Galaxy Tab, which (as you’d imagine from the name) is a dual-function cable, letting you choose which you want to do when.  The cable features a switch that can be altered from sync to charge with one flick of the hand, and without compromising on function, safety or security.  And it’s an ample one metre in length, giving you some flexibility about where you plug it in.

Click through to the main site for a range of Samsung Galaxy Tab chargers and Galaxy Tab docks.

Quick Look: Galaxy Tab Docks

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Usually, when a new device like the Tab is launched, there are loads of third party docks, desk stands and speaker docks ready to go with it, however, that’s not the case with the Galaxy Tab Dock. There are still only two docks available for the Tab – the Galaxy Tab Multimedia Dock and the Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Multimedia Desk Dock

The Tab is perfect for watching photos and video, but there will be times where you’ll want to be able to show them to all your friends. You can of course just pass the Tab around, but why not show them off on your HD TV? The Multimedia desk dock for the Galaxy Tab has a built in HDMI port which lets you connect it to your TV quickly and easily. Just sit your Tab in the dock, sit back and enjoy photo slideshows and all your favourite videos on your full size TV. The back of the dock also has ports for your charger and speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Multimedia Desk Dock

Samsung Galaxy Tab Multimedia Desk Dock

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock

Typing on a capacitive touch screen is incredibly easy, but if you often send long emails or write out documents, it can get a little frustrating. This dock features a full sized qwerty keyboard that will allow you to type fast and more accurately. On the back you’ll find all the connections you need to connect your Galaxy Tab to speakers, power or your computer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock

There are a range of Galaxy Tab Desk Stands available already, but these will only hold your Tab, they won’t charge it or allow you to connect it to your TV or PC. You can see our full range on both  MobileFun.co.uk and GearZap.com.

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12 Deals of Christmas: Day 5 – Free Galaxy Tab Case

Friday, December 17th, 2010

It’s day five of our 12 Deals of Christmas promotion where we’re giving away a limited number of vouchers for free gifts, money off  our favourite accessories and free delivery.

Today, we’re offering you a Free Galaxy Tab case when you buy a Galaxy Tab Screen Protector. The FlexiShield Skin and InvisibleShield Screen protector combination is one of the best ways to keey your Tab looking at it’s best.

iPad Folio KeyCase with built in Keyboard

Free FlexiShield when you buy an InvisibleShield

The FlexiShield Skins are made from a tough, flexible gel that absorbs knocks and bumps, but still leaves the tab on display. They’re available in a range of colours and leave the camera and charging ports accessible.

The InvisibleShield Screen Protector is the toughest, most durable gadget scratch protection film available. It’s strong enough to survive attacks from screws, nails and handheld drills.

For the next 24 hours you can get a free FlexiShield Skin when you buy the InvisibleShield Screen protector for just £19.95.

To take part, all you need to do is head over to our Facebook Page, hit the like button and head over to the Xmas Giveaways tab where you’ll be able to see details of the day’s offer and claim your coupon code. You can share details of the offer with all your friends on facebook too, so if the offer doesn’t appeal to you it might to your friends so make sure you post it on your wall so that everyone can see it.

Between now and Christmas we’ve got some great offers on products from some of the biggest names in mobile phone accessories, including JabraSony Ericsson and SanDisk and many more, so make sure you check your Facebook news feed or come back to the blog everyday to find out what the latest offer is.

Things to remember:

  • We’re going to be running a different offer every day
  • Each voucher will only be valid for a 24 hour period (from 10am to 10am the next day).
  • You don’t need a facebook account to claim your code
  • Vouchers are limited, so you’ll need to act quickly to get one

Further details can be found on our Facebook Page.

All I want for Christmas is…. a tablet device. But which tablet to choose?

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

So you want to splash out on a nice hunk of gadgetry for that special person in your life this Christmas – or perhaps you want to convince that lucky, lucky person to splash out on you.  But which tablet device is right for you?

Although they may look similar at first glance – large-screened, flat, enticingly shiny – there’s actually a huge range of different tablet devices available on the market at the moment, with a range of functions.  Here’s a quick guide to help you work out what you need and how to get it.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

We’ll start with the big one – you’ve all heard of it.  With a screen of 9.7 inches, the iPad is the biggest tablet around and makes a great device for coffee tables and train journeys.  Thousands of handy apps make it easy to tailor the iPad to your needs, and it’s perfect for surfing the net, watching movies and video clips and playing games.

Downsides are that the iPad has no camera component – though it’s expected that one will be included in the next version – and no phone component, so you can’t use it for phone or video calls.  It’s also got no support for Adobe Flash, which can be exasperating if using Flash-based sites.  And, whilst it’s got a huge range of books available for download, the screen is a little bright and the device a little heavy for reading for any length of time.

iPad accessories available:
iPad case |  iPad cover |  iPad screen protector |  iPad charger |  iPad stand

Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleFor bookworms, then, the Kindle makes a far better choice for a reading session. This dedicated e-reader is currently the number one best-seller on Amazon, and is racking up thousands of orders in time for Christmas.  Unlike the iPad, the Kindle uses innovative e-ink to make reading it exactly like reading from a book, ensuring that you don’t hurt your eyes.  At 6”, it’s small enough and weighs little enough (less than a paperback) to hold comfortably for long periods.  And with the 3G version now available, you can download books wherever you are.

Downsides are that this e-reader is just that – an e-reader.  Don’t expect any bells or whistles from this one-trick pony, but this is the perfect gift for literary types and costs a lot less than a full tablet device.

Kindle accessories available:
Kindle case |  Kindle cover |  Kindle screen protector |  Kindle Charger |  Kindle light

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung-Galaxy-TabBiggest competitor to the iPad so far (watch this space)!  The Galaxy Tab is smaller than the iPad, at just 7 inches, but it’s about half the weight – meaning you won’t have to contend with arm strain after a lengthy session.  It runs Google’s Android OS, which means that it also supports Adobe Flash, and like the iPad it has a variety of useful apps available (although admittedly not as many as in the iStore), including a Barnes & Noble Nook reader app.

Downsides are that the Tab, like the iPad,  can’t place phone calls – but unlike the iPad, it does come with front and back videos included, making web-based video calls a viable alternative.

Galaxy Tab accessories available:
Galaxy Tab case |  Galaxy Tab cover |  Galaxy Tab screen protector |  Galaxy Tab charger |  Galaxy Tab stylus