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The best portable Bluetooth speaker you could buy: the Logitech UE Boom

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Logitech UE Boom NFC Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Red    Logitech UE Boom NFC Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Red

What’s the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker? According The Verge in their recent This Is My Next article, the title belongs to the Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom. The UE Boom was lauded for its great 360° sound, long battery life and its beautiful water-resistant body. The UE Boom is coming soon to Mobile Fun, so let’s take a closer look.


The UE Boom is a tall cylinder, with speakers embedded around its periphery for 360° sound. That means you can stick the Boom in the centre of a room, and you’ll find everyone gets a nice earful. The UE Boom has a few buttons along one-side, and a pleasant texture that looks good in a range of colours. Black, blue, red and white are all available. The Boom is definitely one of the larger Bluetooth speakers on the market, but it still fits easily enough in a bag or just in your hand. You can take it quite easily to the beach or the boardroom, and it’s water-resistant so it’ll survive the rain.


One of the most important attributes for any Bluetooth speaker is sound quality, and the UE Boom seems well equipped. The Verge report “more bass response and more resonant mids than I’d expect from a speaker this size”, with a clear and powerful sound. It gets loud too, so you can throw a dance party in your living room or the parking lot.

Battery Life

The UE Boom’s larger frame gives it a longer than average battery life, at about sixteen hours of continuous playback. The Boom charges via the same microUSB cable that your phone probably uses, and is able to be almost fully recharged in a few hours.

An award-winning Bluetooth speaker

In a competition of 13 popular Bluetooth speakers, the UE Boom won out with its impressive sound, good battery life and beautiful design. The Boom is coming soon to Mobile Fun, so check out the product pages linked below for more information.

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Qube and Qube2 pocket speakers now in stock

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Two brilliant speakers from Matrix Audio have arrived in stock at Mobile Fun. They’re the Qube and Qube2, a pair of tiny speakers that offer brilliant sound despite their small stature. Let’s take a closer look!

Matrix Audio Qube Universal Pocket Sensor

The Qube is the world’s smallest three watt speaker, and a recipient of the reddot design award 2013. The size of a golf ball, the Qube is small enough to fit inside almost any pocket, but packs a massive sonic punch. The speaker uses Passive Vibrating Bass (PVB) in order to provide a much better bass response than other speakers of this size, suitable for any genre of music.

Qube Pocket Speaker -Silver    Qube Pocket Speaker -Silver

The rich aluminium exterior makes this speaker durable too, so you can use it freely without worry. The worst thing that’s likely to happen is picking up a few cosmetic scratches, but the Qube also comes with a carry pouch that’ll prevent that.

The Qube contains a built-in rechargeable battery that’s good for 8 hours of music playback, enough for a full day of non-stop listening or a full week with regular use. The device connects over a 3.5mm jack, allowing universal compatibility with a range of smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and other devices.

The Qube is a killer 3.5mm mini speaker, and it’s in stock now at Mobile Fun in four colours. For more information, check out the product pages below!

Matrix Audio Qube2 Universal Bluetooth Pocket Speaker

The Qube2 is the next generation of the Qube, offering a couple of new features – including stereo speakers and Bluetooth connectivity.

The headline feature is the inclusion of a second speaker, allowing full stereo sound in the new lozenge-shaped design. Each speaker remains rated at three watts, making this speaker even louder than its predecessor. Passive Vibrating Bass (PVB) technology returns here, ensuring a rich and deep sound despite the speaker’s small size. The Qube2 also remains pocketable and is finished in the same stylish anodised aluminium.

Qube2 Pocket Speaker -Silver    Qube Pocket Speaker -Silver

Bluetooth connectivity is the next big feature to be added to the Qube2, allowing wireless connectivity from up to 30 feet away. The speaker is compatible with any contemporary phone on the market, including iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones. Most tablets and laptops will include Bluetooth too, so chances are good that you’ll be able to connect anything you want.

For more information on this awesome Bluetooth pocket speaker, check out the product page below in the colour of your choice.

Thanks for checking out the article, and I hope you have a chance to try these Matrix Audio Qube speakers yourself! If you have any questions or comments, please share ‘em below.

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Beacon Phoenix Wireless Speaker: Review Roundup

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

The Beacon Audio Phoenix is a cool portable speaker, a teacup-sized cube that produces incredible sound. It connects to your phone, tablet or MP3 player using Bluetooth, making it easy to pump out the jams without wires. There are easy to reach playback controls on the top of the cube so you can adjust the volume and skip tracks without needing to touch your phone. The Phoenix is a brilliant portable speaker and it’s been well recognised by users and critics alike. Let’s see what’s being said about the Beacon Audio Phoenix!

Engadget wrote about it this summer and titled the review “our new favourite portable speaker.” They praised the handsome colour and curved design. Of the sound quality they said that “the Phoenix puts out the best balance of quality and volume we’ve ever heard in a speaker of this size… almost completely distortion-proof.”

Gizmodo had a look at the blue version of the speaker, and awarded it 2nd place in their “best $100 Bluetooth Speaker” review, behind the better sounding but also considerably larger Soundfreaq Sound Kick. They called the Phoenix “freaking adorable” and “impressively powerful”, recommending it as the best ultra-portable speaker for $100.

Maxim reviewed the Phoenix and scored it highly for its portability and ease of connection. They did point out that the sound becomes “a bit tinny and tiny” in large open rooms at loud volumes, but “those that expect orchestra-quality sound from a palm-sized speaker are natural born complainers.”

Fellow fashionable outfit GQ also reviewed the device, explaining that it sounds as if it were twice the size or more and “syncing is as easy as turning it on.”

People recognised the Phoenix as #1 in their Father’s Day 2012 coverage, calling it a “small package” with “big surround sound.” That’s not technically correct (it’s only stereo from the two speakers rather than true surround) but it’s definitely a hearty recommendation.

Our final review comes from Elektro Daily, who tested the Phoenix in a hotel in Atlantic City. He managed to get the speaker so loud that hotel staff received multiple complaints of “a massive party” happening in his room. When he showed them the tiny speaker that was producing the racket, “they could not believe it… the looks on their faces were priceless.” He concluded the review by calling the Phoenix “an absolute must-have.”

So there we have it – six reviews, six glowing recommendations. So if you’re looking for a stylish portable speaker that packs massive sound into a very small space, check out the Beacon Audio Phoenix on Mobile Fun!

We’re currently running a promotion on the Phoenix; we’re selling the black version for just £49.99! You can also pick up the red and blue versions at a slightly higher price.

(As always, these prices are correct as of the time of writing, but please check the product pages for the most up-to-date information!)

Thanks for reading, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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