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Air Protect Galaxy S5 case compatible with official wireless charging cover

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Belkin Air Protect Grip Samsung Galaxy S5 Bumper Case - Fuchsia    Belkin Air Protect Grip Samsung Galaxy S5 Bumper Case - Black / Grey

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a strong phone with relatively few design flaws, but here is one: when you have the official wireless charging cover installed, not all Galaxy S5 cases will keep fitting your phone. That’s why we’ve added a new case that does fit over the wireless charging cover, called the Belkin Air Protect Grip Bumper Case. Let’s take a closer look.

The Air Protect is a slim bumper case, which adds both grip and drop protection to your Galaxy S5. The bumper sports a dual-layer design, with reinforced flared corners that assist in dissipating the shock of drops or knocks. These corners add a lip around both the screen and the rear cover, ensuring that the brunt of the impact is taken by the bumper and not by the Galaxy S5′s vulnerable screen.

Belkin Air Protect Grip Samsung Galaxy S5 Bumper Case - Fuchsia    Belkin Air Protect Grip Samsung Galaxy S5 Bumper Case - Black / Grey

The rear of the phone is also protected from damage, thanks to a tough plastic backing which shrugs off scratches and prevents damage to the phone inside. This is transparent, to better allow you to show off the colour of Galaxy S5 that you chose. This also makes it easy to see details like the embossed Samsung logo and the textured finish of the battery cover.

The Belkin Air Protect is one of the best cases to use with the Official Wireless Charging Cover, and it will be available soon at Mobile Fun. The Air Protect comes in two colours – Black / Grey and Fuschia – which are available in fuller detail via the product pages linked here:

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Make your home a little bit smarter with the WeMo Home Automation Switch

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control your house from your phone? Turn on your air conditioner before you got home? Turn on your coffee machine from bed? Turn off your oven without turning around?

With the Belkin WeMo Home Automation Switch, you can do just that. All it takes is one of these magic switches and an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Just plug your Belkin between your appliance and the plug socket, connect to your wireless network and you’re ready to go. Download the free WeMo app to your phone, and identify what’s plugged into the Belkin. Then you can turn the appliance on and off from the comfort of your iPhone.

What’s more, this app doesn’t just work when you’re at home. The Belkin uses your home internet connection to get online, so you can control your appliances using your mobile internet or WiFi no matter where you are in the world.

You can also take things a step further by setting schedules – turn on your radiators at the same time each day, or ensure that your iron is off before you go to bed.

The app supports an unlimited number of switches too, so you can control multiple appliances separately – you could have an entire smart home!

With its easy setup procedure, one touch operation and perfect results you’ll definitely be pleased with your Belkin WeMo.

For more information, check out the product page linked below or this review of the product by 9to5Mac!

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Find household energy wasters with the Belkin Conserve Insight

Friday, May 31st, 2013

In today’s world of always-on technology, it can be hard to know which of your  gadgets are costing you the most in electricity. With the Belkin Conserve Insight, you’ll be able to get to the bottom of your devices’ energy usage and see exactly how much each device would cost you over the course of a year, without needing to do any calculations yourself.

The Conserve Insight couldn’t be easier to use – just plug it in to your mains socket, then plug the device that you want to test into the Conserve Insight. On the attached display, you’ll be able to see how the realtime cost, watts and CO2 produced. Simply press the buttons below the device’s screen to see each value, and press again to switch between monthly and yearly forecasts.

Unlike awkward energy monitors that place the display on the plug itself, the display unit is connected via a 1.8 metre cable so it’s always easy to read – you can place it at eye level or on a table instead of needing to squint into the darkness to see the results! The display’s design is user friendly too, with all information presented clearly and concisely.

With the Conserve Insight, it’s easy to find the devices that are costing you the most to power, so you can make changes and save money.

We’ve put together a video showing precisely how the Belkin Conserve Insight works. If you’re interested, check it out below!

So there you have it – that’s the money-saving Belkin Conserve Insight, available right now from Mobile Fun.

Thanks for reading the article. For more information on this simple money-saver, including live pricing and availability information, check out the official product page listed below.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, feel free to share them below!

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Three iPad 3 cases I’m excited about…

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

We’ve always got new iPad 3 accessories coming into stock here at Mobile Fun HQ: whether it’s a sleek new dock, battery extenders or speakers so you can listen to your music; but the one thing that always gets me excited is new iPad 3 cases.

To me an iPad 3 case is like an item of clothing for your iPad, so you want it to look good and match the environment you’re in. So with this in mind here’s the three iPad 3 cases which I’m looking forward to being released in the future:

Belkin Folio Case with Storage

Belkin Folio Case with Storage

I’m a girly girl so I’ll admit that I love pink and that’s one of teh reasons why I like this case.

I think it’s fair to say that quite often iPad 3 case styles can be seen to be dull and boring and aimed mainly at use in the office – so they’re professional and not likely to turn any heads.

Personally I like to add a splash of colour to my gadgets so this Belkin case is perfect.  Not only that but it also has a different texture to most other iPad covers, being softer (as it’s padded) which to me adds a touch of femininity to the cover.

Looks aside, this case is really useful – it protects all of your iPad from day to day damage, but when you’re using your iPad the front cover turns into a stand.  This means you can watch movies at a more comfortable angle than before, display your iPad in style and if you have to do some work on your iPad too….

Another clever feature of this case is that it has a secret internal storage compartment so you can store important documents or train tickets so you don’t have to rummage around for them. The case is protective and durable, so it’ll keep your iPad looking newer for longer.


Cygnett Lavish Connect Case

Cygnett Lavish Connect Case with Stand and Keyboard 

The second case I’m excited about is the Cygnett Lavish Connect Case with Stand and Bluetooth Keyboard (but of a mouthful there).  This case is perfect for the office and business use.

It’s professional and highly stylish, so will suit any business environment and impress others with it’s high work functionality.  This comes from the included bluetooth keyboard which will help increase productivity and accuracy, so you can get work completed quicker.

The Connect Case itself is highly protective and stylish, protecting the screen of your iPad when it’s not in use and housing a secret little stand too which allows you to use your iPad at a number of angles.  Therefore you can work at the perfect angle for typing as well as the best angle for streaming media.

Magnets hold your iPad in place during transit, so you know it’s protected and won’t move, so it’s the perfect companion for long journies as well as work.

This iPad 3 cover is impressive and aims to impress your colleagues, from it’s timeless style to it’s functionality.  I’m a fan.


Gear 4 iPad 3 Angry Birds Executive Cover With Stand

Gear4 Angry Birds Executive Cover with Stand

This case I like to call the sneaky case – from afar it looks highly professional and serious, but when you look a little closer you can see the little Angry Birds Red Bird printed in the corner of the case, adding that sprinkling of character to the case.

I feel that this cover is perfect for both social and professional use, as the case looks and is highly professional, yet the added character through the Red Bird has that aspect of social.

The front cover of the case acts as an iPad 3 screen protector when your iPad isn’t in use, but when you are using it, it transforms into a stand for your iPad – so watching media, typing and swiping is that little more comfortable.

The case is highly protective from day to day bumps, drops, scrapes and scratches, but even better the case is thin and lightweight too.  This makes it easy to carry around and use without adding much bulk to your slim iPad.

You can still access all the ports and features of your iPad 3 with this case meaning your iPad is fully functioning at all times and that you don’t have to keep removing and re-applying the case.


These three cases are available for pre-order now and I can’t wait for them to be in stock!  What iPad cases are you excited about?  Let us know via the usual channels.

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The slickest iPad 3 cover around

Monday, March 26th, 2012

There’s a lot of new cases and covers cropping up for the new iPad 3, but by far the slickest one around is the Belkin Verve Folio case.

Belkin Verve Folio Case

Extremely thin and lightweight, this iPad 3 cover fits your iPad like a glove, refusing to add large amounts of bulk and totally in keeping with the slim design of the iPad.  It only adds a few millimetres to the thickness of your iPad, but in exchange for that you get hard wearing protection and a slick design.

The durable outer layer of the Belkin Folio is where this iPad case really shines: it protects your iPad from day to day bumps, drops, scratches and scrapes as you’d expect, but the design of the case is sleek and professional enough for work yet stylish enough for socialising.  The dark covering of the case means it’ll go with any outfit and looks highly business like when your pull it out of your bag.

All of your new iPad is protected when using this iPad cover as it’s a folio style, meaning the display of your iPad is protected when not in use.  Team this cover with an iPad screen protector for the ultimate protection from finger prints, dust and dirt on the display of your new iPad.  Your entire iPad remains looking newer for longer and the quad core graphics don’t go to waste either!

We think this iPad cover is slick, stylish and one of the best around for social and business use but what do you think?  Let us know through the usual channels…

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