Mozilla announce Webmaker, an app to democratise web content creation


There are billions of people accessing the world wide web, but only a fraction of these are able to easily produce content for others to see. Particularly for people in developing nations who are accessing the internet largely on low-end smartphones, it can be difficult to actually produce something of value without specialised knowledge, considerable cash or both. Language can be another barrier, with most free tools for content creation existing in English, Mandarin or other dominant languages. Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, is attempting to correct this imbalance with a free Android app called Webmaker.

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Spaceteam: a cooperative shouting game


Last night a few friends introduced me to what is possibly the best smartphone party game I’ve ever played: Spaceteam. Billed as a “cooperative shouting game”, the game is played on up to four mobile phones or tablets (Android or iPhone), all of which need to be on the same WiFi. Once you’ve passed that particular hurdle, you just need to start up the game and hit go.

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