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The easiest way to arrange a return is to take your parcel to a local Collect+ point.  Collect+ is available at over 5,900 local stores across the UK and most are open 7 days a week from early morning until late at night.

Collect+ provide a convenient and secure returns process with a fully traceable service.  All parcels will have their own tracking number that allows you to track your parcel all the way back to us.

How to return an item
How to get a Pre-Paid Returns Label
Locate a store
How to track your parcel

How to Return an Item

To return items please follow these four simple steps below;

  1. First submit the Mobile Fun Returns Form online so we can identify your return. This will generate a Unique Returns Number (U.R.N) which you must include with your parcel.
  2. Next, visit the Collect+ website to download and print a Returns Label, remembering to enter your U.R.N into the empty field marked Unique Returns Number Ref.
  3. Take the parcel to a Collect+ store and ensure you get a receipt which will have your tracking number on.
  4. You can then track your parcel by re-visiting the Collect+ website and entering the tracking number located on your receipt

Please be aware that it can take up to 10 working days for your parcel to be received by us, and a further 5 days to process your return.

This service is not available for orders shipped outside of the UK mainland or International orders.  In this case, returns must be made using your own courier or postal service, however we recommend getting proof of postage and suitable insurance as Mobile Fun will not accept liability for parcels lost or damaged in transit back to us – in addition Mobile Fun will not refund return postage for returns outside of the UK Mainland.

Parcels should be up to 50 x 30 x 30cm and no heavier than 10kg. Collect+ only offers compensation to the value of £50 in the event of loss or damage to a parcel. Please see our terms and conditions for our full returns policy.

How to get a Pre-Paid Returns Label

To generate a pre-paid label simply go to our Collect+ page and enter your full Postcode, Name, Email Address and Unique Returns Number (U.R.N) which is generated from our Online Returns form.

Generate a returns label

Once you have entered your postcode, name, email address and returns reference number, click on the Continue button. This will then generate your Returns Label to print off and will look similar to the one shown below.  You can print the label by clicking on the Print button. A copy of the label will also be sent to your email address.

Returns label will be sent by email

Returns label will be sent by email

Locate a store

There are over 5,500 Collect+ Stores nationwide to locate your local collection point, visit the Collect+ website, enter your postcode and click search or text COLLECT and your postcode to 84555 (e.g COLLECT B8 1AU).

Texts from 84555 are free to receive.  Texts to 84555 are charged at your standard network rate.  Full terms and conditions at .
Click to find your local Collect+ Store

Click to find your local Collect+ Store

Your local stores will then be displayed on a map to help find your nearest collection point.  Each store will have their full address and opening times displayed on the right-hand side.

Use the Collect+ website to find your nearest collection point

Use the Collect+ website to find your nearest collection point

How to track

  1. Obtain the Collect+ tracking reference from your customer receipt
  2. Log on to the Collect+ Website at
  3. Enter the Collect+ tracking reference from your receipt
  4. The website will return the tracking information for your parcel.  The status of the parcel is shown on the left; these indicate each time the parcel has been scanned on its journey. To the right of the status is the time and date that the parcel was scanned

Below is an explanation of the Status updates. This is a typical parcel journey but you may see additional or fewer scans when tracing some parcels.

Collect+ Parcel Status Definitions

Customer drops parcel into a Collect+ store:
A: Delivery Booked: Time & date that the customer’s parcel was scanned into store by the Collect+ agent.
B: Labelled as: XXXX: This is the recognition of the parcel UPI  which will be used within the HDNL system to track the parcel. The UPI is shown on your receipt.

Parcel Collected by a HDN Driver from the Collect+ Store

C: Parcel Collected by Courier: The Collect+ agent has scanned the parcel out of the store as it was collected by the driver.
D: Parcel Collected by ‘depot name’ van: The driver has now scanned the parcel into their van. Your parcel has left the Collect+ store.

The parcel is at the collection depot.

E: Received into ‘depot name’ depot: The parcel has been scanned out of the driver’s van into the depot.
F: Despatched from ‘depot name’ depot: The depot scanned the parcel out of the depot to travel to the sort centre.

Sorted at ‘sorting centre name’:

G: The parcel is sorted at this centre and sent on to the depot that will deliver the parcel back to us.

The parcel is at the delivery depot

H: Received into ‘depot name’: The parcel has been delivered & scanned into the depot
I: Into Container at ’depot name’: The parcel is scanned into a container ready for return to us.
J: Despatched from ‘depot name’: The depot has scanned the parcel ready to go on to the Driver’s van.
K: Loaded Onto Vehicle ‘depot name Van: The parcel has been scanned by the driver into their van.

The parcel has been returned to us

L: Delivered to Customer: The parcel has been delivered back to Mobile Fun.