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Spigen shows its range with stylish earphones and a durable power bank

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Spigen are normally known for their quality cases and screen protectors, but the millennial South Korean company produces a wide array of phone accessories. Recently we’ve added two of these to our virtual shelves – a stylish set of aluminium earphones and a portable USB power bank. Let’s take a closer look!

Spigen TEKA Aluminium Earphones – Black / Red

Spigen TEKA Aluminium Earphones - Black / Red    Spigen TEKA Aluminium Earphones - Black / Red

The Spigen TEKA are a beautiful set of in-ear headphones, with a stylish red cable and trim. The dynamic drivers inside provide clear and rich bass, on a level that’s impressive for in-ear headphones. The modern look extends to the tangle-free flat cable, slim in-line remote control / mic and svelte carrying bag. You’ll get three cup sizes with the headphones, so you should be able to find a comfortable fit for your ears. If you’re looking for some premium headphones that look the part, then these should be near the top of your wishlist.

Spigen TEKA Aluminium Earphones - Black / Red    Spigen TEKA Aluminium Earphones - Black / Red

Spigen F70Q Dual USB 7000mAh Power Bank

Spigen F70Q Dual USB Portable Quick Charge Power Bank - 7000mAh    Spigen F70Q Dual USB Portable Quick Charge Power Bank - 7000mAh

Our next accessory is equally practical: the Spigen F70Q, a portable charger that provides 7000mAh of power through two USB ports. You’ll be able to charge a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously at full speed, thanks to one 2.1A port and one 1A port. The power bank is surprisingly slim and light for its capacity, and is well-built too. It can even resist drops, thanks to Air Cushion technology that Spigen have brought from their best-selling cases. It’s a clever and complete charging package, offering some new and exciting in a field of boring black boxes.

Spigen F70Q Dual USB Portable Quick Charge Power Bank - 7000mAh    Spigen F70Q Dual USB Portable Quick Charge Power Bank - 7000mAh


Thanks for checking out the article! For more information, please visit the product pages linked above or write to us in the comments below. You can also tweet or follow us on Twitter @mobilefun. Thanks so much guys, and stay tuned for more sick Mobile Fun Blog posts!

Attention, drivers – here’s the perfect accessory pack for you

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Do you drive? Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? Good – this blog post is for you. We’ve created an outstanding in-car accessories pack, designed to provide everything you need to get the most out of your mobile when you’re on the road. The pack includes five accessories worth nearly £70, but you’ll pay half that – just £34.95! Let’s take a look at the Olixar Universal In Car Pack.

Olixar Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth hands-free kit

Our first item is one of the best-selling items at Mobile Fun: the Clip & Talk hands-free kit. This hands-free kit lets you talk on the phone while driving safely and legally. You can expect crystal clear sound thanks to the inclusion of DSP technology, and a capacious battery that provides 16 hours of talktime. There’s even multipoint capabilities, allowing you to pair with two devices at once.

Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices    Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices

Olixar Dual USB Super Fast car charger

The Dual USB Super Fast car charger is another fast favourite at Mobile Fun, offering the ability to charge two devices at high speeds. The Super Fast provides 3.1A of charging speed, capable of charging both a smartphone and tablet as fast as possible. The simple design takes up minimal space too, making it easy to stash in the glovebox or take with you to rental cars.

Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices    Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices

Olixar Dock & Go car holder

The Dock & Go is a clever car holder, capable of holding a wide range of smartphones (with or without cases) in its extensible jaws. The Dock & Go can be fitted to the dashboard or windscreen, with a 360 degree rotating ball joint to ensure full adjustability.

Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices    Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices

High Speed Micro USB and Lightning cables

The final part of the pack is a pair of USB cables – one for micro USB devices like Androids and Windows Phones, the other for Lightning devices like iPhones and iPads. These high speed cables let you charge on the move, without you needing to go to the trouble of using the same cable at home and in the car.

Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices    Olixar Universal In Car Pack for Lightning & Micro USB devices


So there we have it – five awesome accessories, bundled together into the ultimate Olixar Universal In Car Pack. For more information, please visit the product page or ask us a question in the comments below. Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to have a great weekend ahead!

Microsoft Band (and Microsoft Health) coming soon to Mobile Fun

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Microsoft recently got into the fitness game with the release of its health platform, called simply Microsoft Health. The service turns data gathered from fitness devices and apps into simple, useful insights that help you become healthier.

One of the fitness devices it supports is Microsoft’s first fitness tracker: the Microsoft Band. The Band is one of the most powerful fitness trackers ever, packing an amazing amount of sensors into a slim TPE band. It’s also the first truly cross-platform fitness devices: the Band works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Band is coming soon to Mobile Fun, so let’s take a closer look.

The Microsoft Band looks simple at first glance. It’s a large rubberised band, with a large rectangular colour display on the front and a clasp on the back. The closer you look, the more you find. The screen is a touchscreen, capable of showing live fitness data and even texts, emails and calls from your phone. The sliding clasp is designed to grow and contract to fit your wrist, whether you want a loose fit for daily use or a tighter one while you’re working out.

On the inner side of the band, its capabilities are easily explained – the entire ring is studded with sensors. That includes a 24 hour heart rate sensor, accelerometers and gyrometers for counting steps and tracking sleep, GPS to map the routes that you’ve run or biked and a UV monitor to see if you need sunscreen. There are other sensors too, like a galvanic skin response sensor that measures stress and sweat, a skin temperature sensor and plain old ambient light and capacitive sensors. It’s a startlingly comprehensive package, 10 sensors in all, far more than other fitness accessories.

Through clever algorithms and these sensors, the Microsoft Band is able to automatically record your exercise throughout the day, telling the difference between walking and biking; pull-ups and push-ups. You can also download workouts to the Band, which will guide you through a set of exercises and rests. You can also use the Microsoft Health app on your phone to see videos of how to do each step with good form, which The Verge found quite useful when they didn’t know what kind of move a V-Up was.

The Microsoft Band will be available in the coming weeks at Mobile Fun. For live pricing and availability data – and the ability to be notified when stock arrives – please visit the product page linked below:

Thanks for checking out the article; leave your comments below.

Our first Microsoft Lumia 535 accessories

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

The Microsoft Lumia 535 is the very first Windows Phone to bear Microsoft’s own branding, as they part ways with the Nokia name. It’s also a brilliant budget phone, offering more features and better specifications than its predecessor at a lower price. Here are our first accessories for the Lumia 535.

Official Flip Shell Case - Black, Green, Orange

Official Microsoft Lumia 535 Flip Shell Case - Green    Official Microsoft Lumia 535 Flip Shell Case - Orange

Our first accessory for the Lumia 535 comes from Microsoft themselves: the official Flip Shell Case. This svelte case covers the screen with soft microfibre to prevent damage there, but doesn’t add much protection (or bulk) to the sides of your phone. The case is available in three colours, giving you a nice chance to match or complement the colour of your Lumia 535.

MFX Screen Protector

MFX Microsoft Lumia 535 Screen Protector    MFX Microsoft Lumia 535 Screen Protector

Next up is this scratch-resistant plastic screen protector from MFX. This is a budget option that will take the scratches and hits so that the screen itself doesn’t have to, saving you from a costly repair charge. The screen protector is made just for the Lumia 535 and fits precisely. It’s easy to apply too, thanks to an application card and screen cleaning cloth with comprehensive instructions.

Encase FlexiShield Case - Frost White, Black, Smoke Black

Encase FlexiShield Microsoft Lumia 535 Case - Smoke Black    Encase FlexiShield Microsoft Lumia 535 Case - Frost White

Our final accessory are these three Encase FlexiShield cases, which offer a mixture of good protection and a slim fit. The cases are available in white and two flavours of black; on the majority the Microsoft branding can be seen through the case. The FlexiShield isn’t the most protective option around, but you’ll find that this Lumia 535 case handles the rigours of daily use with ease.


That’s all for now folks! We’ll be keeping tabs on this sweet Microsoft mobile and we’ll be back with more cases and accessories in the coming days and weeks.

Any questions or comments? Leave ‘em below or speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun or on Facebook at Love Your Mobile.

Microsoft announce HD-10 screen sharing device for Lumia phones (and Android!)

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Microsoft unveiled quite a cool accessory last week: a screen-sharing device for Lumia phones called the HD-10. The device works by wirelessly transmitting your Lumia handset’s screen to a receiver plugged into your TV’s HDMI port. You can quickly establish the connection by tapping your NFC-enabled Windows phone onto the NFC disc provided. It’s a pretty sensible solution, and finally gives Lumia owners an ability that has existed for Android and Apple for some time.

Once a connection is established, everything on your screen will be shown on your TV in glorious 1080p with up to 5.1 surround sound. That means you can play games, watch videos or play music on the biggest screen in the room. The HD-10 works with projectors and monitors too, making it an ideal choice for giving presentations. The device weighs just 115 grams, so it’s no problem to stick it in your bag or pocket for use on the road.

Microsoft are also allowing the HD-10 to work with Android and other devices through using the Miracast standard - something we covered in our ‘how to connect your Android device to a TV’ guide. It’s a nice move from Microsoft, and means that friends and roommates with Android devices will still be able to benefit from this cool functionality.

The HD-10 looks like a pretty useful gadget to have around. Microsoft’s screen-sharing device is currently on pre-order, and is expected to retail for around £60 later this month. For more photos and information, including live price and availability data, please visit the product page listed below:

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