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Top 5 Nokia Lumia 520 Cases

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The humble Nokia Lumia 520 is a great budget phone, with a large screen, beautiful design and slick Windows Phone 8 software. The 520 has proven quite popular so far, so let’s take a look at some of the best Lumia 520 cases available for it right now.

5. FlexiShield Case for Nokia Lumia 520 – Clear
FlexiShield Case For Nokia Lumia 525 / 520 - Clear

This clear case adds a flexible gel shell to your Lumia 520, protecting it from damage like scratches or knocks. The case is low price, but fits the phone well with all the right cutouts and dimensions. The FlexiShield is slim too, adding very little bulk at all. A good budget option, just like the Lumia 520 itself.

4. Adarga Wallet Case for Nokia Lumia 520 – Black

Adarga Wallet Case for Lumia 525/520    Adarga Wallet Case for Lumia 525/520

This wallet case for the Lumia 520 by Adarga is a professional-looking choice, adding black leather effect materials to the front and back. The flip cover used here ensures good protection of the screen, while also adding three credit card slots inside. The case includes an optional wrist strap, to ensure that you don’t drop the phone.

3. Nokia Shell for Lumia 520 – Red
Nokia Shell Lumia 525 / 520 - Red - CC-3068REDNokia Lumia 520 Shell - Yellow - CC-3068YEL

This shell, available in red and yellow, is made by Nokia themselves. It adds a good amount of protection to the phone, while maintaining the overall style that Nokia created here. The colours look stunning, and the fit is precise too. A great choice for anyone that loves the vivid look of these Lumia phones, but wants to protect them too.

2. Adarga Leather Style Flip Case for Nokia Lumia 520 – Black

Leather Style Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - White    Leather Style Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - White

This leather flip case is one of the most popular Lumia 520 cases on the market, with a classically stylish black leather look. The case opens vertically to make using your phone easy, and easily closes with a magnetic fastener. The case fits the phone well, and includes cutouts in all the right areas to ensure full accessibility while the case is installed.

1. Trident Aegis Case for Nokia Lumia 520 – Blue

Trident Aegis Case for Lumia 525/520 - Blue    Trident Aegis Case for Lumia 525/520 - Blue

This is one of the most protective cases available for the Lumia 520, offering excellent resistance to knocks, drops and scratches. Silicone plugs protect the microUSB and headphone jacks, ensuring no dust or water can reach them. A screen protector is also included, completing this case’s sphere of protection. The Trident Aegis is a good looking case too, with a two-tone design that comes in blue, red and green. It’s a fine choice for any Lumia 520 owner looking for added protection.


So those were five of the best cases available for the Nokia Lumia 520. I hope you found the recommendations useful, and feel free to share your own in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Watch videos and play games from your smartphone on your TV the easy way

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

ASUS Miracast Dongle

The ASUS Miracast Dongle is the easiest way to mirror what’s happening on your smartphone or tablet onto your HDTV, in real time. You can use it to watch movies, play games and listen to music quickly and easily, without needing a Smart TV or even to connect up wires from your device to your TV.

Setting up the Miracast Dongle is simple. Just plug the dongle’s USB adapter into a power source (either a powered USB port or an AC adapter), then plug the dongle into your TV’s HDMI port. Then, all you need to do is log onto your wireless network with your device, and follow the instructions that will appear on-screen.

ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White    ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White

Once you’ve set up the Dongle, you just need to turn on mirroring, and anything you see on your smartphone or tablet’s screen will be shown on your connected HDTV. So you can queue up a video on Netflix, play your favourite mobile game or surf the web. Everything will be transmitted to your TV in gorgeous 1080p Full HD, with minimal input lag thanks to the 802.11 N wireless link.

If you’re sick of straining your eyes or holding a tiny screen up to your face,  then this will be absolute heaven. Videos look noticeably better and games are much more immersive as well.

ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White    ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White

The Dongle is portable too. It weighs just 35 grams, and can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag. That means you can use it with the projector at the office, the TV in your hotel suite or just the monitor at your desk. Wherever you are, it’s easy to kick back and relax with your favourite content on the biggest screen in the room.

The ASUS Miracast Dongle works with a wide range of smartphones and tablets, too. It’s compatible with Android devices running version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and up, Windows devices running Windows 8.1 (a free upgrade to Windows 8) and BlackBerry devices running system software 10.2 and above.

The Dongle is in stock now, and you can see more details via the product page below:

ASUS Miracast Dongle

Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate DC-50

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Nokia have always produced strong accessories, and their latest effort is definitely one of their best. It’s called the Portable Wireless Charging Plate DC-50, and it’s pretty much the only charging accessory you’ll ever need. The DC-50 isn’t just for Windows Phones, either – this killer accessory works with Android handsets like the Galaxy S4 and Nexus 5 as well.

So what exactly is the DC-50? Well, it’s a lot of things. Most importantly, it’s a Qi wireless charger. Place a compatible phone or tablet atop the charging plate, and you’ll experience easy and rapid charging. This works with devices that come with Qi wireless charging built in, as well as those with accessories that add wireless charging capabilities (e.g. the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4).

The DC-50 also works as a portable battery pack, with a capacity of 2400 mAh. That’s enough to fully recharge most mobiles, doubling your potential battery life. As well as providing wireless charging on the go, you can also charge wired-only handsets using a standard USB cable. That means basically every phone, tablet and accessory can be charged by the Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate.

This is also probably the most stylish charger I’ve ever seen, and it’s available in the standard friendly range of Nokia colours – including cyan (shown above), yellow, red and white. Where other chargers are boring and clunky, the DC-50 is fresh and fun.

This awesome Nokia accessory was announced at Nokia World earlier this week, and will be available at Mobile Fun in the near future.  This is definitely the ideal Nokia Lumia 1520 charger, and it’s great for so many other phones as well.

For the latest pricing and availability information, we recommend that you have a look at the product pages linked below:

Thanks for checking out the article. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Sim-free Nokia Lumia 1520 to be sold unlocked by Mobile Fun

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Sim Free Nokia Lumia 1520 - Black    Sim Free Nokia Lumia 1520 - Black

We’re happy to announce that we will be stocking the Nokia Lumia 1520, unlocked and sim-free, here at Mobile Fun.

If you didn’t read the announcement post yesterday, the Lumia 1520 is new Windows Phone that’s a lot different than what we’ve seen before, both from Microsoft and from Nokia.

The Lumia 1520 is a 6″ phablet, similar in size to the Galaxy Note 3, HTC One Max and Xperia Z Ultra. The 1080p resolution screen looks gorgeous, with that extra space put to good use – you’ll have a third column of live tiles on the home screen, and much more screen real estate in all apps. Like the Lumia 720, the phone is available in a bunch of great colours, including yellow, red, white and black. This is the very first phablet that Nokia has produced, but the Finnish team’s flair for design has kept them in good stead here.

The 1520 has some killer hardware specifications to match that big design, with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. It’s the most powerful Windows Phone ever, and finally allows Windows Phone to stand up to the very best of Android.

Photography is also a big focus for the Lumia 1520. On the back you’ll find a 20 megapixel PureView camera, which is better than almost anything else on the maret – apart from Nokia’s own designated cameraphone, the Lumia 1020, with its 41 megapixel sensor. This camera is paired with a new app, which allows you to refocus shots after you’ve taken them, just like the innovative Lytro camera. It’s a cool effect, and definitely opens the door to even more photographic opportunities.

The Lumia 1520 is an amazing phone, and we can’t wait to give it a try ourselves! We don’t yet have a firm price or release date, but we’re expecting this premium device to be available just in time for the winter holidays.

For more information and to pre-order the phone, check out our product page linked below. Thanks for reading the article and have a good week!

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Nokia Lumia 1320 announced: a budget Windows Phone phablet

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

The final Lumia announced by Nokia today is a budget phone, the Lumia 1320. Like its elder brother the Lumia 1520, the phablet sports a 6-inch display, but with lowered specifications to hit a much lower price point. Let’s take a look.


The Lumia 1320 looks very similar to the Lumia 1520 – it’s difficult to tell the two apart from the front, although on the back you can see the difference between the larger PureView camera of the 1520 and standard 5 megapixel unit of the 1320. What is more noticeable is the scale of this phone – it is much larger than any other Lumia we’ve seen before, and definitely requires two hands for optimal use. The design is similar to other Lumias, with rounded corners and a nice feeling unibody chassis. The phone comes in orange, yellow, black and white.


The Lumia 1320 isn’t as much of a powerhouse as the Lumia 1520, but thanks to the low demands of Windows Phone, it still operates slickly. You’ll find a dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor, a 720p display and 1 GB of RAM. On the camera front, you’ll have the five megapixel rear-facer I mentioned earlier, along with a VGA camera on the front for video chatting.


Like the 1520, the Lumia 1320 runs the latest release of Windows Phone, GDR3. That includes support for the third column of live tiles, as well as other small improvements in areas like multi-tasking, driving and rotation lock.


There are no unique accessories for the Lumia 1320, as we saw with the other two Lumias announced today, but there will of course be the standard range of Lumia 1320 cases and covers, as well as other 1320 accessories.


The Lumia 1320 will launch in China and Vietnam first, but is expected to be launched worldwide before Christmas. The phone is much cheaper than the 1520 – $339 versus $749 – and therefore could be a bit hit with budget-conscious consumers.

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