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Win a £550 smartphone for voting in the What Mobile Awards

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Want a chance to win a £550 smartphone and help out your friends at Mobile Fun in the process? All you need to do is vote for us in the What Mobile Awards, where we’ve been nominated for Best Accessory Retailer. Each person that votes in the Awards is entered to win one of four top-end smartphones: the iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 and the HTC One M8.

You can vote for Mobile Fun at Question 13 on the voting page. From there, just proceed to the final question and hit ‘done’ to save your score… and don’t forget to fill in your contact details if you’d like to be eligible to win a phone!

>> Click here to vote in the What Mobile Awards <<

Thanks to the support of our customers and community we’ve won Best Accessory Retailer for the past two years, and we’d appreciate your vote once again. Let’s make it three times running!

Vote for us in the What Mobile Awards 2014

Friday, July 11th, 2014

The What Mobile Awards 2014 have arrived.

Thanks to the support of our customers, we have been able to take home the title of Best Accessory Retailer for the past two years. We have been nominated for this prestigious award once more this year, and we’d appreciate your help in securing our third straight award!

The What Mobile Awards are giving away a £550 smartphone to four lucky voters. If you take part, you’re in with a shot of winning an iPhone 5S, a Samsung Galaxy S5, a Sony Xperia Z2 and an HTC One M8.

Click here to vote in the What Mobile Awards

We are being nominated in the ‘Best accessory retailer 2014′ category, which appears as question 13 (as seen below).

It takes only a few minutes to vote, and as well as helping us out you’re giving yourself a shot of winning a new smartphone worth £550.

Thanks for taking part in the contest, and we’ll let you know how we get on once the winners are announced!

Here’s where you’ll find Mobile Fun – question 13!


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Voucher code for free delivery on all Spigen cases and accessories

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Spigen Slim Armor HTC One CaseSpigen SGP Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Champagne Gold

Spigen produce some of our very favourite cases and accessories, offering protection, style and a slim fit. Starting today, we can make it a little easier for you to buy Spigen accessories yourself. We’re giving free delivery for all Spigen products from July 1st until July 15th, using the code SPIGENDEL.

That includes cases for the iPhone 5SiPhone 5CiPhone 5Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S4HTC One M8 and Google Nexus 5, amongst many others.

There are also Spigen SGP screen protectors for many popular phones.

Spigen SGP iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 GLAS.tR Nano Ultra Slim Screen ProtectorSpigen Screen Protector Steinheil Samsung Galaxy S5 - Ultra Optics

If your phone isn’t listed among those links, you can easily find the right cases or accessories by searching for Spigen and then the name of your phone in the search box at the top of the site.

Remember, that’s free delivery on all Spigen products when you use the code SPIGENDEL during checkout. We hope you enjoy the promotion, and feel free to tell your friends!

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Vote for Mobile Fun in the Mobile Choice Accessory Awards 2014

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

We’re happy to announce that  Mobile Fun has been nominated as Online Retailer of the Year in the Mobile Choice Accessories Awards 2014.

You can vote for us on question #9 via the link below. By voting you’ll be doing a great service to us, and you’ll also put yourself in with a chance of winning one of five accessory bundles – worth £250 – from Mobile Choice! The survey takes just a couple of minutes to complete, so it’s definitely worth your while.

If you’ve found Mobile Fun to be a good place to buy accessories, then we’d appreciate your vote. Thanks very much to everyone that takes part in the voting!

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The Mobile Fun Sale is on – here are five best-selling items!

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

The Mobile Fun Sale is now on – here are five of the most popular items so far!

5. RoadTune Universal Hands-free Car Kit with FM Transmitter

RoadTune Universal Charging Car Holder with FM Transmitter    RoadTune Universal Charging Car Holder with FM Transmitter

Our first item is an all-in-one accessory for your car that’ll work with all kinds of phones – iPhones, Android and Windows Phone. When I say all-in-one I really mean it – the RoadTune works as a charger, a car holder, a hands-free kit and an FM radio transmitter. That’s basically everything you could ask for – you’ll have a fully charged phone in perfect position; if a call comes in you can answer it then and there; if you want to listen to your music over your car’s speaker system you can turn on the FM transmitter. Awesome.

4. Huawei WS320 Wi-Fi Repeater / Booster

Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater / Booster - WhiteHuawei WS320 WiFi Repeater / Booster - White

Here’s a useful gadget for the home that’ll help anyone that struggles with weak WiFi signal in the far reaches of their home. This repeater plugs directly into the mains, connects to your wireless network and then rebroadcasts the signal. This extends the range of your wireless network dramatically and it takes just a minute to set up. A brilliant gadget.

3. OriCardi Horizontal Credit Card Desk Stand Triple Pack

The OriCardi Horizontal Credit Card Desk Stand - Triple PackThe OriCardi Horizontal Credit Card Desk Stand - Triple Pack

Having a desk stand for your phone is pretty handy, particularly for playing games or watching videos, but it’s hard to keep one with you all the times you might need it. This OriCardi Desk Stand is the answer – a folding desk stand that’s only the size of a credit card. Plus it comes in a pack of three so you can easily give one to a mate and still have a spare.

2. NFC All-in-one Bluetooth Adapter
B-840 NFC All-in-one Bluetooth Adapter

Here’s another accessory useful almost everywhere. You plug your headphones into it, then connect the adapter to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This means you no longer need a cable between your smartphone and your headphones; you can keep your phone in your pocket or in your bag and still get your music out to your favourite pair of 3.5mm headphones. You also get controls built into the adapter, which you can clip somewhere convenient on your clothing to allow for easy control. There’s even an integrated microphone and controls for taking hands-free calls. If you want a convenient way of making a 3.5mm set of earphones wireless, this is it.

1. Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Veho 360 M4 Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerVeho 360° M4 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is probably our best-selling item in the sales this year, offering awesome audio quality and long battery life in a tiny portable package. The cylindrical speaker has playback controls on the top, plus ports on the lower periphery. There’s a microSD slot for playing music directly (without connecting to a phone), a charging port (no batteries needed!) and a 3.5mm line-in port (so MP3 players and other non-Bluetooth devices work too). It’s a slick little speaker and you’ll be well pleased with it – and its 94% rating from 250+ reviews will attest to that!


That’s our pick of the sales. Of course, there’s much more to explore too! Just head over to the Sale page and put in your phone at the top, and you’ll get all of the sale items that’ll work with it – simple.

Thanks for joining me and have a good New Year!

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