Samsung Gear VR: the perfect intro to virtual reality


The Gear VR is a brilliant smartphone-based VR headset, which has launched to strong reviews in the UK and abroad. At £80 RRP it’s far cheaper than the Oculus Rift (£530 plus high-end gaming PC), and it only requires a 2015-era Galaxy smartphone to operate. It’s an ideal introduction to virtual reality too, thanks to excellent movement tracking (and hence low nausea), a wide range of polished apps and games, and rapid setup anywhere: just pop your phone in the headset and put it on.

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Mobile Fun kicks off Black Friday deals with up to 75% off selected accessories

It’s Black Friday, and at Mobile Fun that means huge discounts on the best mobile accessories on the market. We’re offering 10% to 75% off our normal prices, so check out our deals at our official Black Friday deals page. You can also read on for more info on three of our Black Friday sale items – including […]

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