The first eSIM smartwatch is Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic


Last year we first heard that phone makers and carriers were working on a new all-digital SIM standard called eSIM. The idea is that it can connect to multiple carrier networks, allowing you to switch phone companies without replacing your SIM. eSIMs are 90% smaller than the nano SIM cards too, providing a little extra space for batteries or extra circuitry. This week, Samsung announced that their next smartwatch?—?the Galaxy Gear S2 Classic?—?will be the first eSIM device on the market when it launches in March.

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The best Bluetooth headphones for the Apple Watch


A rundown of the best bluetooth headphones for the Apple Watch… The Apple Watch is one of the first Apple devices not to feature a headphone jack, it’s completely wireless. Which means you’ll need to pair it with a set of Bluetooth headphones if you want to (discreetly) listen to music through it. See More ‘Headphones […]

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