Protect ya screen: the Nintendo Switch’s biggest design flaw

The Switch is a beautiful return to form for Nintendo, but the new console still has a few annoying design flaws — we’re talking about the left Joy-Con controller’s connectivity problems, the lousy kickstand, the abysmal wireless. There’s also one rather more pressing issue, which is this: the Switch’s dock can scratch the screen while charging.

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LG G6 UK price announced and hands-on review

The LG G6, which scooped multiple ‘phone of the show’ awards at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is coming soon to Mobile Fun — and we’re happy to announce the first UK price for the G6. The G6 will be available sim-free for £699; a significant step above the price of the G5, but the upgraded specifications could prove worth it.

After going hands-on with the LG G6, I’m a believer. That super-tall 18:9 screen makes the most of a small body, while the dual rear cameras offer some unique photographic capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at the phone.

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5 gadgets to help you avoid penalty points

In a bid to crack down on what is now a huge national problem, the Department for Transport are bringing in tougher penalties that now include a £200 fine and six driving licence penalty points for anyone caught using their phone behind the wheel. The new laws and fines come into force from the 1st March 2017, and apply in England, Scotland and Wales for anyone making phone calls without a hands free kit, using social media, playing games or texting.

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