Easily reach the top of your iPhone with this innovative screen protector


You may have noticed that Apple’s latest iPhones are a little larger than their predecessors. The size of the screen changed from 4 inches to 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6 and a whopping 5.5 inches on the iPhone 6 Plus. That makes reaching the upper parts of the screen quite difficult, particularly if you’re only using one hand. Today, we’re unveiling the Olixar Quicktap screen protector, which solves this problem using an ingenious method.

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The 10 cleverest iPhone 6 cases


Today I’d like to share ten of our craziest iPhone 6 cases, which provide a clever solution to a range of problems. Whether you want longer battery life, louder music, an additional SIM slot or a window onto your iPhone, we’ve got you covered… and there are plenty more too. Not all of them are in stock today, but I’m sure you’ll find that they’re worth waiting for!

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