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Never be without a charger with the Olixar Bead Bracelet

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Olixar Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable - Black Olixar Bead Bracelet Micro USB Cable - Red

The Olixar Bead is a clever piece of functional jewellery that will ensure you’re never without a cable to charge your phone or tablet. Normally, the bead bracelet will look entirely normal… but pull apart one of the beads, and you’ll find it splits apart into the two ends of a USB charging cable. Connect these ends to your phone or tablet, and you’ll be able to recharge and sync via USB.

Olixar Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable - Black Olixar Bead Bracelet Micro USB Cable - Red

There are two varieties available – a black model with a Lightning connector, and a red model with a micro USB connector. The Lightning connector works with iPhone, iPad and iPod, while the micro USB connector is used with the remained of the mobile market: Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and others.

Olixar Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable - Black Olixar Bead Bracelet Micro USB Cable - Red

If you’d like to see different colours, then let us know in the comments below or by contacting us on Twitter @mobilefun. If we see sufficient demand for a given combination, we’ll do our best to get that combination in stock.

The Olixar Bead Bracelet is in stock now in black, with the red version coming in late March. To place an order or see more information, please visit the product pages linked below:

Thanks for checking out the Bead Bracelets, and have a good weekend!

5 great new iPhone 6 Plus cases – February 2015

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Today we’re going to check in with the case situation for the iPhone 6 Plus, and recommend five new arrivals as the best iPhone 6 Plus cases on the market. Here are our suggestions!

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid ID Bumper - Crystal Clear

Spigen Ultra Hybrid ID iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Case - Crystal ClearSpigen Ultra Hybrid ID iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Case - Crystal Clear

This unusual case combines a completely transparent design with a handy ID slot, allowing you to keep your ID fully visible on the back of your phone at all times. If you’re constantly having to show ID to get into work or school, this could be the perfect way to make that process as easy as possible. Of course, you could also use it to customise your case with your favourite photo – be creative! The case’s bumper style and advanced shock absorption abilities should keep your iPhone 6 Plus safe from scratches and drops too.

4. Thule Atmos X3 - Blue / Dark ShadowBlack / White

Thule Atmos X3 iPhone 6 Plus Case - Blue / Dark ShadowThule Atmos X3 iPhone 6 Plus Case - Black / White

I like the Thule Atmos because it reminds me of that guy from Warhammer 40K. Like that fictional hero, the Atmos provides stark and unyielding protection while also looking pretty bad-ass. The Atmos includes a shock-stop corner that protects from drops of up to two metres, with a lip that protects the screen from taking any hits. The snap-on design looks good too, with the blue / dark shadow or black / white colour schemes giving your iPhone 6 Plus a unique and stylish look.

3. Mophie Juice Pack - WhiteBlackGold

Mophie iPhone 6 Juice Pack Air Battery Case - Black

The Mophie Juice Pack is one of my favourite cases, providing much-needed extra battery life while also adding excellent drop and scratch protection. The Juice Pack includes a whopping 2600mAh of battery power, raising your total battery life by 60%. That’s enough to reach two days easily, and three days at a stretch. If you find yourself often running dry, then the Juice Pack is the perfect answer. Available in white, black and gold, each option providing a surprisingly slim look.

2. Seidio Surface Combo Case - BlueBlack

Seidio SURFACE Combo iPhone 6 Plus Case - BlueSeidio SURFACE Combo iPhone 6 Plus Case - Black

The unique feature of the Seidio Surface Combo Case is its integrated kickstand and belt clip, which ensures your phone will always be within arm’s reach. The case is pretty solid too, with a slimline design and a soft-touch feel. Available in blue and black colour options.

1. Butterfly Shell Case - BlackGoldSilverRose Pink

Butterfly iPhone 6 Plus Shell Case - Black / ClearButterfly iPhone 6 Plus Shell Case - Champagne Gold / Clear

We conclude with a rather whimsical case, with a cool butterfly design. The partially transparent case allows your iPhone 6 Plus to show through, while overlaying the rather whimsical laser-etched butterflies. If you’re looking for a case that has a bit of understated style, this is my pick.


Thanks for checking out the article and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! You can also check out more articles on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. Thanks again and have a good week ahead!

Top 5 latest and greatest iPhone 6 cases – February 2015

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Here are five of the latest and greatest iPhone 6 cases to arrive at Mobile Fun!

5. Verus Iron Shield  - GoldSatin SilverSteel Silver

Verus Iron Shield iPhone 6 Case - Champagne Gold

Verus were in the headlines this week for their work on the unannounced Samsung Galaxy S6, but they also produce cases for a range of other phones. One of these is the iPhone 6, where they’ve made a brilliant case called the Iron Shield. These cases use a real aluminium frame and a TPU shell to provide unparalleled protection, with a striking two-tone finish in gold, satin or steel.

4. Love Mei Protective Case - YellowBlackRedWhite

Love Mei iPhone 6 Protective Case - Yellow

These Love Mei cases have proven incredibly popular since their debut earlier this year. The cases are built with an innovative impact truss system, which allows them to withstand considerable punishment. As a result of their advanced construction, they are also able to withstand water and dust and provide good screen protection as well.

3. MFX Total Protection Case & Screen Protector Pack - Clear

MFX Total Protection iPhone 6 Case & Screen Protector Pack - ClearMFX Total Protection iPhone 6 Case & Screen Protector Pack - Clear

This combination of clear case and tempered glass iPhone 6 screen protector makes for excellent protection without changing the look of your phone. Both parts are transparent, letting you see the strong Apple design and your choice of colour within.

2. SwitchEasy AirMask- Champagne GoldSilverSpace Grey

SwitchEasy AirMask iPhone 6 Protective Case - Champagne Gold

The SwitchEasy AirMask is another take on the case + screen protector idea, with a clip-together design that makes installation and removal a breeze. The case is available in the same colours as the iPhone 6 itself, ensuring that you’ll get a perfect match with the colour you chose.

1. Butterfly Shell - BlackChampagne GoldSilverRose Pink

Butterfly iPhone 6 Shell Case - Black / ClearButterfly iPhone 6 Shell Case - Champagne Gold / Clear

Our winning case this time around is the Butterfly Shell. This case, available in a nice range of colours, has an intricate butterfly design that is overlaid on the iPhone 6 within. The partially transparent case is unusually stylish, and will definitely set your iPhone apart from the masses. It’s also quite svelte, so although you won’t have as good impact protection as some other cases, you’ll retain the iPhone 6′s slim signature much more successfully.


Thanks for checking out our recommended cases. Please check out store for more iPhone 6 accessories, or write us a comment below! Have a great weekend.

Apple to focus on speed and reliability for iOS 9

Monday, February 9th, 2015

A new version of iOS comes every year, and that grueling pace has taken its toll. New features come quickly, but so do bugs and complexity. For iOS 9, Apple is taking a step back to deal with these issues.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple engineers are focusing on “fixing bugs, maintaining stability and boosting performance” in the new release. iOS has been beset by quite a few battery draining bugs recently, so look for fixes here. It seems likely that we’ll see a few new features in the release too, but expect them to take a back seat to overall speed and reliability.

Another area of emphasis is reducing the amount of space needed for updates. Historically, updating to a new version of iOS has required many gigabytes of free space, requiring users to delete content from their device to begin. This is particularly tough on users of 16GB devices, which quickly become filled with apps, photos and music. Apple have already taken steps to reduce the amount of space needed for updates with iOS 8.1.3, and it seems likely they’ll continue to improve the situation with iOS 9.

Expect iOS 9 to be announced at Apple’s traditional venue, the WorldWide Developers Conference on June 8th. A beta release for developers will likely accompany the announcement, and then we’ll see the new version released to the public in September alongside a new line of iPhones.

Do you agree with Apple’s approach? Let us know in the comments below, or write to us on Twitter @mobilefun!

Apple Watch coming in April, accessories too

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

The Apple Watch will be released in April, 2015! That’s the word from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was speaking during an earnings call late last week. The date is a little later than expected, but still falls within the company’s previously announced early 2014 timeline.

The Apple Watch is likely to be one of the best-selling smartwatches of 2015, with a range of models in different materials, styles and price points. Apple calls it “our most personal device yet“, and it’s not hard to see why.

The main idea is to keep your iPhone in your pocket for tasks that are simple, like seeing notifications, paying for goods and services using Apple Pay, and tracking your fitness. While we haven’t seen many apps running on the device, a wearable deeply integrated with your iPhone or iPad is likely to be a feature that attracts a hearty following.

Here at Mobile Fun, we’ll be supporting the Apple Watch with a full range of accessories. We’ve already added charging docksmains chargers and screen protectors to our site, and we’ll have more accessories to come as the Apple Watch’s release date draws closer. With the combination of our accessories and the many styles of the Apple Watch, you’ll definitely be able to make a wearable that is uniquely yours.

Are you excited for the Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below, or speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun!

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