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Light up your room in a rainbow of colours with the Playbulb smart bulb

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow Bluetooth Smart Bulb

Smart homes have been on the horizon for years – Bill Gates famously had one in the ’90s – but it’s only recently that smart home accessories have become affordable. One of the most popular items has been the smart light bulb. These bulbs are installed as normal, but then controlled using a smartphone app over Bluetooth. Our latest smart bulb is the advanced MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow.

MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow Bluetooth Smart Bulb

As its name suggests, the Playbulb Rainbow’s 5W LED can glow in any of 16.8 million colours. Whether you’re looking for a simple white in the living room, blue in the bathroom or orange in the lounge, the Rainbow can deliver it. You can change the colour easily using the Playbulb X app, letting you change the tone to match the mood of the party or just for fun.

MiPOW Playbulb Rainbow Bluetooth Smart Bulb

As well as the colour, you can also choose the brightness and intensity, letting you have all the advantages of a traditional dimmer switch and more.  The app can control one or multiple light bulbs too, letting you change lighting across your house separately or in concert. It’s a great conversation starter, and your friends will want one too!

The Playbulb X app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on the Google Play store for Android phones and tablets. It works with modern iPhone and Android devices – specifically the iPhone 4S or later (running iOS 7 or later) and devices running Android 4.3 or later.

If you want a cool introduction to smart homes that’ll give undeniable atmosphere to any room, then pick up a smart bulb like the Playbulb Rainbow! See more information or place an order via the link below.

You can also see some other smart bulbs via the links below!

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Twelve South BookBook cases available soon for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown    Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown

Twelve South have always produced top-notch premium cases for the iPhone and iPad, and now they’ve released their famous BookBook case for the latest breed of Apple mobiles. The BookBook is a leather folio case that disguises your iPhone as a leather-bound tome, providing a uniquely classy look and feel. There’s much more to this case than meets the eye, too – so check out the links below to go straight to the product pages, or read on for more from me!

The BookBook is made from hand-distressed leather, granting it an authentic look, feel and smell. Placed on a desk or sitting on a shelf, you’d be hard-pressed to tell it apart from a classic volume at first or even second glance. It’s only when you open the cover that it becomes obvious that you’ve actually got an iPhone case in your hands.

Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown    Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown

Inside, you’ll see your iPhone on the right and a mini-wallet section on the left. The wallet includes a space for IDs, plus three more slots for credit cards and tickets. There’s a larger pocket beneath, perfect for keeping paper notes and other important bits of paper.

Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown

The cool bit is that your iPhone actually sits in a thin shell case within the folio. That means you can actually detach the thicker folio section, and just use the thin shell case when you want a slimmer yet still protective option. Then when you’d rather have the added screen protection and stylish looks of the full ensemble, it’s easy to re-attach the two pieces to get the original case back. It’s pretty magical initially, and works really well to adapt to different situations.

Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown    Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown

Another useful feature you’ll find in the BookBook is a built-in media stand. Just pull the cover back, and you’ll be able to use it to prop up your iPhone in landscape mode at a useful angle. This is perfect for watching videos or playing games on your iPhone, and it means that you don’t need a dedicated iPhone 6 desk stand.

Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Wallet Case - Brown

So there we have it – all about the functional and beautiful BookBook. The BookBook is coming soon to Mobile Fun for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (and already available for the iPad Mini!) You can check availability – and sign up for stock notifications – via the links below.

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5 of our favourite iPhone 5C cases – Christmas 2014

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Earlier today we covered the iPhone 5S and 5, but what if you have an iPhone 5C? We haven’t forgotten about you, so here are five of our favourite cases for the iPhone 5C.

5. Polycarbonate Shell Case - 100% Clear

Polycarbonate Apple iPhone 5C Shell Case - 100% Clear    Polycarbonate Apple iPhone 5C Shell Case - 100% Clear

The Polycarbonate Shell Case shares a common trait with many of our favourites: it is transparent, offering a full view of the colour of the iPhone 5C that you’ve chosen. The Polycarbonate Shell Case is quite simple, offering complete coverage of your iPhone 5C to prevent scratches and absorb impacts, with cutouts wherever necessary to ensure full accessibility. It’s a simple but massively popular case, well worth a look.

4. 6-Pack Circle Case - Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue + Black

6 Pack Circle Case for Apple iPhone 5C

This sweet pack of circle cases allow you to make tons of fun combinations with different coloured iPhone 5Cs. Like the official alternatives, these cases are dotted with 35 circles to let your iPhone 5C shine through. Unlike the official cases, these are totally affordable – you can pick up all six colours for £15. The flexible silicone material used makes these cases easy to install and remove too, so a hot swap is only seconds away.

3. Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid - Satin SilverInfinity WhiteDante RedReventon Yellow

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - SlateSpigen SGP Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Slate

This classy case offers something a little different: incredible protection and a mature, modern look. The cases are still available in a nice range of colours to match or complement your iPhone 5C, but the effect is stronger than a transparent case. The TPU and polycarbonate hybrid design is also brilliant for keeping your iPhone safe, adding layers of protection against even heavy drops, knocks, scratches and more.

2. Power Jacket 2200mAh - WhiteGreenYellowBlack

Power Jacket 2200mAh for iPhone 5C

Wish your iPhone 5C had better battery life? That’s easy – use this Power Jacket case. You’ll get a whopping 2200mAh of battery life, which will more than double your battery life, letting you get through your day without worrying. The case is slim and light for a battery case too.

1. Rearth Ringke Fusion Case - Black / Clear

Rearth Ringke Fusion iPhone 5C Case - Black / ClearRearth Ringke Fusion iPhone 5C Case - Black / Clear

Our winning case is the Rearth Ringke Fusion, a clever case that marries a transparent back and a protective bumper. The case is incredibly durable, and will protect your iPhone 5C from scratches and drops for many months to come. If you’re looking to add protection without covering up the signature colour of your phone, then the Rearth Ringke Fusion is one of the very best options available.


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5 awesome iPhone 5S / 5 cases – Christmas 2014

Monday, December 15th, 2014

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus may be the latest iPhones, but not everyone has jumped to the newer, larger models. If you’re using the iPhone 5 or 5S, then check out our recommendations for the best cases this Christmas.

5. Moshi SenseCover - Brushed TitaniumSteel Black

Moshi SenseCover for iPhone 5S / 5 - Brushed Titanium    Moshi SenseCover for iPhone 5S / 5 - Brushed Titanium


We begin with a unique case, the Moshi SenseCover. This case has a one-of-a-kind plastic window and conductive strip, allowing you to see who’s calling – and answer the phone – without needing to open the flip cover. It also works for checking the time; always handy if you’re not wearing a watch. The case protects your screen, and adds decent protection to the back and sides from drops and scratches too.

4. enCharge Qi Wireless Charging Case - Black

enCharge Qi Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 5S / 5    enCharge Qi iPhone 5S / 5 Wireless Charging Case


The enCharge Qi Wireless Charging Case does just what it says on the tin, adding the convenience of wireless charging to your iPhone 5 or 5S. The case is quite slim, adding minimal bulk to your iPhone and keeping it nicely pocketable. Just pick up this case and a Qi charging pad and you’ll be golden.

3. Draco Design Aluminium Bumper - Graphite GreyBlackMidnight BlueAstro SilverRedLuxury SilverWhiteLuxury Gold

Draco IV Design Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5 - Silver    Draco Design Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5S / 5 - Luxury Gold


Draco Design’s beautiful flowing designs have quickly made it one of the most popular cases on our site, and we’ve expanded our range to include eight colours. If you want to pick up an award-winning stylish case that still provides great grip and protection, then a Draco Design bumper is right for you.

2. Mophie 32GB Space Pack - BlackWhite

Mophie 32GB Space Pack for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black    Mophie 32GB Space Pack for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black


Another unique case is the Mophie Space Pack, which provides both additional battery power and additional storage to your iPhone 5S. This Space Pack adds 32GB, easily accessible using the Mophie app. This can be used to hold media like music or videos, freeing up space on your iPhone’s internal space. You also get 1700mAh of battery power, more than doubling your battery life!

1. Griffin Survivor Case - Black

Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 5S / 5 - Black    Griffin Survivor Case For iPhone 4 - Black


Our winning case is a classic – the Griffin Survivor. This case is the most protective case available for the iPhone 5S, adding some bulk but also ensuring that your iPhone is near-invulnerable to drops, scratches, rain, dirt, snow and more. If you watch some of Griffin’s increasingly outrageous survival videos for this phone, then you’ll quickly see why so many people depend on the Survivor to keep their phones safe.


Thanks for checking out our selection of iPhone 5S cases! Please see our store for more iPhone 5S accessories, and remember to leave your feedback in the comments below. If you have any questions, you can contact us on Twitter @mobilefun or write to us below. Thanks again and have a good week ahead!

6 Tough iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases that meet Apple’s new guidelines

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Apple updated its Made for iPhone (MFi) guidelines this week, requiring manufacturers to meet new standards for licensed iPhone cases and accessories. The most notable addition is a drop protection requirement, which states that manufacturers must ensure their cases are able to protect iPhones from a one metre fall onto a hard surface from any orientation.

In addition, cases will also need to provide at least one millimetre of space between the screen and a flat surface, either by using a cover or including a lip that extends beyond the glass. Finally, environmentally unfriendly substances like formaldehyde and phthalates are also banned.

Of course, many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases already meet these steeper requirements. Take a look at six tough iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases we’ve selected below, many of which can withstand drops from greater heights and protect your phone from other common hazards like water or dust.

Griffin Survivor for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 All-Terrain Case - Black    Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 All-Terrain Case - Black / Blue

The Griffin Survivor is the original protect-from-anything case, providing unparalleled protection against drops, scratches, rain, snow, dirt and more. The case has starred in videos showcasing its longevity, surviving drops off bridges, being pulled behind a car and dunking in a tank of maple syrup. If you’re looking for the ultimate protective force for your iPhone, this Survivor case is the best on the market.

OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Plus Case - Glacier    OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Plus Case - Glacier

The Otterbox Defender is another great option for protecting the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with a two-layer system that resists drops and scratches. A built-in thermal-formed iPhone 6 screen protector and a lip around the screen protector adds to the protective ensemble. There’s even an optional detachable belt clip holster, which also serves as a kickstand. The cases are available in glacier (above) and black.

UAG Rogue Folio for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

UAG Rogue Folio iPhone 6 Protective Wallet Case - RedUAG Rogue Folio iPhone 6 Protective Wallet Case - Red

This attractive red case includes both a screen cover and reinforced corners, providing good protection against scratches, drops and knocks. The FrogSkin exterior also adds to the protective element, resisting water and dust ingress. A card slot on the inside of the cover provides space for cash or credit too. Finally, the soft rubberised texture of the Rogue makes it harder to drop in the first place.

Encase Armourdillo for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Encase ArmourDillo Hybrid Apple iPhone 6 Plus Protective Case - BlackEncase ArmourDillo Hybrid Apple iPhone 6 Protective Case - Blue

The ArmourDillo blends a lightweight TPU polymer with an impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton, providing good drop protection. A lip around the front of the display prevents this from taking damage too, although a screen protector can still provide additional protection. The textured back also includes a media stand, letting you watch videos on the beautiful display of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

ElementCase Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

ElementCase Soft-Tec iPhone 6 Wallet Stand Case - White and Gold    ElementCase Soft-Tec iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Stand Case - Black / Red


The ElementCase Soft-Tec Wallet is another great tough case with a much classier look than its fellows. The Soft-Tec Wallet features a textured Tech Grip material, which feels great in your hand but is also able to stand up to intense punishment when required. The soft touch inner lining is also nice, made from synthetic suede that protects your screen from scratches and is pleasant to the touch. Finally, the case can be folded to support your iPhone in a viewing stand mode and even includes space for a credit card or ID.

Trident Kraken AMS for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Trident Kraken AMS iPhone 6 Tough Case - Green    Trident Kraken AMS Case for Apple iPhone 6 - Green

Our final case is one of our most popular tough cases for the iPhone 6: the Trident Kraken AMS. The Kraken AMS is a hybrid case built from a polycarbonate shell and silicone corners, providing considerable protection against scratches and drops. The Trident logo on the back doubles as a media stand, too. Finally, you get a screen protector in the box, and full compatibility with other Trident AMS accessories like bike clips, tripod mounts and clamps. The cases are available in green or black.


We hope you’ve found these selections helpful! For more information, please check out the product pages linked above or write to us in the comments below. You can also reach us on Twitter @mobilefun.

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