Apple releases Move to iOS, its first Android app


Google have released tons of apps for Apple’s iPhones and iPads, but Apple has never returned the favour by producing an Android app… until now. This week Apple’s Move to iOS app went live, letting users transfer data like photos, messages, Google accounts, contacts and more to their new iPhone or iPad. The app also notes which Android apps are installed, and adds apps that are also available on iOS to the user’s new iTunes wishlist, although you still have to pay for paid apps on the new platform.

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Logitech Create is the first third-party keyboard cover for iPad Pro


Precisely one day after Apple announced the productivity-focused iPad Pro, Logitech has announced the first third-party keyboard case for the new model. While Apple will offer their own Smart Keyboard for the low low price of $169, Logitech’s Create keyboard cover will come in at a lower price point and potentially offer a nice alternative to the official option.

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