How to get more space on your Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7 comes with 64GB of storage space as standard, compared to just 32GB on the Note 5… yet there are more ways to run out of space than ever before, with VR apps and games, 4K video recording and increasingly heavy apps and features. Today, we’ll be showing you how to regain some of that space, by adding new hardware or making software tweaks. Let’s get started!

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How to use Micro USB cables & accessories with Note 7


The Note 7 is a marvel of modern smartphone engineering, with a bright and beautiful screen, powerful innards and even the new USB-C connector. Yet while USB-C does have its advantages, what are you supposed to do with the decades-worth of Micro USB cables and accessories you’ve accrued? Just throw them out? Not likely! Instead, you can keep using your existing cables and accessories using a USB-C to Micro USB adapter.

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