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Does the iPhone 6 have wireless charging?

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

No, the iPhone 6 doesn’t have wireless charging. Or at least, not at of the box – but it’s possible to add wireless charging to the iPhone 6 using a special wireless charging case or a slim wireless charging adapter. Once installed, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone just by placing it on a special wireless charging pad. It’s the most convenient way to charge your iPhone 6, whether you’re using your own charging pad at home or work, or using one installed in restaurants and airports across the world.

FlexiShield Qi iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Case - WhiteCharging the iPhone 6 wirelessly with a Qi case

There are a couple of wireless charging cases on the market for the iPhone 6. The FlexiShield Qi Wireless Charging Case is one of the most popular, and is available in black and white. The case combines the protection and low price of a Flexishield Gel Case with the coils needed for wireless charging. These cases use the Qi standard, which is the most widely adopted worldwide.

If you’d prefer a gold charging case for the iPhone 6, you can get the Qi Charging Case in gold. This is of course the perfect complement to the gold iPhone 6.

Add wireless charging to (almost) any iPhone 6 case

Qi Case Compatible iPhone 6 Wireless Charging AdapterYou can also add wireless charging to the iPhone without using a new case. Instead, pick up a Qi Case Compatible Wireless Charging Adapter. It’s a long name for a very simple product – a small, thin pad that tucks into the back of your iPhone’s case and adds wireless charging. If you’d prefer to keep your existing iPhone 6 case but still want wireless charging, then this is the best way to do it.

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How do I connect my iPhone 6 to my car stereo / radio?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Listening to music in your car is one of the brighter spots in driving, and can make a daily commute a lot more bearable. If you want to listen to the music on your iPhone 6, you can connect your iPhone to your car’s stereo and speakers – which are much louder and better-sounding than the iPhone’s own internal mono speaker.

So – how do you do it? There are quite a few ways to connect your iPhone 6 to your car stereo. Here are some of the most common ways, with the preferred ways coming first.

1. Connect over Bluetooth

Newer and higher-end stereos include Bluetooth capabilities, making it easy to connect your iPhone 6 to your car stereo. Simply enable Bluetooth on your iPhone 6 (Settings > Bluetooth) and then select your car stereo from the list of devices. You may need to put your stereo in pairing mode to see it in that list, so refer to your stereo’s documentation to do so. Usually, you’ll be holding down a Bluetooth button until you get an audio and/or light cue that pairing is ready to proceed.

2. Use a 3.5mm audio cable to an AUX audio input

iPhone 6 3.5mm AUX car stereo

Some stereos include 3.5mm audio ports, which make it very easy to connect the iPhone 6. Simply get a 3.5mm audio cable, then connect one end to your iPhone 6′s headphone jack, and the other to the 3.5mm AUX input on your stereo.

3. Use a Lightning to 30 Pin adapter

Some older but higher-end cars have Apple 30 pin connectors, allowing iPods and older iPhones to be connected directly to their stereos. The new iPhone 6 uses a Lightning connector instead, so in order to connect to these 30 pin systems you’ll need an adapter. This Kit Lightning to 30 pin adapter is tiny but works well, and is also available in black. If you’d prefer the adapter in cable form, you can pick up a genuine Apple Lightning to 30 pin converter cable.

4. Use an FM transmitter

If there are no Bluetooth or wired connections available to your car’s stereo, you’ll have to get creative. One clever option is to use an FM transmitter, which makes a very short range FM broadcast. You can tune into this broadcast using your car’s FM radio. This Olixar Smartune Bluetooth FM transmitter connects to your phone using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable, then transmits to FM on the frequency of your choice.

Olixar SMARTUNE Bluetooth FM Transmitter5. Use a tape deck adapter

If even FM radio isn’t an option, there’s still hope. If your stereo has a tape deck, you can get a special tape deck to 3.5mm adapter. You insert it like a normal cassette, then use the trailing 3.5mm cable to plug into your iPhone 6′s headphone jack. This allows you to get music playing through your car’s speakers, without any newfangled technology whatsoever.

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How do I improve iPhone 6 battery life?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Like other iPhones, the iPhone 6 starts out with great battery life, but over time it seems to get worse and worse. While it is possible to get a costly battery replacement from Apple, you do have some alternatives to improving your iPhone 6′s battery life.

Power Jacket iPhone 6 Case 3000mAh - White

Hardware fixes

There are plenty of battery-life-extending accessories on the market, which can allow you to get much more battery life without turning off features on your iPhone.

Pick up an iPhone 6 battery case

One of the easiest and most dependable ways to improve your battery life is to pick up an iPhone 6 battery case. These cases combine protection with an internal battery that can double or even triple your battery life.

For example, this iPhone 6 Power Jacket case provides 3000mAh of extra battery power, giving you more than 2.5 times the battery. That means if you can currently stretch to two days, you’ll be able to reach five days with this case installed. If you’re only making it one day, you’ll still get a good two and half days with the Power Jacket.

Use a portable charger

Another option is a portable charger, which you keep in your bag until its extra power is needed.

Veho Pebble Smartstick+ 2800mAh Portable ChargerThis Veho Pebble Smartstick Plus provides 2800mAh more battery life in a sleek silver package, giving you nearly 2.5x the total battery life. Whether you’re sending text messages, receiving calls or just wasting time on Twitter, you’ll have many more hours to play with.

Software fixes

These software fixes will compromise some of the iPhone experience, but are easy to try and don’t require any investment beyond a few minutes of your time.

Find out what’s using up the most battery

One of the most useful changes in iOS 8 is a new Battery Usage area in Settings, which reports which apps have used the most battery life. To get there, go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. You’ll be able to see which apps have used the most battery in the past 24 hours and the past three days. Consider uninstalling or disabling the background services of apps that take a lot of battery but you don’t often use.

Turn off location services

Another way to improve your battery life slightly is to stop apps from tracking your location. Apple provide fine-grained control for this under Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Disallow location access for apps completely, or only allow location access while you’re using the app.

Enable Airplane mode

One of the biggest drains on your iPhone’s battery are its connections to mobile networks and WiFi. You can enable Airplane mode to turn off both of these, although of course it means that people won’t be able to contact you during these times. You can also take smaller steps like disabling 4G or 3G data if you’re not using it.

Turn down the brightness

Your screen is another part of the phone that uses a lot of battery. Reducing the brightness of the screen (and disabling auto brightness) can minimise the amount of battery life lost this way. Disabling the parallax effect on the home screen can also very slightly reduce battery life. This can be done through Settings > General > Accessibility and selecting Reduce Motion.

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Does the iPhone 6 have expandable storage?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Does the iPhone 6 have expandable storage?


Thankfully, there are workarounds that can help you temporarily access more files, or offload media on your iPhone to the cloud.

Leef iBridge 16GB Mobile Storage Drive for iOS Devices - BlackUse the Leef iBridge

The Leef iBridge is a new USB storage drive, made just for iPhones and iPads. The drive connects to your iPhone’s Lightning port, and comes with a special app that lets you transfer files to or from the drive, view content already stored on the drive, and take photos directly to the drive. The other end is full size USB, so it’s easy to connect to Macs and PCs too.

Use cloud storage

Using cloud storage is the easiest way to store additional storage to your iPhone 6. There are loads of options too, including popular services like iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. iCloud is the most integrated into your iPhone to begin with, but rivals (particularly Dropbox) offer their own advantages. Try each service and see what works for you.

Connect USB drives or SD cards using an adapter

If you need to access more files than can easily fit on your iPhone at once, then you can use a 4-in-1 Connection Kit to plug in USB drives and SD cards.

Copy unneeded media to your Mac or PC

If you have downloads, music, movies or photos on your iPhone that you don’t need, you can copy them to a Mac or PC using our Connecting your iPhone 6 to a computer guide.

Add storage using the Mophie Space Pack

The Mophie Space Pack is a cool case that includes 32GB of additional storage, accessed via the Mophie app. Unfortunately, the Mophie Space Pack is only available for the iPhone 5S and 5. However, an iPhone 6 version is planned and should be available in the months to come.

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How do I connect my iPhone 6 to my computer?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Connecting your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop is easier than you might imagine. Once you’ve made the connection, you can sync music, apps, photos and videos between your iPhone and your computer. Here’s how to do it.

iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Lightning to USB Sync & Charge Cable - WhiteConnect using a Lightning to USB cable

The first way to connect your iPhone 6 to your laptop or PC is to use the Lightning to USB cable that came with your iPhone. If you need a spare or a replacement, then it’s easy enough to find an official or third-party Lightning cable. For example, this unbranded white Lightning cable works perfectly with the iPhone 6 and costs less than a tenner.

Plug the Lightning end of the cable into your phone, and the USB end into a USB port on your computer. Then, download and install iTunes from Apple’s website. Launch iTunes once it is installed.

From here, click Devices then select your iPhone. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your iPhone.

From here, you can copy across music, photos, videos, apps and more. You can also unlock our second option – connecting wirelessly.

Connect using a wireless network

You can also sync your iPhone 6 with your PC or Mac wirelessly after the initial connection has been made.

To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Select your iPhone, click Summary, then select ‘Sync with this device over Wi-Fi’. Then, disconnect your iPhone from your PC.

To begin the wireless syncing process, you have three options:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, then tap Sync Now.
  2. In iTunes on your PC, click the Devices button, then click Sync. You can also sync manually by clicking Add To, dragging items to the pane on the right, then clicking Done.
  3. Charge your iPhone 6 using a wall charger. Syncing will begin automatically.

Wireless syncing is slower than wired syncing, but it may be more convenient for you. Also note that you can’t restore your iPhone using wireless sync.

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