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Logitech prepare the Powershell Game Controller for iPhone 5S / 5

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Earlier this week we had a look at the first official iOS 7 gamepad for Lightning devices, the Moga Ace Power. Today, we’re looking at the second such device, this time from master peripheral manufacturers Logitech. It’s called the Logitech Powershell Game Controller, and it looks pretty cool!

So what do you get? Well, the idea here is the same as the Ace Power – you get a gamepad that will wrap around your iPhone 5S or 5, adding controls to the left and right of the landscape-orientation screen. Here we have a 8-way D-Pad on the left, and four face buttons on the right. We’ve also got a pair of bumpers, making this gamepad roughly equivalent to the Super Nintendo controller of old (there’s no Start/Select here, but the D-Pad can do diagonals so we’ll call it about even).

The advantage of getting these analogue console-style controls is that your hands come off the glass touch-screen, so you can see everything that’s going on. Of course, physical controls also are a lot easier to use, with tactile feedback that just isn’t possible on glass.

Logitech Powershell Game Controller for iPhone 5 / 5S     Logitech Powershell Game Controller for iPhone 5 / 5S

This isn’t just a controller, either. The Powershell also includes an integrated battery, with a capacity of 1500 mAh. That’s enough to more than double your battery life, so you can game for hours every day and still end up with more battery life out of your iPhone than you had before.

The Gameshell doesn’t make it any harder to access your phone for non-gaming stuff either – you still have easy access for all buttons and features, and taking your phone out of the case is easy too. There’s even a special headphone adapter, with an angled design that keeps the cable from getting in your way.

So there we have it – the Logitech Powershell. Thanks for checking out the article and be sure to look at the product page linked below for the latest pricing and availability information, plus more photographs and features!

Game on with the Clingo universal smartphone Game Pad

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

The Clingo Game Pad is a very unusual product, but I like it. From the name, you’d expect a Bluetooth game controller or something similar, but in actuality the GamePad is a little simpler – but no less useful – than that. The GamePad is instead just a physical adaptation, adding some much needed controller-style handles to your smartphone. This makes it a lot more comfortable to hold your phone during long gameplay sessions.

The GamePad works due to the use of Clingo’s trademark sticky substance to temporarily adhere your smartphone to the top of the Game Pad. You just stick it on, then pull it off to remove it – simple. The generous spacing at the top of the pad ensures that it can be used with any smartphone, from the iPhone, to Androids, Windows Phones and even BlackBerrys.

The Clingo material is extremely strong and yet doesn’t leave any residue behind. It stays sticky for a long time, and you can use plain old water to remove any bits of fluff that get stuck to it over time. It’s pretty remarkable stuff, so you can see why Clingo have spun it into a full range of products, including a lot of Mobile Fun favourites like the  Clingo Universal Tablet Stand and the Clingo Vent Mount.

Anyway, back to  the Game Pad. It’s a nice way of getting that traditional controller stance on your mobile. A lot of mobiles are a bit awkward to hold for gaming, so it’s nice to have the option to add the grip where you need it. And since it isn’t an actual controller – you’ll still be using the on-screen touch controls – it doesn’t ever need to be plugged in, recharged or have the batteries changed.

All in all, if you’re looking for a cheap way to add a bit of comfort and flexibility to your portable gaming sessions, then the Clingo Game Pad is just what you need. Have a look at the product page below for more information and photos!

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The OneCable…. the only cable you’ll ever need

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The OneCable Sync and Charge Cable is the answer to all our cable woes.  Personally I’m fed up of having different cables for each gadget and constantly having to switch cables.  In my car alone I have a cable for my iPhone, cable for my Kindle and cable for my boyfriend’s phone – now I can get rid of all those cables and replace them with one – the OneCable.


What the OneCable offers is the ability to charge a number of different gadgets as the cable has three different connectors: Apple, MicroUSB and MiniUSB.  This means that now you don’t have to carry a number of wires, simply choose the connector you need and start charging… simples!

I’ve been using the OneCable for a few days now to get a feel of how useful it is ‘in the real world’.  I’ve mainly been using it as my iPhone 4s car charger and switching the connector to charge my boyfriend’s phone too.  However where the one cable really shone is when we visited the Safari Park – the cable allowed us to charge up the camera whilst using it to take photos, so the camera never ran out of battery.  Plus the long retractable wire meant we had the length to take shots out of both the driver side and passenger windows, with the charger still being connected.

Using the OneCable has banished the need to faff around trying to find a cable, I carry it in my bag (along with the kitchen sink) and it’s there whenever I or my boyfriend, or my mum, or whoever needs to charge their phone.

One really useful thing I’ve found is that the OneCable fits into the bottom of my FM Transmitter so I still get to play music from my iPhone and charge it at the same time.  Even better, the length of the cable reaches my mobile holder, so I can dock my phone and charge it too.

An area where the OneCable can really show off is when going on holiday; instead of packing a number of chargers and socket converters, all you need is one socket converter, one plug and the OneCable – all phones are counted for and most of your gadgets too.  This means you save crucial suitcase space and don’t have to worry about forgetting one of your many wires when returning home.

Having used it I’m a big fan of the OneCable and have found it to be rather useful but what do you think on it?  Let us know through the usual channels!

Celebrate the launch of Angry Birds Space with a new iPad Angry Birds cover

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space has hit the app stores for a number of handsets today and I’ll admit I’m already a little addicted.

I’m a massive Angry Birds fan anyway having played (and completed) all the games they’ve bought out for iPhone; plus I’ve got an Angry Birds iPhone cover too.

Angry Birds Space creators, Rovio have said that the game’s: ’a completely new game with innovative new gameplay, but with some of the familiar Angry Birds elements that fans already know and love‘.

I’m really liking the impact gravity has in the game and the hidden extra Space Invaders style levels – definitely a great added feature to the game.

To celebrate the release of Angry Birds Space we’ve sourced a brand new Angry Birds iPad 3 cover.

Gear 4 iPad 3 Angry Birds Executive Cover

The Gear4 Angry Birds iPad 3 Executive cover is the latest iPad 3 cover to feature those Angry Angry Birds.  Made from a durable and lightweight leather material, the cover is hard-wearing and protects your new iPad from day to day bumps, drops, scrapes and scratches.

Perfect for both business and social thanks to its sleek design, this iPad 3 case allows you to show your allegiance to Angry Birds in a discreet way.  This is due to the small Red Bird character features on the bottom corner of the case.

The front cover of this iPad case doubles up as a handy stand for your new iPad so that you can stream media, type and swipe at the most comfortable angle.  The interior of the front cover sports a soft microfibre material, so when the cover is closed your screen is fully protected and cushioned from any shocks.  This means it remains looking newer for longer.

As expected this case allows you full access to all the ports and features of your iPad so that it remains fully functioning at all times.  This is definitely the perfect iPad cover for Angry Birds fans and professionals alike.

Have you tried out Angry Birds Space yet?  What are your thought?  Let us know through the usual channels

Get excited……we’ve got PS Vita accessories

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Official Playstation Vita Starter Kit


The PS Vita was released in the UK this week and so far we’ve heard nothing but praise for the mighty handheld console.  The Vita has a 5″ OLED touchscreen, two analogue sticks, a touch sensitive back and front and rear facing cameras helping to make game play pretty out of this world.  The idea is that you have the gameplay of your HDTV in the palm of your hand.

We’ve sourced a great range of PS Vita accessories to help you protect your Vita in every circumstance and keep it going no matter where you are.

One of the best accessories we have is the Official Playstation Vita Starter Kit.  It’s got everything you need to get you started from cases, a screen protector and a cleaning cloth to a wrist strap; so your Vita is protected from head to toe and easy to carry around.  Let’s take a closer look at it:

The first accessory included in the Starter Kit is a PS Vita case.  There’s two cases include; a flip case and a pouch.  The flip case is designed to protect and store your Vita to stop it being damaged.  It simply flips open and you can use your Vita.  The pouch is a softer PS Vita cover which cushions your Vita and is great for storing your Vita when it’s not in use.

Official Playstation Vita Starter Kit

Also included in the Starter Pack is a PS Vita games case.  This tough EVA plastic case lets you store a number of your games so they won’t get damaged – you could even store your PS Vita memory cards too.  It’s a great way to stop you from losing your games and misplacing them whilst stopping them getting broken.

Another really useful accessory in the pack is the PS Vita screen protector which will help to keep your touchscreen looking newer for longer, as the last thing you want is a damaged screen.  It doesn’t make you screen lose any sensitivity and doesn’t detract from the vivid visuals, but does stop your screen from being damaged by dust, dirt and scratches.

The last two accessories in this pack are a wrist strap and cleaning cloth.  The cloth helps to keep your Vita looking shiny and new, so you can’t see any fingerprints on it and the wrist strap just gives you another way to carry your Vita around safely as dropping it is the last thing you want to do.

When it’s all put together it shows just how good value for money PS Vita bundles are, as when teamed with your PS Vita charger you have everything you need to keep you going.

Have you got a PS Vita?  What do you think of the console?  Let us know via the usual channels!

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