How to add wireless charging to your iPhone 6S


Wireless charging is becoming a standard feature on most flagship phones today. It allows users to simply place their device down on a pad or dock to start charging their device, without the need for plugging in cables. Unfortunately for iPhone 6S users, it currently only works out of the box with phones with a plastic exterior rather than a metal body. This means that iPhone users need some kind of adapter to add wireless charging to their devices. Here are are a couple of options that do just that.

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Top 10 iPhone 6S cases for outdoors enthusiasts


The iPhone 6S is a capable phone in any environment, but if you’re going to use it outside for an extended period you really need some protection. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time before it falls onto a particularly pointy rock, gets a dunk in the river or runs out of battery half-way through the hike. For these situations and many others, we have cases. Here are ten of our favourites for outdoors enthusiast!

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