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Top 5 accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S5 on launch day

Friday, April 11th, 2014

The eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 was released today, so we thought we’d round up some of our favourite Galaxy S5 accessories. Here are our top 5…

1. ROCK Elegant Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart View Flip Case – Black

This neat flip case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a cut out, to allow you to view incoming calls, control your music or even check the weather, without having to open the case. It’s beautifully slim, adding only 0.7mm to the device’s already thin body, but still offers impressive protection against nicks and scratches. The case supports the Samsung Galaxy S5′s Sleep/Wake function too, allowing you to wake the device by simply opening the case.

ROCK Elegant Samsung Galaxy S5 Side Flip Case - Black    ROCK Elegant Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart View Flip Case - Blue

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 / S4 / S3 / Note 2 & 3 Smart Dock

This official Smart Dock is a particular favourite of mine. Not only will it charge the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it will also allow you to hook up your phone to a keyboard and mouse, external storage and even a HD display, making it ideal for watching your movies on a big screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock - EDD-S20JWESamsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock - EDD-S20JWE

3. Spigen Ultra Crystal Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector – Twin Pack

If you’re looking to protect the Samsung Galaxy S5′s impressive screen, without compromising its touch sensitivity, then the Spigen Ultra Crystal Screen Protectors are a great choice. Custom cut for the Samsung Galaxy S5, the protectors are almost invisible when on. They use a special silicone glue which not only eliminates residue on removal, but also results in fewer air bubbles. Good news for those of you that struggle with the often fiddly art of applying screen protectors.

Spigen Ultra Crystal Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector - Twin Pack


4. ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Red

The ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a two-layered case with an impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton, offering additional protection against drops and knocks. Ideal if you’re keen to keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 looking as good as new.  The textured grip on the back of the case makes for secure handling and is surprisingly comfortable in the hand. There is also a nice flip-out stand, which is particularly useful for propping up your Samsung Galaxy S5 to watch your videos and scroll through your photos.

ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - Red  ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - Red


5. Kit: High Power 15000mAh Dual USB Emergency Charger

The last thing you want to be worried about when playing with your new Samsung Galaxy S5 is your battery life. This portable 15000mAh Dual USB Emergency Charger from Kit: is powerful enough to charge the Samsung Galaxy S5 several times over. With dual USB ports and 3 interchangeable charging adapters, you can simultaneously charge an additional device, which is great if you’re carrying around a tablet or second phone. The charger is compact, and would make a perfect companion on a camping trip or music festivals.

Kit: High Power 15000mAh Dual USB Emergency Charger    Kit: High Power 15000mAh Dual USB Emergency Charger


I hope you’ve found these Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories interesting. If you’d like to view a wider range, visit the link below:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories

Our Top 5 HTC One M8 Cases

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Our Top 5 HTC One M8 Cases

Are you ready for the HTC One M8? The new handset from HTC is another beautifully designed smartphone, being more rounded and feeling natural in your hands. The M8 is going head to head with the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 both great devices, but what will HTC bring to the table?

Here at Mobile Fun we are more than ready for the release of the HTC One M8, already stocking a wide range of accessories including cases, chargers, and screen protectors. With the HTC One M8 being such a sleek and beautiful device (like its predecessor) a case is a must; here are our top 5 cases in stock today:


5. ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for HTC One M8

If it is protection you are looking for then this case is perfect. The ArmourDillo offers two layers to provide shock and impact absorption. The first layer is a light weight TPU Polymer that fits inside the precision cut hard outer skeleton, the raised bevel of the second layer means it protects the vulnerable parts of your new HTC One M8.

The ArmourDillo case also comes with a built in flip-out stand for landscape viewing. The stand pulls out of the exoskeleton layer remaining hidden when not in use but supplying a sturdy feature for viewing videos and pictures when needed.


4. Case-Mate Barely There for HTC One M8

If you’re like me then you prefer a case that offers protection but still shows off the design of your device. This is something you need to think about when buying a phone like the HTC One M8. The Case-Mate is made from a clear impact-resistant flexible plastic shell, which is just over 1mm thick, meaning you don’t have to worry about added bulk. The case also provides access to all ports and features.


3. FlexiShield Skin for the HTC One M8

If you are looking for something a little cheaper but don’t want to skimp on protection or design then the FlexiShield is for you. This case is made from a tough gel material that remains Flexible offering a perfect fit but also keeps your M8 protected. Another handy benefit to the FlexiShield is the added grip, the gel material helps you keep hold of your device meaning less chance of dropping it. Again this case is made specifically for the HTC One M8 so offers access to all ports.


2. Official HTC One M8 Double Dip Hard Shell

Moving on to the official cases from HTC we have the Double Dip. This case is again very slim offering little added bulk. The Double Dip is made from a tough polycarbonate shell which snaps into place using a separate bottom piece. With this case being an official HTC product you can expect high quality and a perfect fit. A nice added feature with this case is that you are supplied with 2 bottom pieces one in red and one in grey, so depending on your mood you can switch it up. The Double Dip is also available in three different colours: Red, Blue and Pink.


1.  HTC One M8 Dot View Case

Moving on to our last in the list, this is another official HTC product. The Dot view is an interactive case that becomes an extension of your M8 while offering protection. The Dot View is a flip cover so offers front and back protection and a stylish design, the dot matrix effect gives a retro look to your phone.

The Dot View see-through notification technology is new from HTCand an ingenious way of keeping you updated.  Hundreds of perforations allow your display to relay information to you through the case cover, so you can respond to calls, alarms & calendar alerts and see notifications without opening the case. This case is also available in a wide range of colours: Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Green and Orange.

To view our full range of cases for the new HTC One M8 just check them out here.


Sony Xperia Z1 Compact accessories roundup

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

The Xperia Z1 Compact is coming soon… and we’ve got the accessories ready for it! Today we’re going to have a look at the many accessories that we’ve already got in stock for device, including cases and screen protectors. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Case-Mate cases and screen protectors

Our first accessories come from veteran manufacturer Case-Mate. We’ve got three cases here: the Tough Case (in black), the Tough Naked Case (in clear/lime, clear/pink and clear) and the Barely There (in black and clear). These cases offer varying degrees of protection, but have a stylish build and slim design in common. For more information on these Case-Mate cases, check the product pages linked below or our earlier Xperia Z1 Compact article.

We’re also stocking an Xperia Z1 Compact screen protector two-pack, which will offer a nice way of protecting the screen – the most vulnerable part of the Z1 Compact – without adding any significant bulk to your phone.

Roxfit cases

Roxfit have also produced a line of cases for the Z1 Compact, and we’ve got five models coming soon: the Book Flip Case (in Nero Black, Carbon White and Carbon Black) and the Gel Shell Case (in Black/Clear and White/Clear). The Book Flip is a nice slim folio-style case with a thin synthetic cover and suede lining; inside you’ll find space for a credit card and the phone itself. The Gel Shell is a very thin case, with a transparent look, rubberised edges and a low price point.

Noreve leather covers

Our next group of cases come from Noreve and are made of the finest quality leather. There are three styles to choose from – the Tradition, Tradition B and Tradition D – each with a slim build and beautiful hand-crafted stitching. The B offers a built-in viewing stand, while the D is a horizontally opening case. All three are good choices for the fashion-conscious professional.

Muvit Bimat Back cases

Our final group of Z1 Compact shells are these Muvit Bimat Back cases. The cases are a cool blend of style and protection, with a strong silicone bumper offered in pink, yellow, white or black paired with a clear ABS back. Expect good shock absorption at a reasonable price.


I hope you’ve found this accessory breakdown helpful! Be sure to let me know if you have questions about these cases, and I hope you’re as excited as I am about the release of this phone!

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Part 2: Google Nexus 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Click the phones above to compare the Nexus 5 to the LG G2, Galaxy S4, Xperia SP and Nexus 4!

How does the Nexus 5 fare against the most popular Android phone of the year? This is an interesting comparison, because the two phones have very different design philosophies – the Galaxy S4 gives you as much as possible and charges accordingly, while the Nexus 5 is leaner and more affordable.


To cover the hardware differences, briefly – the Nexus 5 has a faster processor (Snapdragon 800) and charges less for 32 GB of storage (an extra £40). The Galaxy S4 has a bigger, replaceable battery and microSD storage expansion, giving it a lot more flexibility than the Nexus 5. It also has a good 13 megapixel camera, an improvement over the rather inconsistent 8 megapixel camera on the Nexus.

The two phones share 2 GB of RAM and a 5″, 1080p screen – although the Nexus uses a more accurate LCD display, while the S4 has a more vibrant Super AMOLED display. Overall then, it’s a mixed bag – the Nexus is faster, but the Galaxy S4 is longer lasting, more flexible and has a better camera.


In terms of software, again different design philosophies triumph. The Nexus 5 uses stock Android KitKat, while the Galaxy S4 has a heavily customised version of Jelly Bean (the previous Android release). Samsung like to make their mark on their handset, with some genuinely useful features (multi-window, IR blaster software, a comprehensive camera app) and a lot of gimmicks and bloatware (terrible games that can’t be uninstalled, eye controls, etc).

In contrast, stock Android has fewer features but runs more quickly and gives you more available storage space. There’s also a differerence in looks – stock Android tends to have a more unified and refined look than the poorly laid out and skeumorphic elements of Samsung’s software.


While the Galaxy S4′s design allows for two of its biggest strengths (a large, replaceable battery and expandable storage), it also is plasticky and feels cheap. The Nexus 5 feels better in hand and looks more attractive, although it feels more like a reference design.


The one place where the Nexus 5 really seems outmatched by the Galaxy S4 is in its ecosystem. Due to the S4′s massive popularity, there’s a huge amount of Galaxy S4 accessories available, while there are far fewer Nexus 5 accessories. In terms of app development, the two phones should be closer – while the Nexus 5 likely won’t sell as many units, Android enthusiasts that buy the phone are more likely to be interested in installing new ROMS, trying new apps and even developing their own software.


The Nexus 5 is faster with cleaner software and a lower price, while the Galaxy S4 gives you more features and flexibility at a higher price. If you need a long-lasting phone or one with a good camera, the S4 gets the nod; otherwise it’s all Nexus given its low price.

Part 4: Google Nexus 5 vs Google Nexus 4

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Click the phones above to compare the Nexus 5 to the LG G2, Galaxy S4, Xperia SP and Nexus 4!

Here’s a good one to start off our Nexus 5 comparison series – the Nexus 5 versus its now year-old predecessor, the Nexus 4. We know that the Nexus 5 is “one better” – but what does that entail?


In terms of hardware, it’s quite an upgrade – the Nexus 5 is an even more competitive handset than the Nexus 4 was when it launched in November last year, although it does come at a slightly higher price as well.

The processor is probably the biggest differentiator, moving from a Snapdragon S4 Pro to a Snapdragon 800. We saw a big leap in performance from the S4 Pro to the Snapdragon 600 that released earlier this year, and another noticeable jump to the Snapdragon 800 in the Nexus 5.

There are other hardware changes too – the Nexus 5 now comes with 16 or 32 GB of space (instead of 8 or 16 GB), the screen is now 5″ and 1080p (instead of 4.7″ and 720p), the camera is improved with optical image stabilisation, the battery is slightly larger and LTE is now supported.


In terms of software, the phones are near identical – the Nexus 5 has KitKat first and will retain a few unique features (such as those that rely on the phone’s new sensors), but the Nexus 4 will be upgraded to the latest version of Android soon.


The final differentiator is design – the Nexus 5 has a soft touch back that’s a big improvement on the slippery glass back of the Nexus 4. While the Nexus 5 isn’t as stunning as the iPhone 5S or HTC One, the design is still worthy of respect.


Both Nexus devices enjoy a strong developer ecosystem, who make an amazing amount of apps, ROMS and other bits and pieces for the phones. The Nexus 5 seems to have a slight edge in the accessories ecosystem though, as we continue to add Nexus 5 cases and other accessories to our virtual shelves.


A year’s worth of hardware improvements, earlier access to KitKat and a more practical design – well worth the extra £20.

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