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A complete solution for your iPad- Freedom i-Connex Combi

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Freedom i-Connex Combi iPad

Tablets are the new generation replacing laptops and net books; they are increasingly being used for business purposes as well as personal.  They allow you to switch from daytime business to night time social, either way we have the perfect solution and only iPad case of its kind to integrate Apple’s smart cover.

Freedom i-Connex Combi is a brilliant piece of kit that lets you maximise your iPad 2/3/4 to its fullest potential.  The unique design, comfortable fit and multi-purpose use will provide everything you need for your iPad. With three different aspects being the case, the stand, and the slick hide away keyboard this design is truly original.

Freedom i-Connex Combi iPadThe Case

For those who travel to and from work, to commuters as part of their job, a robust case is essential when carrying your iPad. This product has a hard shell case with a perforated texture to ensure your tablet doesn’t over heat whilst you’re working away. However you can rest assured that the case is also highly durable to protect your tablet too, with specific slots to access the volume, power button and also use the camera whilst in the case.That’s not all, there is also a soft cushion surface on the inside to safeguard the statement aluminium finish of your iPad, to protect it from any knocks or scratches.

To finish off the case there is a slim line yet strong cover to protect the screen, which puts the tablet into sleep mode when covered and then awakens it when exposed.

Freedom i-Connex Combi iPad

The Stand

The front cover has a multi-purpose use whilst it protects the screen, it also works as a stand when pulled back. Simply push the cover into a triangle shape which is outlined on the case and there you have it, a reliable stand that can work both portrait and landscape, and is easily detached via a velcro strip. A perfect way to show presentations and work on documents whilst at your desk.

Freedom i-Connex Combi iPad

The Bluetooth Keyboard

Arguably the best part of the i-Connex Combi is the discrete Bluetooth keyboard, hidden away into the shell of the case. Although the iPad does have a virtual keyboard on screen, it tends to  take up most of the screen, which isn’t the most useful when working on your tablet for lengthy periods.

This Bluetooth keyboard has a small slot to lift it out of the case, and a magnetic strip to hold it into place whilst in use. Whilst most other Bluetooth keyboards are quite bulky, this case clearly stands apart from the competition with its tidy and compact case. The keyboard also includes unique buttons specifically created to navigate around your iPad, with an impressive 12 days (300 hours) stand by time and 4 days (100 hours) full usage. Finally after initially pairing your device to the keyboard you won’t have the hassle of having to pair it every time, simply switch the keyboard on via the top button and you’re ready to type.

There are many Bluetooth keyboards on the market but this product clearly stands out from the rest with a reliable battery, compact case as well as a portable stand.  This innovative product is certainly value for money retailing at £66.63 excluding vat, so maximise your iPad’s potential and keep it protected with the Freedom i-Connex Combi iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Keyboard Case and Stand.

Stay legal and safe with the ultra thin Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit – V3+

Monday, November 19th, 2012


Clip and Talk V3

With 34.3 million vehicles licensed in the UK (on 31st March 2012) more people are driving and using their mobile phones than ever before, so it’s no surprise that we’ve been seeing many customers picking up the Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit V3.

This Bluetooth can confidently be set apart from all other Bluetooth car kits. The product is easy to use with just three navigation buttons, to answer/end a call and a power button to turn the device on and off. With a discrete led light to indicate battery life and current statues of communication.


Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit - V3+

Apart from the technical benefits this device has, it also has an ultra-thin style with a simple attachable clip and a black gloss piano finish. Therefore you are able to hide it away when you’re not in your vehicle, no fuss no hassle just an easy to use lightweight Bluetooth.

For business men and women who have multiple handsets or the eco-friendly drivers who car share, the Clip and Talk V3 can connect two devices at once, so you’ll never have to miss a call again. With an impressive standby time of 45 days (1080 hours) and talk time of 16 hours, this device can definitely be called reliable.


Clip and Talk V3

Conclusion, with a variety of plug and play car kits here is a simple to use not overly technical car kit, which you can have set up and running in moments. Therefore for a stylish, reliable Bluetooth that doesn’t cost a fortune retailing at £16.66 excluding vat, so stay safe and legal with the highly recommendable Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit V3.


iPad Cases: The Best iPad Case For You!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

With all the cases out there I can see it being very difficult for someone to find the best case for their needs… So…I have lined up a few of our best selling iPad cases to tell you about and given you my thoughts on who is likely to use them. Hopefully this will give you you that all important insight should you be struggling to find the right case for your requirements.

Here are my opinions… I hope they help:

Best iPad Book Case -

Tuff-Luv Napa Leather Folio for Apple iPad – Black

Tuff-Luv Napa Leather Folio for Apple iPad - Black

A good looking, sturdy case and amazing value for such a high quality napa leather. The detailed look of the press-studs on the front of the case doubles as the support for the stand, which I must say is very solid. This also offers several viewing angles because any one of the five press-studs can be used. The only problem I envisage with this case is that if it gets dropped directly on to either of the two exposed corners very little protection will be offered, but I guess the chance of it falling exactly on to a corner is slim.

Main User: Trendy Commuter

Best iPad Case For Business -

Piel Frama iPad Case – Black

Piel Frama iPad Case - Black

As soon as I got this out of the box I could smell the quality, this is no exaggeration.  The feel of the leather is top notch and there is also not a stitch on this handmade case that is even slightly out. All sides are covered from damage and the padding is just right, not giving the case too much bulk. I was very please to see a leather chamois on top of the case when I opened the premium packaging, adding a real ‘first-class’ feel to this case. The price may seem high to some people, but it is well worth every penny if you are after quality. The only down side is that stand is a little flimsy and will fall over if the user is heavy handed.

Main User: High flying Managing Director

Toughest iPad Case –

OtterBox iPad Defender Case

OtterBox iPad Defender Case

The Terminator! I had great fun putting this case together, it reminded me of a Transformers film. Once I had completed this task it was obvious that nothing was going to break or penetrate this case. Its rubber anti-shock exterior encases a solid hardened plastic shell. Every part of your iPad is protected including buttons and charging ports. All ports are still easily accessible by removing the silicone plugs. The stand is also very strong and robust, this also doubles as extra protection for the screen as it clips around the front while in transit, a screen protector is also included to prevent scratches while in use. There is a quirky little window on the reverse which has been cut to show the Apple logo and covered with a transparent membrane. The only flaw to this case is that it does add bulk, which is a small price to pay for maximum protection.

Main User: Quantity surveyor/Foreman

Best iPad Silicone Case –

Macally mSuit silicone protective case for ipad – Black

Macally mSuit silicone protective case for ipad - Black

Definitely the best silicone case I have found. I doesn’t feel cheap and it seems highly unlikely to rip, as I have seen others do in the past. It obviously add very little weight to the device which is great, it also has just enough profile to keep the screen from up from any surface should it be laid screen down. The back has a ribbed surface which offers a really high level of grip. There is also no need to remove the case or pull out any plugs for charging or inserting headphones as all holes (even speakers) are pre cut, however should you wish to remove the case it will only take a couple of seconds. I don’t think this case will help for a serious drop on to concrete for instance, but it certainly will help against minor bumps or falls.

Main User: Casual home/office user

Best Travel Case For iPad –

Cool Bananas BulletProof Hardcover iPad Case – Black

Cool Bananas BulletProof Hardcover iPad Case - Black

Another well made protective carry case from Cool Bananas.  This offers ultimate protection while in transit. Underneath the ballistic nylon outer-layer lies the incredible protection material of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which provides an anti crush barrier between the outside world and your  iPad. On the inside of the case is a layer of shock absorbing memory foam which will prevent any shocks from bumps or drops. Even the zip seems well made and thought out as the inner lining also protects the iPad from the zip itself. It is a shame that the iPad has to be removed from the case for proper use, so it really can only be used for transport, but if that is what you need it for this case is great! Quick Tip: I found that placing the iPad in the case face down made it lass likely to fall out on opening if not on a flat surface.

Main User: Field Sales Agent

Why I love my Clip and Talk Bluetooth Car Kit

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I had a prang in my car this week. Nothing too bad and not my fault so I am not having to pay but it is a nuisance. The one positive thing I can think of (besides no-one was hurt) is that the more I used the Clip and Talk Bluetooth car kit the more I grew to love it.

Clip and Talk bluetooth handsfree kit

I'm more grateful to this little device than ever.

It has always been good for taking and receiving calls, but this week it came into it’s own. I have now had two different hire cars, and had to use my wife’s car once as well. The handsfree kit is great as I can move from car to car, and just take it with me. It clips onto the visor of whichever car I’m in and away we go. Pairing with my phone is simple and works straight away, and even when my wife was in the car with me, due to the multipoint technology her phone paired to it too, at the same time.

I think it was a bargain when I first bought it, and I love it all the more now. I am a big supporter of the law regarding driving whilst talking on the phone, and owning this car kit has allowed me to stay legal whilst changing from car to car, thank you Clip and Talk.

See what 621 of our customers think by reading the Clip and Talk  reviews and why they awarded it 4.5/5 stars

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Which JCB Tough Phone For Your Business?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

JCB are much more well known for their heavy duty building site machinery than their phones, and I doubt that will ever change. However, their latest range of rugged Toughphones is not to be taken lightly. The whole range comes boasting military specification and carrying an IP rating (this certifies how dust proof and water proof they are).

Here is the JCB Toughphone range and how they maybe used within your business:

JCB Toughphone - Tradesman TP121

1. The Tradesman – This is the budget handset of the range, however when you read the spec sheet you will not believe this for one second. This little handset comes as being certified to IP67 which means total dust ingress protection and protection against liquid immersion up to 1 metre, the thing is that it will probably never get to the 1 metre threshold as this is the worlds first floating phone! Not only that, it comes with bluetooth, an FM radio and even a torch on board.

JCB Toughphone - Sitemaster TP802

2. The Sitemaster – This handset has been tested from a 2 metre drop on to concrete, thats tough! It has an IP 54 rating as well as a 3 week standby time, it can also withstand 1 ton of pressure. The loud speaker on this is made to be heard against lots of noise, so hopefully you will still be able to hear that incoming call. This too comes with bluetooth, radio and a torch along with a smart little laser pointer, so measuring straight lines and pointing things out from a distance is easy.

JCB Toughphone - Pro-talk TP851

3. The Pro-talk – This handset has an 8 channel 2 way radio built in to it, which is excellent for any sites with low signal. It also has dual sim capability so that you can have two sim cards in the handset at once, making this phone excellent for communication. The IP67 rating for this handset makes it waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof and shockproof. Lets not forget the 2 MP camera and GPS on this, plus, of course the handset does house the other amenities of the other Toughphone handsets previously mentioned (other than the floating bit) .  JCB are so confident that this phone is built to last they are even giving it a 3 year warranty!

There is also the Toughphone Pro model which looks exactly the same as the Pro-Talk, but does not include the 8 channel radio.

All the above phones are really built to last and would be great in any trade, not just on a building site.

Due to the phones amazing exterior, cases are not made by JCB for these phones, but dont for get you can still get your bluetooth equipment and chargers should you wish to for these handsets.

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