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LG G3 QuickCircle Qi Wireless Charging Cover arrives in stock

Monday, July 28th, 2014

LG G3 QuickCircle Qi Wireless Charging Cover - Silk WhiteLG G3 QuickCircle Qi Wireless Charging Cover - Shine Gold

The LG QuickCircle Qi Wireless Charging Cover is arriving in stock in white today! The case is one of the very best available for the LG G3. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this case so special.

QuickCircle window

The QuickCircle window on the front of the case is quite useful, as it gives you a window through which you can see the screen below without exposing it to scratches. The window shows the time and date by default, but you’ll also find it shows incoming notifications and calls too.

The window is touch-sensitive, so you’re still able to control your phone. In fact, you can launch special QuickCircle apps which run entirely within the bounds of the window, from games to apps for music, fitness and more.

LG G3 QuickCircle Qi Wireless Charging Cover - Silk White

Qi wireless charging

The thing that sets this case apart from other QuickCircle cases for the LG G3 is the inclusion of wireless charging tech. The cover has a wireless charging coil embedded, which hooks up to the battery within and allows you to use Qi charging pads like this official LG G3 wireless charger. These are the most convenient way to charge your G3, without the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging wires. And as the case operates on the Qi standard, there’s a wide range of charging pad options on the market to suit your requirements.

LG style

Of course, this official LG G3 case also looks great. The branding, style and dimensions all fit the G3 perfectly, offering a nice way of maintaining the look of your G3 while still adding a good amount of protection. The case is slim too, as it replaces the original rear cover instead of clipping on top of it.


The LG QuickCircle Qi Wireless Charging Case is a brilliant choice for the LG G3, and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it. For more information, please see the product pages listed below:

Thanks for checking out the article. Feel free to see more QuickCircle cases for the LG G3 here or to leave a comment below. Thanks again and have a good week!

Top 5 Motorola Moto G cases

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Today we’re going to have a look at five of the best Motorola Moto G cases on the market. Let’s get started!

5. Armourdillo Hybrid Protective Case

Armourdillo Hybrid Protective Case for Motorola Moto G - Black    Armourdillo Hybrid Protective Case for Motorola Moto G - Black

We begin today with the Armourdillo, a protective case boasting a hybrid design. The case uses a lightweight TPU polymer internally, with a polycarbonate exterior. That combination adds some bulk, but it also allows for considerable scratch and impact protection. The case is available in three colours as well – black, red and blue.

4. FlexiShield Case

FlexiShield Case for Google Nexus 5 - Dark Blue    Flexishield Case for Moto G - Frost White

Our next case is one of the most popular on our site, the FlexiShield. This low-cost case is made from a gel material that provides flexibility and grip, along with decent protection from scratches and impacts. The FlexiShield is one of the most common cases, with many many colours: black, white, purple, red, teal, black and yellow.

3. Pudini Book Flip and Stand Case

Book Flip and Stand Case for Motorola Moto G - Black    Book Flip and Stand Case for Motorola Moto G - Black

The Pudini Book Flip is one of the best looking cases I’ve seen for the Moto G, with a subtle textured design that looks fantastic in black (and great in other colours too. The case has a slim design, with a folding cover that acts as both screen protection and as an impromptu kickstand. The case is also notable for raising the camera lens off any surface the Pudini is placed on, ensuring it doesn’t become scratched.

2. OtterBox Commuter Case

Otterbox Commuter Series for Moto G - Glacier    Otterbox Commuter Series for Moto G - Glacier

The OtterBox Commuter is another classic case, sitting at a mid-range price point and offering a good blend of style, protection and favourable dimensions. The case adds very little bulk overall, but still maintains a good amount of protection from impacts. The OtterBox Commuter  includes silicone plugs to prevent water or dust ingress, which is a nice extra for a mid-range case such as this. Another useful extra is an included Moto G screen protector, so you’ll get everything you need to protect your phone right in that box.

1. Official Motorola Flip Cover

Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Royal Blue    Official Motorola Moto G Flip Cover - Royal Blue

Our winning case this time is the official option, the Motorola Flip Cover. As this is a genuine case, you’ll find that it fits the Moto G’s size and style perfectly. The case is also incredibly slim, as it replaces the back cover instead of fitting on top of it. Another point in the case’s favour is the wide range of colours available; you’ll find seven in all, with many bold colours on top of the standard black and white.


Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to let us know what you think of the recommendations in the comments below!

Fire Phone released; here are our first accessories

Friday, July 25th, 2014

The Amazon Fire Phone was released in the United States today, marking the first time that the American retail giant has produced a smartphone of their own. The phone has launched to middling reviews, which praise its hardware and Firefly recognition software, but generally downplay its interface and the utility of its tilt-sensitive features.

If you’ve decided to pick up the Fire Phone, then have a look at some of the cases and Fire Phone accessories that we’ve prepared for the phone so far!

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Amazon Fire Phone Case - Mint    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Amazon Fire Phone Case - Black

The first Fire Phone case is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, a case that offers a good blend of protection, size and style at a reasonably low price. The Ultra Hybrid is constructed from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, with a transparent back panel that shows off the Fire Phone will protecting it from scratches and other dangers. The case is available in four colours: mint, black, gunmetal and metal slate. If you’re looking for a way to add protection without unduly affecting the phone’s dimensions, the Ultra Hybrid is a great choice.

Spigen Full Body Screen Protector – 3 Pack

Spigen Full body Crystal Amazon Fire Phone Screen Protector - 3 Pack    Spigen Full body Crystal Amazon Fire Phone Screen Protector - 3 Pack


The Spigen Full Body Screen Protector includes protection for both the front and back of the Fire Phone, preventing scratches will adding absolutely minimal bulk and weight. The plastic is rated with a surface hardness of 3H, ensuring they’ll not take damage from common hazards. Four layers provide an effective barrier against scratches and scrapes.

OtterBox Symmetry Series

OtterBox have recently released a new case series called Symmetry, which provides the same trusted OtterBox dual-layer protection in a new, fresher design. There’s a raised beveled edge which protects the screen in the case of impact. The case series includes a great many styles and textures, wrapping your Fire Phone in style and grip. We’ll have more information and the first photos of this device in the weeks ahead!


That’s all for now! Let me know what you think of these first accessories for the Fire Phone in the comments below, and let us know whether you’ll pick up the Fire Phone if it gets a UK launch too.

Play games on your LG G3 QuickCircle case – our ideas!

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Today LG unveiled the first games meant to be played entirely within the circular confines of their QuickCircle cases for the LG G3. The idea is that you don’t even need to unlock your phone or open the cover to get started; you can just quickly pull up a game to pass the time.

The very first game is Puppy Pop, a simplistic puzzle game that has you drawing line through lines of identical puppies to score points. It’s more a proof of concept than anything else, but it’s a cute idea and may yet take off – although developing games for a small group of cases for a specific phone has got to be an incredibly niche market!

We put our heads together here at Mobile Fun HQ and came up with a list of games we’d and apps like to see on these QuickCircle cases. Take a look, then come up with your own suggestions!

QuickCircle Case game ideas

  1. Circular Snake
  2. Candy Crush
  3. Flappy Bird
  4. Marble Labyrinth
  5. Ingress
QuickCircle Case app ideas

  1. Loyalty cards (Nectar, Starbucks)
  2. Live sports scores
  3. Oyster card
  4. Flash light
  5. TV + HiFi remote control


Those are our ideas, now let’s hear yours! Talk to us in the comments below or reach us on Twitter @mobilefun!

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories – July 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Here are ten awesome Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories that you should check out!

10. Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Cover

Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Cover    Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Cover

Want a different coloured S5? No problem. Just pick up a replacement back cover and you can have any colour you like. There are four options – electric blue, charcoal black, shimmery white and copper gold. This is an official Samsung product as well, so you’re assured of a perfect fit and finish.

9. Olixar BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker

BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black    BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black

The Galaxy S5′s internal speaker isn’t brilliant, so if you want to play music at any reasonable volume then you’ll need a better speaker. The BoomBrick from Olixar is a great choice, with a rich and powerful room-filling sound. You can connect over Bluetooth, where a built-in microphone and buttons will allow you to take calls too. An amazing piece of kit for the money that’ll transform your standards for audio quality.

8. Official Samsung Wireless Charging Cover

Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover - Black    Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover - Black

The Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t come with Qi Wireless Charging out of the box, but that’s easy enough to fix. You can buy this wireless charging cover, which replaces your original battery cover with one that has the necessary Qi charging circuits integrated within. From there, you just need to select a Qi wireless charger and you’ll be golden.

7. Spigen Glas.tr Nano Slim Tempered Glass Screen Protector

ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White    ASUS Premium Cover for Nexus 7 2 - White

Protecting the screen of any smartphone is an essential, and one of the most interesting developments as of late has been that of tempered glass screen protectors. These provide more and longer-lasting protection compared to plastic screen protectors. Spigen’s example is one of our best sellers, with strong reviews as well.

6. enCharge Power Jacket Flip Case 4800mAh

Anymode Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Cover - Black    Anymode Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Cover - Black

The idea behind this case is very simple: marry a massive battery with a solid protective case. The result is the enCharge Power Jacket Flip, a surprisingly elegant case that can more than double your battery life. The charging system is well designed too, with an on-off switch and LED indicators to make it easy to choose when you’re charging your phone. A flip cover protects the screen and an integrated kickstand will make it easy to watch videos or play games. A brilliant functional case.

5. ElementCase Recon Pro Black Ops

ElementCase Recon Pro Black Ops Galaxy S5 Case - Stealth Black    ElementCase Recon Pro Black Ops Galaxy S5 Case - Stealth Black

This is perhaps the finest Galaxy S5 case available, with a dual-density ultra-rugged chassis made from premium materials. That includes a CNC machined aluminium back plate with a type 3 hard anodised finish, which feels incredible and can stand up to insane amounts of punishment. Other extras include a acoustic chamber that boosts volume levels, a combined belt clip and desk stand, plus a stealth privacy screen protector. This premium case costs more than its peers, but you really do so a significant increase in quality.

4. Official Samsung Power Sharing Cable

Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Sharing Cable - Black

This inexpensive cable is brilliant, allowing you to share power between smartphones, tablets and accessories. The idea is that you can charge one smartphone from another, so you can give your friend a boost to get through the end of the day… or you can use your tablet’s larger battery to top up your phone. It also works brilliantly for smartwatches, where you can easily charge their tiny internal reserves without reducing your phone’s charge significantly.

3. Samsung 12x Zoom Telescope and Tripod

Samsung Galaxy S5 12x Zoom Telescope and Tripod    Samsung Galaxy S5 12x Zoom Telescope and Tripod

The Galaxy S5 has a surprisingly good camera, but you can make it even better with a few accessories. This zoom telescope and tripod allow you to take telephoto shots; ideal for portrait photography or distant wildlife without the bulk of a traditional zoom lens camera. The whole package is quite compact too; you can keep your Galaxy S5 in one pocket and the telescope/tripod in the other.

2. Draco Supernova Aluminium Bumper

Draco Galaxy S5 Supernova S5 Aluminium Bumper - Electric Blue    Draco Galaxy S5 Supernova S5 Aluminium Bumper - Electric Blue

This bumper is one of the most stylish available for the S5, with a distinct curved shape that instantly stands out. The bumper is made from CNC-milled aircraft-grade aluminium, providing impact protection and rigidity in equal measure. The case is available in many colours too, including blue, black, gold, red and silver.

1. Samsung Gear Live

Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch - Black    Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch - Black

The Gear Live is one of two Android Wear smartwatches to be released so far, and offers a convenient way of checking notifications on your wrist. The Gear Live’s hardware is nice, with a sculpted metal band and a crisp 320×320 AMOLED display. The 22mm band is replaceable and there are plenty of watch faces on offer too, so it’s easy to find a look that suits you. Smartwatches are the next big thing, and the Gear Live is one of the very best to be released so far.


I hope you’ve found these recommendations handy! You can find more of our favourite S5 accessories here. For more information or to ask a question, please visit the comments below or speak to us on Twitter @mobilefun.

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