Moto Z & Z Force reviews roundup


The Moto Z — and its thicker brother, the Moto Z Force — are Lenovo’s best ideas on what a futuristic smartphone should look like. Both have top-end specs, a beautiful metal design and they’re crazy thin — the Moto Z measures just 5.2mm thick. Yet their most alluring feature is something else: a set of modular backplates that add new features without the annoying reboots that dogged the LG G5’s modular design. The Moto Z & Z Force are a bold vision, but are they actually good phones too? Let’s find out.

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Prisma for Android arrives in beta


You’ve probably seen a slew of photos like this in your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds lately. They’re courtesy of an AI-driven photo filter app called Prisma, which has become super popular over the past couple weeks. In fact, since the app was released five weeks ago, it’s been downloaded 7.5 million times — and that’s only on iPhone. Now, it’s finally available on Android, with the developers opening up the beta app to testers earlier today.

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