New USB 3.0 car charger for Galaxy S5, Note 3 & other new Galaxy devices

Belkin Micro USB 3.0 Car Charger - 2.1A    Belkin Micro USB 3.0 Car Charger - 2.1A

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the first phone to launch with USB 3.0, and since then Samsung have followed up with the Galaxy S5, Note Pro and Tab Pro 12.2. If you’ve got either phone, then you’ll want to check out this next product: the Belkin Micro USB 3.0 Car Charger.

This svelte Galaxy S5 car charger provides a mighty 2.1A of power, and includes a useful USB 3.0 cable that allows you to maximise the charging speed of your new handset – as well as allowing a thicker, stronger connection that’s less likely to be damaged than the smaller and comparatively weaker microUSB.

As 2.1A of power is provided, you can use your Galaxy phone to its maximum ability: playing games or movies, providing GPS navigation or just blasting your tunes. You’ll still be getting enough power into the phone to end up with more charge at the end of your journey than at the start of it, something that’s just not possible with less powerful chargers.

Like Belkin’s previous car chargers, their USB 3.0 option is very svelte; you can easily take this car charger with you when you go on holiday or travel in a friend’s car.

So there we have it – a new USB 3.0 car charger from Belkin, coming soon to Mobile Fun. For more information, please check out the product page linked below:

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