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James Bond eat your heart out – Motorola Atrix docks transform the smartphone into a laptop or satnav

Tuesday 17th May 2011 by admin in Buyers Guides, Mobile Accessories, Mobile News.

One of the first smartphones to feature a massive dual-core processor, as well as dual cameras for video-chatting, the Motorola Atrix is all set to be one of the best handsets of the year.  But the biggest news about the Atrix is its fingerprint-recognition technology, which sounds like something that’s come straight out of Q’s laboratory!  In fact, that’s not the only way that the Atrix is like a gadget from a James Bond film – it can also be three devices in one, due to specially-designed Motorola Atrix accessories which transform it into a SatNav or even a laptop.

Let’s take a look at these nifty pieces of tech which could spell the future of mobile computing.

Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock

Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock

Using the specially made Motorola Atrix Laptop Dock, your Atrix can be transformed into a full multimedia laptop experience.

Unlike most Motorola Atrix docks, the Laptop Dock isn’t just a desk charger that syncs and charges your phone.  It’s easier to think of it as an empty laptop shell, with stereo speakers and full QWERTY keyboard built-in, but no internal memory or hard drive.  Instead, your Atrix acts as a hard-drive; simply plug it into the back of the Laptop Dock and the webtop app will launch automatically, allowing you to view all of your apps and media content on a larger screen.

This is very exciting stuff which could sound a death-knell to netbooks; perhaps in the future we’ll store all of our data on our smartphones and simply plug them into our empty “laptop” whenever we need to interact with a more desktop-like experience.

The Laptop Dock won’t run down precious mobile phone batteries either, as it runs off its own battery which is good for up to eight hours’ continuous use.

Motorola Atrix Vehicle Dock

Motorola Atrix Vehicle Dock

Just as you can transform the Atrix into a fully-functional “laptop” device, you can also turn it into a SatNav by slotting it into the Vehicle Dock.  This Motorola Atrix car holder is designed specifically for the Atrix, and holds it safely and sturdily on either your windscreen or dashboard.  It can also be rotated by 360 degrees, so that you can put it at the best angle to view safely as you drive.

The really stand-out thing about this dock is how integrated and functional it is.  Once you’ve clicked the Atrix into place inside the Vehicle Dock for Motorola Atrix, built-in dock software will automatically start, which optimises your home-screen for use within the car.  The Motorola Atrix dock for vehicles also plugs into your cigarette lighter via microUSB, so your battery will stay topped up as you travel – good news, since GPS can be a huge drain on any phone’s resources.


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