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HTC Desire HD Car Holders That Go the Extra Mile

Monday 28th February 2011 by admin in Android, Mobile Accessories.

With its HD capabilities and 480 x 800 resolution display, the HTC Desire HD is a huge seller.  Not only that, it’s also just plain huge – at 4.3”, the screen dwarfs that of most other smartphones.

This makes it arguably the best choice for using in the car as a Sat Nav, as trying to read the map on a tiny screen whilst in the middle of the road has obvious drawbacks!  Its large size also makes it harder to hold securely in the car, though, so here’s my rundown of some of the best HTC Desire HD car holders that will keep you safely on the straight and narrow.

Firm & Flexible…

Brodit Active Holder

Brodit Active Holder with Tilt & Swivel for HTC Desire HD
The Brodit Active Holder is a great choice for those who want the ultimate in flexibility, featuring as it does a specially-designed tilt and swivel ball which lets you position it at the optimum angle.  This makes the screen easily viewable when using your phone as a navigation system, as well as helping to avoid bothersome light reflections.   This HTC Desire HD car holder also offers extra charging versatility, as when the phone is placed in the holder it connects to the charging circuit and keeps your phone topped up.

The Brodit Active Holder can be screwed onto your dashboard using the pre-drilled holed, or placed anywhere in your vehicle using the Universal Suction Mount. £34.95

Adjustable & flexible
Charger included

Needs to be drilled into place (unless you use the Suction Mount)

Cheap & Cheerful…

The Dash Genie

The Dash Genie
At only £14.99, this little piece of kit is about the simplest and least costly you can get.  For the price, though, it’s a brilliantly sturdy item, and will attach easily to any dashboard or windscreen surface with its super-strong clamp system.  The real genius of the Dash Genie is in the specially-designed sticky material, which allows you to simply stick your phone on and go.  There’s no need to attach anything to the back of your phone, and the Genie won’t leave any sticky residue on your phone after detaching.  I have one in my car, and the efficacy of the stick does wear out over time as it attracts dust and dirt – but a wipe with a damp cloth sorts it out and restores it back to its former glory.

Easily applied – just stick on & go!
No sticky residue
Universal – almost any device (within reason! I can’t imagine it’d hold an iPad…)

Needs cleaning
No charging capacity

Active & Environmentally-Aware…

Bike Holder for HTC Desire HD

Bike Holder for HTC Desire HD
Of course, we don’t all get everywhere on four wheels – for those a little more intrepid, you can also pick up an HTC Desire HD bike holder for your two-wheeled steed.  Cycling is a great alternative mode of transport for people making shorter journeys; it’s good exercise and much more environmentally-friendly.  Having access to your phone whilst on your bike makes it easy to track your exercise progress, or find your way around using Sat Nav.  The Bike Holder rotates  by 360°, so apps can be viewed in either landscape or portrait, and your phone will be held securely in place as you ride.

Adjustable & flexible
Access to exercise apps

You’ll have to put a bit of legwork into it!

Go the Extra Mile…

HTC Desire HD Car Upgrade Kit - CU S400

At £61.23, HTC’s own car upgrade kit is pricey, but for those who want real top quality then it’s definitely worth the extra expenditure.  This one was actually designed originally for the HTC HD2, but is compatible with the Desire HD, giving a tight fit and full support.  With a fully adjustable stalk, the Upgrade Kit has all the tilting benefits of the Brodit (see above), and also comes with an HTC car charger to keep your phone powered up during the drive.  The kit can be attached to your windscreen, and also comes complete with a suction pad if you prefer to attach to the dashboard.  What truly sets the Upgrade Kit apart, though, is the feeling of sturdiness and quality to the piece; this is an item that will truly go the distance.

Don’t just take it from me though – take a look at Roy Tanck’s review of the HTC Desire car holder version of the kit.

Oozes quality
Charger included
Suction pad included
Adjustable & flexible

Originally designed for the HD2

A wide range of other HTC Desire HD accessories are available on the main site.

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