Fitting Martin Fields Screen Protectors

Tuesday 19th February 2008 by Andy Simpson in How to Guides, Mobile Accessories.

Fitting your Martin Fields Screen Protector is a quick and easy process. Just follow the steps below to fit the screen protector to your phone:


Martin Fields Screen Protector - Wipe Screen

Step 1: Wipe the screen with a lint-free cloth to remove dust and contaminants.

Martin Fields Screen Protector - Peel Backing

Step 2: Carefully peel off the protector skin by lifting the edges. Take care not to leave any finger prints on the protector surface.

Martin Fields Screen Protector - Line Up

Step 3: Carefully position the protector over the surface of your phone. When the protector is lined up correctly, gently lay down the protector onto the screen of your phone.

Martin Fields Screen Protector - Remove Bubbles

Step 4 : Use a bank card and gently push any remaining air bubbles out to the sides of the screen.


Martin Fields Screen Protector - Remove Protector

Removal: Remove the screen protector by using sellotape. Place the sellotape about an inch on one corner of screen protector firmly.Hold the other end of the tape and slowly lift it up

Martin Fields Screen Protector - Wash Protector

Cleaning : Wash the screen protector by dipping it in water or holding it under a tap. Dry it by using hair dryer. Alternatively, please use sellotape to pull the dust, lint, or contaminates, off of the screen protector.

Installation Video:

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